Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Day


I can't help myself. If I skip over these pictures on my blog Christmas isn't complete.

Christmas Eve was here and here and here.
Christmas Morning was here

This is Christmas Afternoon:

After our happy morning we headed to my parents house. It is such a happy occasion and I love it. It is the same tradition I had as a little girl and all throughout growing up. We always headed to my grandparents on Christmas afternoon.

I do have to say that I'm usually tired of the camera by then so I took just a few pictures. I wish that I took more of my parents beautiful decorations. Next year for sure.

Waiting for her cousins to arrive.


The stockings line the staircase and my girls start talking about their stocking at Grandma and Grandpa's right after Halloween. They are huge and have their names on them.


I didn't have my camera out in time to get the kids all lined up on the stairs but I do love this one. I love to capture the Christmas twinkle in her eyes.


Opening with Grandma.






One last 'in their jammies' picture.


Bundling up and saying goodbye to another Christmas.


I'm so thankful for the camera.  It seems like it all goes by in a blurr.  Without these shots I know I would have missed the magic in the hustle and bustle. 

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  1. Beautiful, Tara...I love your love of Christmas. Just like my own. Your parents look so sweet and your day...magical. I, like you, just hate to see the day end... I feel like it should last a few days, don't you? : )