Thursday, January 3, 2013

December 23rd

(yes, I'm going backward)

Christmas was perfectly timed this year I think.  I loved how the girls got out of school on Friday and there were still a few more days until Christmas Eve.  It made it so much more relaxing.  And we enjoyed roasting marshmallows. 


It was fun even though we didn't have the graham crackers or the chocolate.


I don't know why we always save this activity for summer nights. It's way more fun to do two days before Christmas when it's cold outside.

(okay.. yes I did a little skin smoothing on my face in that one... I couldn't help it... 40 in two days...)

The crackle of the fire and the warmth... ahh!



  1. We were just talking about this today, Tara. It was nice having 2 whole days before Christmas Eve! This looks so fun...don't you just love those few days before Christmas? I just found a receipt today in my wallet from December 22. It made me and Peyton so sad! How does it pass so quickly?!

  2. why DO we always save this fun for the summer?!!!:) warm fire outside...winter...makes sense right!?:)
    and skin are cracking me up! girl you look awesome!!!:)
    have a happy day tara


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