Monday, January 14, 2013


I feel like this post needs a song.

Random pictures off of my little camera...

Abigail packing for her play date at Grandma's house


Diaper folding... I love girls!


Typical evening




Dinnertime sometimes is really silly


Word of the week was you... but I love her sentence


This Weekend We

watched the girls play tennis
anna had Art School
abigail had Group Viola class
she went to my parents
we took Anna out to dinner... yum
went to pick up Abigail at my parents and had tea
taught fourth grade church school
went to Mass
anna had an afternoon birthday party
worked out
had our first 'i need this for tomorrow' episode (music book for school orchestra... store closes in 15 minutes)
did laundry
made meatball calzones
read about Disney
stressed about taking my EE daughter to a place where it'll be hard to find food she can eat
sent my wedding VHS tapes away to be made into DVDs
scott started building shelves for the shed for more room in our garage someday
edited some pictures
painted my nails... they always have to be done these days even if they're smudged
curled my hair... that's a new thing with me too
worked out again
cleaned some more
lit my 'cozy cabin' candle
read in bed
played fairy magnets with abigail
wondered how it went by so fast.

On Sunday night I felt so sad, and I told Scott that if I could give the weekend a grade it would get a C-.  Yes, we did lots of fun things but there was too much separateness.  I need and the four of us all need time together.  I blame it on the calendar on my phone.  It's hard to see the whole month, and I just can't get a good sense of the whole month when I'm putting in dates.  Too many things get scheduled and that's what happened this weekend. 

As soon as Anna got in from her birthday party we only had 30 minutes until bedtime but we made it family time and it felt good.  After the girls were in bed he helped me redo my calendar.  (I think he was afraid of another over scheduled calender breakdown from me).  It's now printed and in a pretty folder on my desk.  And I can still use my calendar on my phone to update too.  I just need to see that whole month. 

I can glance at it and know when to say no.  And no means yes to more family time.  Yes to a more stable Anna.  Yes to healthier meals.  Yes to being really ready for the week ahead. Yes to my hearing their giggles.  Yes to giving them the time to giggle.  Just yes. 

But I was thankful, oh so thankful that I was home for this. 

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It happened at bath time.  One of my favorite parts of the day.  Somehow my little five year old loosing a tooth put everything I was feeling about not having enough 'us' this weekend into perspective. 


  1. You sure did alot this weekend, Tara! I hate those busy, busy, run, run weekends too. Thankfully, we don't have too many of them during the winter months. As for saying no...I have done it so many times, I think people quit asking! And that is fine with me! More family time!

    And does that say "workout"?! And I thought we were twins! You lost me on that one. I was probably napping ! : )

  2. I know exactly what you mean about not enough together time. Sometimes I have to tell my hubby that we need more "us" time. I'm sure it'll only get harder to have family time when we have kids.

    Congratulations on your daughter's lost tooth! :-)