Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Enjoy Breakfast in Bed...

... this is why winter was invented."



This New Year's Eve as the clock stuck midnight we prayed. 

"for Anna's heart to heal a little bit more this year in our love."
"for Abigail's esophagus to heal a little bit more this year."
"for God to use me in a mighty way as a mother."


On New Year's Day we had a whole day of family games, watched The Snowman, went sledding, and were just together. 


I was sad this morning sending them off to school.  So I decided to make breakfast cozy and pretty.  It made me smile on this very cold January morning. 


I like fresh starts.  As simple as a fresh start in my kitchen to a fresh start in our family schedule. 


So off they went to school. Abigail saw a friend who called out to her. She liked that.


Anna hated that I made her wear her hat. Somehow that makes me smile too.


January, with your sparkling snow on the ground, your bright but cold sunshine... I like you. 


"If Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind?"


  1. I always smile when I visit here, Tara...I love the new start too. And how nice... breakfast in bed was sure to make two sweet little ladies very happy! Have a wonderful Wednesday, friend.

    P.S. Your last comment...Thank You... : )

  2. breakfast in bed for the girls...what abeautiful way to start back to school! you rock!!:)
    i kind of like january and all her glistening newness too! we don't go back till next tuesday so we are still flying high over here and no lunchboxes for me yet! yeah!!:)
    have a happy day tara...the weekend is near!!:)

    yeah for the snowman!! did they like it? we just watched it yesterday. delighful.


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