Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Field Trip

This was a good one!  The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. 

When I walked around with my girls (and Scott who was home this week :)  I felt (way down deep) the teacher in me.  It was sort of swelling up a bit.  I love children's book, maybe that's one reason I became an elementary school teacher.  I loved "read aloud" time with my classes.  (and it drives me crazy when I sit during the girls story times and the librarian isn't reading with enough enthusiasm)

So today we visited their 3 art galleries.  We're getting quite good at discussing artwork quietly under our breath as we meander slowly through a museum.  I really like it! 

There were no cameras allowed in the art galleries, but these were painted by Eric Carle and were in the hallway.  So cool!

yellow girls.jpg

They could have looked at these for an hour... and they know how to ham it up for the pictures without me even saying anything. Classic ham it up one...

yellow stares.jpg


For the one who had to have an "alone picture"

blue abigail.jpg



blue jumping.jpg

This one looks like she's swimming

blue swimming.jpg

The art studio was a real treat. We all had fun!

art girls.jpg

anna art cutting.jpg

scott art.jpg

art both girls.jpg

But my favorite picture of all today is this one taken during story time at the Eric Carle Museum.


What a special day!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

15 years (part 2)

Anniversary kiss.jpg

15 Years

I can remember exactly where we sat. 
He was one row in front of me to the left in High School Spanish class.

One row behind me in 7th grade science.

His locker was 10 down from me Freshman year.

He had a charming smile and favorite yellow shirt.  And he often didn't do his homework and needed mine minutes before High School biology. (I was happy to share)

Oh, maybe he'd hold my hand for a minute as we walked down the hall, I thought...

And what a journey we've been on since those school days. 

3 years together in High School.

4 years together in College.

Hundreds of letters (not emails) handwritten sent to and from NH and CT

One year brand new teachers.

Ahh, finally married.


9 more years teaching for me until...

I can remember where I sat when we were doing that Bible Study and he looked at me, I raised my head and he said, "you know, we can adopt a baby.  There are beautiful babies in China that need our love." 

That one sentence, and I was expecting... 


And I knew where we were standing when I saw that pregnancy test positive and he picked me up (literally) off the floor.


You gave me 2 "surprised" by God babies.

2 houses.

Countless staying up way too late nights, talking, praying, laughing, loving.

Scott you are my best friend.  I love you with all my heart.  Happy 15 year Anniversary.  I love our cozy, happy life. 

I am happiest when you are home.  I am happiest when we're all together. 

How is it that you still say sorry first, always?

How is it that you "just can't say no to me?"

How is it that you light up for me still, still, really?

How is it that you know my heart better than anyone?

How is it that you always push me to be the best me?

How is it that you put me first always?

How is it that I can't wait to spend the next 15 years with you?

I'm excited about our life.

Father Bob said at our wedding, "look at them, love is possible." 

Look at us Scott, love is possible. 

You are the most patient loving man I know.  You are God's gift to me.  Oh how I still love the sound of you walking in the door, the sound of your voice, the smile on your face.  Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be. 

I can't wait to celebrate with you.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

vacation (part 4 and last)

I could not go away on vacation to such a beautiful spot without taking a family picture.  I was out of days and out of time to be picky.  My only chance was on our way to Santa's Village.  Although I would have rather taken a picture in the evening I did the best I could.  My little family. Gosh, how I love them!


And then we were off to Santa's village. It was sunny and hot in North Conway where we were staying, but good thing I had left the bag of sweatshirts and rain coats in the car. When we pulled into Santa Village (honest) the temperature changed and we froze until I pulled all of the "just in case" stuff out.

The girls spotted Santa right away. I love how Anna is looking at Abigail with delight in this one.

santa on path.jpg

My carousel girl

abigail carousel.jpg

anna carousel.jpg

Feeding the reindeer was the highlight of their day!

6-27-11 Vacation-9843.jpg

feeding reindeer.jpg

reindeer smiling.jpg

reindeer smile upclose.jpg

The rides were pretty great too.

ferris wheel.jpg


sister hug.jpg

Abigial and Anna are not afraid of anything!

roller coaster.jpg

Of course they were all into the shows especially when they could get up and dance.


dancing arms up blog.jpg

They visited Santa again in his home.

santa anna looking.jpg

santa and abigail.jpg

santa and abigail looking.jpg

santa and girls.jpg

girls and santa.jpg

I think we all loved our vacation... don't ya think?


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

vacation (part 3)

Away from Storyland for a day we decided to have a bit of an adventure.

life vests.jpg

The girls were just a tad excited! Yes, that is what Abigail does whenever she sees the camera! Her adorable girly girl pose.

canoe abi pose blog.jpg

And then I beg her to look "regular" so that I can see her face.

canoe anna arms out blog.jpg

Daddy and his girls

with daddy.jpg

When we rented the canoe for the day we drove to the staring point along the river, parked our car and were told where to exit along the river. Then we would be picked up at the end of the day. We had to wait for them to bring back a smaller life vest for Abigail since she has the body of a two year old!

girls before blog.jpg

Before we left Scott convinced me to leave my "good" camera in the car and he promised to take pictures with his phone. I agreed since I didn't know what it would be like, oh I wish I took it. the perfectly calm water was like glass. So the rest of the pictures are from his phone...

canoe looking back.jpg

Within minutes I knew that this would be our favorite day of vacation! Cool and calm, beautiful and quiet.

We "pulled over" at our own little "beaches" to explore and have lunch.

canoe pose with girls blog.jpg

canoe anna legs out.jpg

canoe abi on sand blog.jpg

The perfect day!

Monday, July 25, 2011

vacation (part 2)

It's fun to look back at vaction.  Right now we're knee deep into glorious summer.  I'm holding onto it with all my might.  I love summer with all my heart. 

Storyland.  It's such a fun family place.  We spent a day and a half there.  I love how it's nestled in the mountains of New Hampshire.  It's just so pretty all around there. 

First stop, driving the antique cars. 

6-27-11 Vacation-9671.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9679.jpg

Next stop, over the bridge to another favorite

6-27-11 Vacation-9684.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9690.jpg

I love this one, after the huge splash daddy and Anna are checking on Abigail.

6-27-11 Vacation-9703.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9705.jpg

She was so excited about this. She kept trying to tell us who she wanted her picture next to and we couldn't figure out who she was talking about until we were walking by and she said, "that's it!"
6-27-11 Vacation-9738.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9746.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9756.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9758.jpg

Trying to decide what to buy

6-27-11 Vacation-9762.jpg

Cotton Candy at the awesome circus

6-27-11 Vacation-9776.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9778.jpg