Monday, November 22, 2010

Someday I'll miss this

Her doing this...

and this...

While I do this...

And this... (this one is for nursery school since she can't have the birthday cupcakes that her classmates bring in)

at 9:30 in the morning!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Three! (and a half)

In our house we celebrate "half birthdays".  It's such a long wait for a little person to your next yearly birthday so we've always celebrate the girls half birthdays.  It's just a cake and a song but it's enough for them to feel special.

On Abigail's 3 1/2 birthday she had to...
go to preschool in the morning
head to the dentist with mommy right after
have a mini nap
pick up Anna at the bus stop
go to Anna's viola lesson and sit quietly and color for 30 minutes
go to Anna's ballet.  Usually Abigail and I get to hang out in the lobby and do crafts together but today was "watch day".  (again, quiet for 30 minutes) 

So by the time we got to the cake part of the day she was thrilled.  She loved the song, licked the frosting off the candles but didn't even take one bite... oh well, Anna ate her piece too!

At preschool

Mini nap

I think my cake is coming!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Sometimes I forget, well maybe not just sometimes.  Days go by.  I'm mommy to Anna and Abigail.  Two girls who came into our lives in two very different ways.  I am so blessed to have done both but today I remembered.  I came across some music on a CD I made for myself and for friends when we were waiting for Anna.  Just listening brought me right back.  Back to almost 30, back to the ache, back to the thrill of what was to come, back to just Scott and I, back to the young teacher wanting so much to be where I am now, back to the dresses lined up in the closet, the castle painted on the wall, our hearts, our lives ready, ready for the miracle of adoption.  I am thankful for this little collection of songs I had put together.  I will listen today and remember who I was then and maybe, just maybe enjoy every. single. moment. with Anna today.  All of them...

"Here I am.  This is me.  I come to this world so wild and free.  Here I am.  So young and strong.  Right here in the place where I belong.  It's a new a new world.  It's a new start.  It's alive with the beating of a new heart.  It's a new day in a new land, and it's waiting for me.  Here I am..." 

Just days together... gosh she's beautiful...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Dollhouse

I know there are pictures from when I was six.  (I'd just have to go through the slides and scan them)  I can remember opening it up.  I remember who was in the room.  I remember how I felt loved because my Dad made it.  When Anna was 3 1/2 dad redid it and gave it to her for Christmas.  Some new furniture mixed with the valuable, classic old that I had.  New Christmas trees out front and a cleaned up inside.  Anna loved it! 

Look at that face when she first saw it!

And since it's a Christmas dollhouse it comes out right before Thanksgiving every year.  This year Abigail is 3 1/2 and boy how she did love discovering it last night after bath!

Don't you agree... the toys with memories, ones that can make you remember your cherised childhood days, are the best.  This is one for me.  Some day I'll have to scan a picture of the first little house Scott and I moved into after our wedding.  It was this house... right down to the molding above the front door.  I literally moved into my dollhouse!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

oh so proud

This visit happened this summer but I just had to go back to it because it makes me so happy.  This is Caitlin and Ian, brother and sister.  They're all grown up now but I remember them best as first and second graders.  Long, long ago, I was their teacher.  (although I'd like to think, once their teacher, always their teacher) 

And I adored them...  they were the kind of kids that every teacher wanted to have... eager to learn, happy, sweet, kind to everyone, and always willing to give hugs.  I wish I had time to dig up pictures from when they were little.  I have so many. 

I have so much I could tell you about Caitlin and Ian but here is just a little about each:

Caitlin:  She knows this story.  I'll never forget.  It was her first day of first grade in a new school.  She was scared.  She sat on the office couch with her mom and little brother (Ian).  He was adorable, maybe 3 at the time.  She wore a jean jumper (I think) and had a yellow plastic lunch box.  Her hair was just the same as in this picture.  She always wore it that way.  And she smiled a little smile.  I took her hand and led her down to the classroom.  I remember introducing her to the class and her eyes swelled up with tears.  And she won my heart, just then.  But Caitlin was strong.  She took a deep breath and started her day.  It was just a matter of minutes before she was loved by the rest of the class too.  You just couldn't help it.  I know that starting college (and anything in life) will be the same for her as well (well maybe without the tears).  She'll be loved in just minutes.  She's hard working, humble, patient, sweet, and kind.  Oh how happy I was to find out that after all these years and a move far away that nothing has changed.  She's still just that way. 

Ian:  So when I had to move to second grade to teach I was to say the least bummed, except for one thing... Ian was a first grader (and he wasn't in my class).   So moving to second grade might just allow me that!  Yeah, Ian was so much fun to be around.  He was the kind of boy (all boy for sure) that loved recess more than anything but he never let on.  He worked so hard when he had too.  But I remember well that look on his face when it was time for recess and lunch.  He was oh so sweet too and that smile... some things never change.  Still just as polite, kind, gentle, funny, delightful to be around.  It makes me so happy that I was a small part of his life.  I can remember when he was in my class and he'd see Caitlin in another line walking near our line.  He'd slip out of line quickly and give his sister a hug.  Melt your heart ever time. 

There are so many, so so many kids that have touched me along the way.  Thanks you though Caitlin and Ian for staying touch, for visiting after all these years, for making me proud that once (a long, long time ago) I was your teacher.  You are loved. 

Do you remember the last book I read to you both when you were in my class on your last day of school? No, of course you don't.  But I do:  Oh, the Places You'll Go! (Dr. Seuss) And on the last page I changed some of the words.  I think I'll do it again:

Congratulations!  Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!  You're off and away!
You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
(skipping the whole middle of the it again one day, it's great!)
And will you suceed?
Yes! You will, indeed!
(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)
Kid, You'll move mountains!
So be your name Buxaum or Bixby or Bray
or Caitlyin or Ian or any I'll say,
you're off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So... get on your way! 

Love you guys!

Monday, November 8, 2010

I'd rather be

One year ago we were here!  Today I woke up to snow, just a tad on the roof.  I get all excited like my 7 year old.  Makes me crave hot chocolate, Christmas jammies, all that yummy winter stuff.  But then again, I love this...

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Oh so much fun every year!  Although this year we didn't have time to go to the Pickin Patch for the hayride and all, so Abigail thinks the local garden shop is a a pumpkin patch.  "Look Anna!  There's the Pumpkin Patch!" as we drive by it each day! 

Don't know why I'm in this... I don't do any of the carving. 
I'm just the video & camera girl for all events! 
Scott and the girls Anna do all the scooping! 

Love the smile on Anna's pumpkin!  Abigail wanted hers "scary". 

Funny picture... "yucky" when she saw the inside!

"Trick or Treat Grandma B!!!"

Happy Halloweeeeeen

Halloween here again.  It sure sneaks up on me each year with the already busy fall fun.  Here's a look at
Halloween 2010
in the Baker household!

Hi, my name is Anna. 
I'm seven years old and I'm a peacock for Halloween. 
I adore my costume and mostly love wearing eye shadow and lipstick. And oh, those gold shoes... heaven!  
Mommy did two buns in my hair and calls it peacock hair. 
I had a blast wearing my costume for my party at school but mostly can't wait to go Trick - or - Treating to see how much chocolate I can get! 
PS: don't even ask me, "what do you want to be for Halloween?"  I've never been asked that.  Mommy just presents our costumes and we love them!  There's a choice? (yes, it's true, I just take care of the costume thing...  no changing your mind, no ugly costumes, just pretty ones please)

Such a beautiful peacock.  I love Anna's eyes with this color!

Hi, my name is Abigail. 
I'm three and I'm excited that I get to wear my costume to preschool today!  Being a peacock is fun. 
I don't understand what Halloween is all about though. 
But I sure do like all the attention I get when I'm dressed like this!  The best part of Halloween is going to see Grandma, Grandpa, and Grandma B. 
I did go Trick-or Treating but I don't like candy. 
That's right, none of it. 
Even the "not allergic" special candy that was bought for me I just licked. 

Look at how excited I am at Preschool all dressed up!