Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Turning 40... part one

Well, I'll have to say that if "getting older" is as delightful as my birthday weekend, I'll take some more!

And it was delightful from beginning to end thanks to Scott. I was just thinking... he's been with me for quite a few birthdays. I can remember my 16th birthday. He was the sweet, quiet boy who was in all of my high school classes. We were 'a couple' (whatever that means in high school) and all I can remember around my 16th birthday was, "when will he ever get the courage to kiss me?" That was all I wanted for that birthday!

Well my 40th he is still that sweet, quiet boy, although not afraid of a kiss, thank goodness. :) And he certainly outdid himself.

He started with forty little surprise presents way back at the end of November. One each morning on the kitchen counter. I liked the little ones the best. A "home" sign, new jammies, a Christmas book to read.


His note on this one said to look at the two girls on the cover... one looks like Anna, the other Abigail.  I love the old fashioned illustrations. 











The girls... they liked the last one the best. (a trip to Disney... more on that later...he's been saving without me knowing for quite some time)

On Saturday he cooked all day and had my parents over. My grandma's lasagna recipe, antipasto, bread, and the cake of course.

Grandpa tells the best stories.

blog dinner 1

blog dinner 2

blog dinner 3

blog dinner 4

Anna wrote a beautiful poem to me. I love homemade cards from my girls.

presents 1

presents 2

presents 3

presents 4

presents 5

Maui Jim Sunglasses

presents 6

I love my new camera bag/purse

presents 7

Sadly, when Scott took a few pictures of me with my parents something happened to the memory card.  Although that's never happened to me and I'm certain that Scott thinks he pressed the button all the way and didn't I have no pictures of me with them. Oh well...

On Sunday he took the girls and I out to brunch. (pictures coming soon)  It was super fancy and I glowed. The girls to oh so well, especially Abigail who was allergic to every thing in the buffet except for the syrup. Scott had packed a little "brunch" of her own at home and brought it in thermos containers.

I guess I don't quite know what to say. I'm one lucky girl to be married to someone so thoughtful and still so sweet.

Here's to this new decade... 40... I think I like ya!


  1. Tara, I have been waiting for this post! I thought about you on your special day and knew your sweet family would make it great! What a wonderful way to start a wonderful time of your life.

    I love my 40's ...I swear. My mom told me that her 40's were the best time of her life. So far, I agree!

    Have a great day, friend! : )

  2. WOW!!
    all i can say is WOW!
    nothing quite like a birthday celebration that just seems to keep going and going...!:)
    i love it all.
    that is one sweet hubby you have...but i know you so know that already.
    love the girls giving you their cards. that always makes them feel so proud doesn't it?
    happy Birthday Tara
    and YES...the 40's are awesome!!!:)


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