Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Every once in a while my camera is out and the settings are just right at just the right time. I snap and happen to capture this.

6 fb

Yes, not doing it for the camera. I just turned around and there she was.

collage 8

I'm not sure if we ended up with that pumpkin but she was certain sure that's the one she wanted.

On a chilly afternoon we went to our Pumpkin Patch. It's not a complete fall without a hay ride out to the pumpkin fields.


I love it there with it's beautiful scenery and red barn.


We always wait to go until the end of October. I like to be all bundled up. Sometimes we have to look around quite a bit before we find our pumpkin; but we always do.

collage 3


Then back to the hayride while daddy carries the pumpkin


Another memory; tuck it away.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Little Fallness

Last Saturday I ventured out with Abigail. She'd been inside since she came home early from school with me on Wednesday so I thought I'd take her to her to schools outdoor fall festivle. They have an adorable outdoor ampethester where they hold seasonal concerts.


We love the folk music



and the crafts



and the animals from the farm (no pictures) and the apple pie contest, the corn pit and the hay bales.

We didn't stay too long in the windy, chilly air, but it was so great to get out!


Home Sick

I got a call from the nurse on Wednesday.


And she was home with me the rest of the week.


You know I love it.


But of course I really don't want her to be sick.


I just love a little home with me.


She wore cozy pants, tutlenecks and sweaters.  We ate soup and munched on banana bread.  It was a good week for cooking and tidying.  A good week for cuddling and reading her books.

collage 8 9

It was not a good week for my to do list and a little thing called tarabakerphotography.  So this week I'm up til midnight and feeling a bit swamped.  Add in a Halloween costume that still needs to get sewn and we'll I'm doing my best to take deep breaths.

On Time

I'm always on time
Except for when I'm not.
Like today. (okay so I wrote this last Friday)
I was late.
For something that was important.
Even after I had a bad dream that we missed it.
Even though I was organized the night before.
Even though I had backpacks, lunches, gym clothes, instruments, and the like in the car at the crack of dawn.
Even though I rushed.

We were late.


Maybe it's because I've had one little chicka home with me since the nurse called me on Wednesday.
And she didn't want to get out of bed; poor sick little girl.
Maybe it's just the way it is.
Maybe it's because daddy who is always there at these things or always there to help me when one is sick and the other has something, had an emergency at his school.
I think it's all of it put together.



But it made for a poor morning.
A frazzled morning.
A morning that should have been special.


And even though the pictures show a smile, there were tears in the bathroom after.
Because we were late.
And it was crowded.


Anna was officially initiated into the Safety Patrol at her school. She wrote an essay last year, was trained way back last spring, and worked hard this fall so far. For this moment.
Gee, why couldn't we have been on time?


We really were only a minute late, in fact, (as I pointed out to Anna later) two kids came after us.
We got to hear the speeches, from her teacher, the principal, and the police officer.
They were inspiring. And funny.


I let Abigail use my phone to take the name calling. I wish I had her record what the police officer spoke about.

(so really... don't press play here... I just put this video here so that Anna would have it.  It's like 30 names then Anna.)

I'm proud of Anna.
Every day after school she goes to a Kindergarten classroom. She entertains the children as they're waiting for their bus to be called.
She washes tables.
She does whatever the teacher needs her to do.

Mostly I'm proud of her for taking on a leadership role.
We still scratch our heads on this one.
Since we think we know her so well.
I guess there are things we're still learning about this ten year old daughter we adore.

But one thing I already knew is that
we shouldn't have been late.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Random Phone Pictures

Anna's book is the thickest and hardest of all.  Something I would never have read at her age. 


I volunteered in Abigail's classroom and then her lunch time is right after, yeah!


Scott's school... pasta night


We read this a lot


Her class filled some jar so they got to dress up for the day


Ran into an old pal from preschool. My she's grown!


On our weekend in Maine we saw the biggest cookies in a bakery window. She was allergic... so when we got home


Yes, I do have another daughter and will get better at those pictures on my phone!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tonight She Said

In her falling down, too big cupcake jammies she got right up close to my face, nose to nose and said,

"Mommy, we've known each other for one hundred thousand years

and fell in love the moment I saw your eyes."

I think she's right...


This fall season finds me in just a bit of a different place than usual. But I won't forget the little things they say, they do, or the real joy in my life. Like this...

* as I was walking into their school today to volunteer and have lunch in the cafeteria after with Abigail's class I saw Anna walking with her class to lunch. Her unsuspecting eyes lit up and we hugged. Love!
* we ate at we always do, together around our round kitchen able at six o'clock. Happiness!
* I had two girls (not so little anymore) in the tub together. Bliss!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Our October Home

A lot of this stays up.  But then at the beginning of October I add in all of the pumpkins.  Ahh!  I really had to zip around the house just getting what I could.  I'm now 12 families deep in photo shoots.  And have decided with Scott that if I get another call or email that I'm "currently taking families starting in January."  Doesn't that sound good?  Just round up these 12 that are in process and then sit back and enjoy fall and all that red and green that will creep up before we know it! 

I could have just reposted this one but I didn't cheat and actually ran around my house.  So here goes...

Orange twinkle lights above my kitchen sink... makes me happy.


And when it's pitch dark in the room it looks really cool



While during the day it's just the homeness I need while I cook, plan meals, clean up and cook some more.


Little shelf


And the family room mantle


Books books books





Living room mantle






Dining Room



Tea table gets it's spooky on too



One entry way (the other one I was too lazy to photograph)


And we'll round it all off with some after school pumpkin bread


And I'm kind of glad that I fit in this little fall post today because I just realized that I forgot my October pins, October pumpkin glasses, October leaf dishes... hey, this post feels half dressed to me! More to come when I can!