Tuesday, January 30, 2018


There is a 90 minute delay this morning. It is so quiet outside. No cars. A few snowplows. But it's that magical quiet that usually means there is something brewing outside. I'll miss my "special" this morning with a 90 minute delay (no library for my class = no planning time for me) but that's okay. I need this extra magical time in the morning.


I was already up and awake, sipping my tea, having my Bible time. I don't have my phone with me then, so at 5:35 when I have to leave my desk and start my go go go morning, shower, breakfasts, ice in lunchboxes, thermos of waters in all our bags, dressed up, gather things, one last look over the kitchen (all in high speed) I looked at my phone that was upstairs and it said 90 minute delay.

I had a quick choice: do I go back to bed? or workout? or school work (I didn't get to any of it last night because Anna was in a concert)

Nah on the workout. And no on going back to sleep. That would just make the day feel all weird and I'd be afraid I wouldn't get up in time. So I thought I start here again. (and maybe I can fit in a little decorating for Valentines Day) (and read a chapter to Abigail on that awesome book we are reading)

I don't know where I left off. But I'll just start.


Life has been full. Here is what I've been up to:

taking care of my sweet girls
just their lunches packed, homemade breakfasts, and dinners keep my life full
taking care of my husband
just ironing his shirts keeps my life full
taking care of this house
just sweeping and dusting, tidying keeps my life full.
taking care of our home
just decorating a bit here and there to make our home a welcoming place to come home to keeps my life full
taking care of my teaching
just planning, making, copying, emailing, teaching keeps my life very very full

Oh, and there's a HUGE bathroom project we started at the end of June that has us beyond full.

But I am grateful for the big things and the small things like this delay we all have. Being able to finish his cup of tea right here. And opening up my blog again. Boy! It's been a while!

Thank you snow, Thank you winter, thank you for a 90 minute delay! Oh how I love winter. And a career that allows you to stay in your PJs on a cozy morning for just a bit longer.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I Wish Every Day Were a Snow Day

We had a snow day today. While Anna was busy studying for midterms


Abigail made a doll from a doll making kit we had.


She named her doll Charlotte. (which reminded me of Little House)

I had to leave my cozy nest for a quick doctor appointment and Abigail who always waves from the kitchen window held up Charlotte and waved to me. It made me so happy.


I wish everyday were a snow day.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Make Home Sweet ~ January

kitchen 14

In my home I just love to make it cozy, clean, and welcoming to those two little girls (they'll always be little) and my hard working husband.

I'm not home all day like I was for those precious 13 years but I can still carve time to make our home a priority.  So that they know I still care.  That being here is peaceful.  That our home is jolly (yes all year long)  That our home sparks creativity and is a place to find dreams in your heart.

I can remember dreaming in my growing up bedroom.  How I loved the flower wallpaper and the white quilt on my bed.  I want the same for my daughters.  A place to dream.

I'm finding that January decorating is calm, peaceful, clean, and minimal. 

I think I'm inspired by nature in January.  The cold, crisp days, the bright sun after a big snow, the dark cozy nights when the fires must be lit nonstop when we are home, the huge storms that color the world where we live clean.

I find that as the mama in this house I set the stage for our home life.  And setting the stage for me begins with a home that is not only filled with things that are pretty but words that build up those I love.  I try to find ways to bless my family each day and one of them is how I make our home a priority.  Something as simple as a mantle change around or simple cranberry sauce in the oven.  It's so easy to do!  Here are some things I keep in mind:

1.  Turn my Heart Home: 
Sometimes when a week at school is just so busy, or the girls evening activities have us going in too many directions I know that I need to carve our time on the weekend to put a little love back in our house.  A quick clean, a tidy, and decorating for the season always does the trick for me; for us.  It's a like a reset.

entry 1

entry 5

entry 2

entry 4

2.  Turn my Thoughts toward Sweetness: 
It's up to me to remove the chaos and the stress in our lives.  Simple classical music, the fireplace on, a pot of tea sets the mood.  And then taking a step back and remembering that those in front of me are dearly answered prayers.  My thoughts are connected to my words.  What I think I say.  So I purpose to think good things about my life, my daily chores around the house, and most importantly, those around me.

3.  Turn Toward What is Important to me:
When I'm busy and the chores and to-dos of the day can feel overwhelming I often think "why and I doing this?  Does the decorating matter?"  Well, not as much as the nurturing of course but creating beauty around us - even in a simple vignette on a table creates beauty in the heart.  Most importantly, in decorating I want to create a home my family feels loved in.  And it all starts with a sweet and nurturing attitude!

family room 3

family room 1

family room 2

family room 4

family room 5

family room 6

I asked Abigail to set up these little winter mice and look what she did!!!  A chalice and paten!

family room 7

family room 8

I've decided to leave little snippets of Christmas up throughout the house this year.  Of course most is tucked away as it should be (that's the magic in Christmas) but I love Christmas too too much to have it all gone.

family room 9

family room 10

4. Turn Toward Truth:  
Spending time in prayer and in His Word is life changing each day.  Those that I don't are frazzled and hurried.  And I try to do too much in my own strength.  And oh boy, I can't do a day in my own way.  But when I meet with Him early each morning He renews my strength.  When I ponder (roll over, think about) a verse that I love then thoughts of stress or worry or even weariness can't creep in.  God tells us to think on lovely things (Philippians 4:8) and our mind will be free to love others more and put our daily lives in perspective.

kitchen 1

kitchen 2

kitchen 3

kitchen 4

Oh yes, I love how the ribbon on those rose ornaments matches the tea kettle.

kitchen 5

kitchen 6

kitchen 7

kitchen 8

kitchen 9

kitchen 10

kitchen 11

Most of my favorite tea mugs are winter.  I am a winter girl, yes I am!

kitchen 12

kitchen 13

Sweetest spoons ever... and my collection started with this very special teacher and friend.

kitchen 15

kitchen 16

5.  Turn Toward Back-to-Basics: 
I choose to fill my home with loving words, tenderness, patience, a nurturing spirit, comfort, encouragement, guidance, cleanliness, order, joyful and peaceful music, nourishing food and homemade treats.  We say grace before a family dinner each night and go to church on Sunday to remind our hearts of truth, joy, and love.  I believe that all of these things make my family feel loved and safe and cherished.  And even though I give give give to my classroom all day, I can still carve time for back- to -basics homemaking.  It nourishes my soul.

living room 1

snow day 1

living room 2

living room 3

living room 4

living room 5

living room 6

living room 7

Did you see the photo a few up from here?  It's my Bible desk and on Christmas morning a new chair was there to surprise me.

morning 7

I gasped out loud.  A Christmas Hitchcock chair!!!  An antique, beautifully restored.  The painting on the panel original and untouched.  A dream come true!

living room 8

I saw this chair back here when we picked out our dining room.  And I took a picture of it because I wanted to look at it forever.  TEA!  There is a tea shoppe!

living room 9

A Christmas Hitchcock chair was something I never would have thought we'd even save up and buy.  I thought maybe when my home was filled with grand babies, then we'd be able to afford one.  But there it was!

living room 10

living room 11

living room 13

living room 14

Yes, bits of Christmas will stay.

living room 15

living room 16

Noel's home was decorated for winter too.

living room 17

living room 18

living room 19

living room 20

This home, this family, these things I remind myself of are so important to me.  My life is beautiful.  Not because I have a few beautiful things that I cherish but because of the beautiful people I share it with.