Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Joy We Have On Christmas Morning

Just a side note... :)  Are 60 pictures on a post too many?  I got it down from 129!!! 

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My favorite part of Christmas is catching a glance with Scott and not saying a word but knowing what we're thinking.  Like, 'that one worked. Or  we were right with that giftDid you see Anna's smile?  oh, Abigail's giggle takes my breath away too. 

These are the moments to remember forever.  Forever I'll hold them close.  I know that because I take 129 pictures just on Christmas morning.  103 on Christmas Eve and more on Christmas day at my parents. 

Anna had a tough night on Christmas Eve.  She had, and still has a horrible cough that gets super activated when she tries to fall asleep at night.  So the last time I checked on her  poor baby was still awake it was 12:18 am.  Yes I remember that time on the clock because we couldn't do our Christmas parent duties until after that.  And there was that one present that Scott had to set up and build in the living room since it was too big to be made ahead of time and carried up our narrow stairs. 

But on Christmas morning Abigail creeped into our bed at her weekend usual time of 8:00.  She stayed with me snuggled in bed (I'm not showing that picture) while Scott sneaks downstairs, lights the tree, turns on the lamps, gets the fireplace going, and the Christmas Frank Sinatra playing.  The video camera set up on the tripod so that we can watch 'Christmas Mornings' when we're old.  Everything perfect; just how we both want it to be.  (okay... well maybe I'll show that one)

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Anna soon follows and just stands in our doorway waiting for us to get out bed.  It seems like she's floating inches above the ground. 

I change into my brand new, never been worn jamies that Scott gives me every Christmas Eve.  But I'm so weird that I don't wear those to bed.  I like to put them on fresh in the morning.  (with a little mascara and lip gloss of course)

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So magical they're a bit afraid to walk all the way in the room. 

walking in 1


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Little House on the Prairie was just as much a gift for me as it was for the girls.  Pet and Patty from Little House on the Prairie... our love for all things Little House is another post on another day.

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Pa and Ma in the wagon

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Ma's red checked table cloth... the one she had since Little House in the Big Woods and then gave to Laura when she got married to make her home a bit more homey.

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We didn't want the girls to have a premade cabin. We wanted them to be able to change and rebuild the cabin as they wanted.

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Anna has the best faces on Christmas morning.  I love the crinkled up nose face. 

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But Abigail has some good ones too!

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Doll clothes and enchanted capes. Wooden covered wagons with "Pet and Patty" from the classic book. These are the toys I love Santa to give.

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Joy is seeing your child so happy for a present their sister got. 

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I love these two people!

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Little hands wrapped around me.  Tears in her eyes for reasons we can't figure out.  Sometimes I think it's just too much emotion for my five year old in one morning.  So she has a little cry and then gets right back to business.

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We break for breakfast...

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And then tired creeps in.  A good tired.  A 'we ate too much at our Christmas breakfast tired'. 

The girls play.  We smile.  We soak it all in.  No one could move me from this happiness.  This complete ahh happiness and contentment I have.  And yes, within that there's a bit of "we did it".  Like we climbed a mountain or something.  We feel great. 

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Our lazy Christmas morning is followed by dressing up and going to Grandma and Grandpa's.  (those pictures on another day) The second part of Christmas is oh so happy too.  Being with my parents on Christmas day with my girls is heaven.  Mixed in with cousins and family love.  All is well. 

Memories burned into my brain.  I'll hold them forever and keep them safe. 

While vacation days go on we hold on to the peace.  No cell phones.  No checking email.  Barely (except me here right now) computer time.  Just face to face lovely days. 

There's a soft blanket of snow outside. 

One day soon I know I'll be tired of the clutter all around and Christmas will all come down.  Usually that's on New Years Day but you never know... it always hits me all of a sudden.  And then I have to start getting the bins down from the attic again. 

But for now... lights still twinkle.  Christmas candles still lit.  We're eating off of our Christmas china.  And I'm loving this cozy week!

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Walking In... The Magic

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Do I really have to wait a whole year to see these faces like this again?

walking in 1

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Orchestrated right out of my childhood... where I learned the magic of Christmas best.  The fireplace is crackling, Frank Sinatra Christmas songs playing, the tree lit, and pretty lamps on... for these moments. 

blog the set up 2

blog the set up 7
(little house on the prarrie... more on that later)

I don't think I can.  Maybe we can have Christmas in July! 

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