Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Three Day Weekend


Yesterday as the snow was lightly falling down and we were 'all home' (my favorite two words in the world) all day I was thinking "every weekend should be three days"!  It was lovely...

tennis on friday afternoon
anna's art school on saturday morning
birthday party abigail attended on saturday afternoon
saturday night 'at home' (there's my favorite two words again) date night
new game playing
sunday fourth grade religious ed teaching
church going
sunday afternoon parents visiting
sunday night relaxing
monday morning baking
morning jammies movie watching (Lady and the Tramp)
monday loving


It was the Christmas of 2010 when the girls got these fairy tree houses. They still love them!


Lip gloss and pearls for church (of course I was in such a rush I forgot both)


My grandfathers bird feeder that my Dad gave me.



I love love love January but I miss being able to take pictures outside. So I tried an indoor photoshoot... it went terribly wrong! :)


Hours of crafting with her sister.


Puzzles with daddy


Oh, by far the best French Toast Recipe I've ever found... "Apple Spice French Toast" (I'll post the recipe soon) Love that I made it the night before and then just popped it in the oven in the morning. While we were watching 'Lady in the Tramp' in our jammies the house smelled soooo good!


Yes, a weekend with my little family, especially a three day one is always wonderful!


  1. Tara...this sounds like a wonderful long weekend! My favorite part? The overnight french toast(pleeease post recipe soon!) and cozy Monday morning movie in jammies! : )