Friday, May 31, 2013


I feel caught. 


Caught between the "end of school" and it's still not summer for four more weeks here in New England.  Caught between Irish Step, Viola lessons, group viola lessons, indoor tennis lessons, and church school being done and getting a hold of our newly found 'after school' time.  Don't get me wrong... I'm thrilled that all that extracurricular stuff is done but we're getting into a new routine around here and it still doesn't feel right.  All that stuff ended but I can't totally let my guard down.  There's still homework, school night bedtimes, practicing viola and I'm managing all that and feeling a bit out of wack.  The strict  scheduler, make em do their homework and practice viola before fun Mom is still there but it's mixed in with "let's play a game on a blanket in the middle of the backyard" mom.  Ya see?  Summer mom mixed in with it's still school mom. Caught.

I'm caught in the middle of ahhh Abigail's party is done and was a huge hit let's let go and invite friends over for icecream and drinks tonight with Anna's huge bash is just seven days away... where's that to do list... I've gotta start in on that!  Caught.

Caught in this wacky weather.  47 degrees and raining last weekend to 94 hot and humid today.  Fleeces to sunscreen.  Make sure they're warm enough to make sure they each bring two filled thermos bottles of water to school and that every strand of their hair is up and they have the loosest, coolest possible clothing.  Caught.

Caught in weird weekends that don't feel normal for us. Tomorrow is our first pool club day.  I'm not ready.  I pulled out the bathing suits, slathered on my fake tan from a bottle, made sure we have tons of sunscreen but I'm never 'ready' for the first time there.  Caught.

Caught in hoping that school never ends because I love Kindergarten (sob, sob, sob) and Fourth grade so much to wishing it would just end today so that we could start in on summer.  Caught. 

Usually the best way out of being caught is a good house clean for me.  I get out the vacuum, bake a pie (chocolate chip cookie pie is in the oven as I type), change the sheets, straighten my desk, tidy up the kitchen, organize my to do lists, and turn on some happy music.  I always feel like I can face anything when the house is clean and my schedule is organized.  (I get that from my Mom I know I do) But I'm caught.  Caught in wanting to do all of that house stuff and actually like doing it and taking my devotional and Bible outside before the girls get home to sit in the shady garden and read.  Caught.

This being "caught" is for the birds.  Who by the way still love coming to my house! 

Wishing you all a happy weekend... may you all be caught doing exactly what you love! 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby Movies


Baby Movies... that's what we call them.  They're the unedited raw footage of life.  And ready for this?  I've taped every SINGLE day for years and years.

When our video tapes were well... tapes at the end of every tape Scott would put that raw footage on DVD so that we could protect it and also watch it.  Now that there are no "tapes" we still make a DVD from the camera at the end of every month. 

Usually I tape just a quick 30 seconds.  Getting into bed.

Saying prayers.

When daddy walks in the door at the end of the day.

When Abigail is crying.

When Anna was pulling Chester's tail.

When they're just playing in the backyard or in their bedrooms.

When the house is a mess.  When the house is clean.

I get that video camera out and I tape. 


Why?  Because I KNOW I'm living in the good old days and I can't imagine not being able to look back and hear, see, and feel that love.  Tiny squeaky little girl voices, even 9 year old pouty ones.  I can't let it go. 

And then at the end of every tape after the DVD is made I typed out the contents so that I knew what it held.

And we love love love to watch them too. 

Usually we're laughing our heads off but this day the girls were watching Disney World way back when Anna was just 3.  I had taped the parade and they were mesmerized. 

Most people say I'm crazy.  I say, "that's okay... I already know what you can play over and over and over in my nursing home room." :)


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An Epic Weekend


Okay, well maybe not epic but to us the fact that SCOTT FINISHED A BOAT LOAD OF PAPERS toward his courses and I FINISHED THAT KINDERGARTEN YEARBOOK we think it was epic!

One thing I love about a birthday party with lots of flowers is flower leftovers all around my house!


Okay, (again) well I'm not quite "I ordered 21 of them and am totally done."  But it's mostly done and I just have to do a photo shoot today for the two remaining pages called "Me and Mrs. Mulready"  But I can't tell you how good it feels to have that (almost) off my plate.

Memorial Day red white and blue

And Scott, he's a hard worker.  And this degree (pre PhD) was his hardest yet.  I'm proud.  But he promises not to go on to more courses after he graduates (again) in July. 

Anna came home with this on Friday... so modest... huge ceremony..."no big deal mommy"



Love this... daddy the principal with his daughter and her 'principals sharing award'.

It was mostly a rainy and freezing (like high of 47) freezing weekend.  And we needed it.  (to get all of that work done)

Anna's birthday tree blooming right outside the dining room window

Yesterday was the prettiest day; my favorite kind 70 and sunny.  And we spent every minute outside making up for lost time.  The girls were on the swings, and in their own adventurous world; the kind where you watch them and you have no idea what they are playing.  Something about a fairy world... but I couldn't catch the rest.  And they didn't need us.  And that's okay too. 

Weekend goals... yeah... I'm that kind of mom


And today, off to my photoshoot and finishing up the yearbook.  The house is in desperate need of music blaring kind of clean.  This weekend it really took a beating.  Us working on our projects and Monday in and out a million times sure can make a mess.  I plan on going around with a big black garbage bag and my vacuum.  (don't tell the girls) and all will be right in the world again.  :) 

Weekend at home date night


Manicures for my girls outside







And Saturday morning snuggles... oh yea, she's loved.



Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Little Video

We were watching "baby movies" the other night and came across this little gem.  It was the night before Abigail's 2nd birthday party.  She was on her way up to her crib but I had Scott turn on the video... I'm so glad I did... And it starts off, "Abigail, what's coming tomorrow?"

Oh I love it!!! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Tea Party Under the Tree

invitation for blog no address

With the invitation I sent along a CD of the song "Tea Party Under the Tree"

invitation back

The Set up

Painted by Anna


collage 2 10


I attempted to have the most spectacular little girls birthday party. 

collage 36

collage 37 38

collage 35

It all started when I heard this song.  (oh go ahead, play it, it's so good) And I fell in love with it.  I dreamed big on this one.  Living room curtains moved outside hanging from the trees, tissue paper blooms blowing the in wind.  Real tea cups and saucers, lovely background music, dozens of roses, punch bowls, and silver tea sets to serve, and my little girl twirling her way through this happy day.  But as we all know those birthday parties never quite go just as you picture.  This one was better.  Better than I pictured because all I pictured were the decorations and the outdoor tea room.  I'd forgotten the magic... fourteen little girls.  They made the party.  Their giggles, their smiles, their loving on Abigail.  Oh to watch those Kindergartners, I was loving it. 

This was Abigail 10 minutes before the first guest arrived... I put her down for a nap and she was asleep in a second.  I didn't know then but I could tell 'something was up.' The next morning she woke up with a fever. 

Seeing the set up for the first time









Party Favors ~ the girls took home their tea cups and these cute bags with Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime "Goodnight Grape" tea and some other assorted girly things. 



Gosh ~ someone straighten that tea cup :)


And so when the clouds rolled in, the temps dropped and the wind picked up I was tempted to be bummed but all that happiness was no match for the sun hiding.  So I ran in for sweaters to cover those girls and off they ran for more tea party fun.

Their were pinkies raised, tea cups sipped on, impeccable manners, (a tea party will do that... bring out the best in a little girl) and quiet munching.




They wore the hats they made

My Mom came... can't have a tea party without her.  And she was a huge help from tying hats to nursing cut knees and serving food. 





and played dress up under the tree. 





They hunted for tea bags and wore pearls. 


Our game basically like and Easter egg hunt ~ we hid 100 tea bags all over the back yard and they each got a string of  'pearls' as their prize.

Oh yes, they ran and were silly like only five and six year olds can do



but when they entered the Treehouse Tea Room they were serious. 








It was as if they didn't know they were outside.  My favorite quote of the day, "may I walk around and eat my cookie since the other girls are done?"  "Yes, darling, you're outside, we're not worried about crumbs." 


I'm convinced that they thought they were in a lovely tea room away from the world.  Now that was awesome. 

I read stories of tea parties on a rose rug as only the teacher in me could.  They raised their hands and had the most delightful faces.  I wore a big floppy tea party hat that you just can't get away with anywhere but a tea party.




Oh yes, it was a spectacular birthday party but not because of the dreams I dreamed for it, the shopping I adventured for it, or the work that Scott and his ladder put into it.  It was those little girls in my backyard and my one and only tea party princess who I love with my whole heart. 


It was a tea party under the tree and I'll lock it away and have it forever.  Just another happy memory. 

collage 42 43

I guess this makes it official ~ she's 6!

collage 63


Too windy to keep the candle let so she basically blew out the match ~ don't worry their was a cake with the grandparents later that night... inside.




Reading her birthday cards ~ priceless


And so sweet girl, we start out sixth year with you.  I could pinch myself just thinking that I get to spend my whole life loving you.



Cake later that night with the grandparents



 You truly are the happiest girl I know.  I love you. 

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