Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our House on Christmas Eve

our house 8

our house 1
(candles for the twenty children that were killed in Newtown)

I love Christmas Eve. We have a house full of family and friends. Everyone is so very excited about the next morning.

our house 2

Our menu is soup. Yes, soup! Scott and I make four soups ahead of time and have them simmering in four different crockpots while we are at Mass. Then we just come home and whip up the rest and open our door.  Let the party begin!

our house 4

our house 3

Our soup night works out perfect. We can cook a few days ahead and everyone has dinner without us being there two hours ahead to cook it all. We literally come home from church to the house smelling so so good.

our house 5

And with four soups there is something for everyone.

our house 6

our house 7

our house 9

Winter Sangria's

our house 10

Cousin love

party 1

This year I did my dessert table a bit more fancy. After the kids eat at the kitchen table I clear it and set up my pretty desserts.

party 2

party 3
(flickering tea lights on parts or our Christmas Tree stumps that so willing husband cut for me)

party 4

My niece

party 5

Anna's sweet friend and family to us (we traveled to China together all those years ago to adopt)

party 6

party 8

party 9

And as everyone gets bundled to leave...

party 10

party 7

we get ready for some traditions. Sprinkling food for the reindeer.

party 11

Treats for Santa

party 12

And the wonder sets my heart a flutter every year. What a blessing to have young children at Christmas.

party 13

One last peek before bedtime...

party 14


  1. a house full of comapany is what we usually have...this was our first year on our own, it was different but we loved it too!:)
    soups...great idea.
    dessert table...beautiful.
    willing hubby...the best!:)
    i love your candles out front.
    such a beautiful tribute.
    i love reading everyones traditions this time of brings us all closer together don't ya think!:)
    have a happy day tara

    keep'll be done before the end of january like me!!:)

  2. Tara...perfect...simply perfect, like a storybook. What wonderful memories you are creating for those sweet girls. And I could not have said it better than Cindy above...sharing these special moments brings us all closer together!