Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anna and the cherry tree

I've taken Anna's picture in front of this tree since she was a baby.  How can she possibly look this old?  This tree was lovingly given to me when my grandfather passed away years ago.  He was a kind and sweet man.  He loved working outside. He loved plants and flowers, and had the most beautiful yard.  When we moved to this house ten years ago Scott dug up this tree and we brought it with us.  It flowers for such a short time, only a few days each spring. 

Monday, April 18, 2011


Have you ever planned something and then just laughed as your plan fell apart right in front of you?  That was my morning with the daffodils.  I'm taking a awesome, amazing, exciting, unbelievable photography class and I had some "homework assignments" to do.  Usually I get to them right after the class ends.  But since I didn't get a chance to yet I decided to take the girls to a daffodil park. 

My plan was to leave at 9:00 sharp to get some pretty, nonharsh sunlight.  We ended up leaving at 10:30.  (just in time for the harsh sun).  I kept looking for shade but then it dawned on me, duh, it's a daffodil park, they need sun to grow.  Okay, so I'll have the girls turn their backs away from the sun... but then I got no daffodils in the pictures just nice soft skin.  I decided to compromise and take the harsh shadows on their faces so that I could get the pretty yellow daffodils. 

Can you tell how windy and cold it was?  Oh, and I forgot my reflector which would have blocked the shadows on her face.  (the reflector was the WHOLE REASON I was there.  The reflector was my homework) 

This is Abigail's pout.  Someday I'll want to remember it.

And also, Anna got car sick on the drive there and on the way home.  I felt so bad for her.

She started feeling better with some fresh air. 

All and all I'm glad we went.  They had a huge playground that I didn't know about it and the girls had fun playing.  Next time I try to leave early, remember all my gear, put Anna's motion sickness bands on, and plan better for the weather. :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Anna was beaming at her school Japan Night

A night to celebrate all that the second graders had learned about Japan.  I was thrilled for Anna who was so comfortable and was beaming. 

This was the first time that Anna loved her special night.  All other times she clung to me and didn't speak to friends.  It used to be so desperately hard for her to be in an extra crowded classroom with siblings and parents.  She used to hate that there was little structure to those parent nights and with the safety of her school day routine gone she used to just want to get out fast. 

Not last night.  I watched her interact, show her work, chat with friends, and even have me out of her view for a few minutes.  I was so happy she felt safe!

Sharing her Japan work with Grandma, Grandpa and Abigail

Rice Crispy Sushi

Playing a Japanese math game with her Grandpa

I know there are so many of these but I just can't get enough of Anna happy and relaxed.

Abigail loves being with her Grandpa

With her Second grade teacher

What a special night!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anna's school art show and Abigail's preschol visit morning

We've been so busy around here.  All good.  Spring sure is busy.  There seems to be a special event every day.  I find myself having to get super organized (on top of already being organized) at night.  Last night was Anna's school art show.  I have the portrait lens on, oops!

This morning I had such a fun morning with Abigail at her school.  It's the Week of the Young Child.  The teachers had different craft stations set up. 

 We decorated a tree branch for Easter. 

We painted coffee filters in beautiful colors which turned out to be flowers.

Planted sunflower seeds and grass haircut men.

Fun finger printing

And the most fun of all, I painted her hands for a handprint butterfly and then she loved painting mine.  So cool!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finally Outside

How nice it is to be outside and feel the warm sunshine.  Still cold enough for a hat but I still love it!  Look what Abigail can do!  Last summer and fall I tried to get her to pedal a tricycle and she just couldn't.  I'd have to push her along and she had no idea how to steer.  I guess all she needed was to grow a wee bit more and now she can do it, mostly! 

Yes, I know she's not wearing a helmet.  She's really going way too slow for one! 

Our daffodil's are starting to bloom... ahh!

Pure cuteness.  Kids always look so adorable even after having a hat on all morning!

Although I usually don't let myself "go there" I started thinking about next spring and then just one more after that.  Next year she'll have preschool 3 mornings a week and then Kindergarten.  I get a a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  How I would stop the clock if I could.  My girls little and me JUST being mommy and wife.