Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Santa Claus Letters

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I was just six and it's one of my earliest Christmas memories.  I can remember the white nightgown I was wearing with the red and green thin ribbon at the top tied in a bow.  My feet were bare and I held a treasure in my hands.  It was a letter, a beautiful letter from Santa Claus.

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It was pure magic.  He knew of things only my little family knew about.  He said that I took such good care of my baby dolls and that I loved Kindergarten. 

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There were drawings too.  Amazing drawings; ones only Santa could do. 

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But best of all to this little girl named Tara, this Santa Claus letter I held in my hand made me feel loved.  I remember that he wrote that Jesus being born on Christmas was the real reason we were filled with joy.

And then it ended with, "I love you. Santa Claus." 

Oh how I wish I could be that six year old little girl again, her father reading the letter to her. 

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But somehow... thirty-nine year old mother stills loves Santa Claus and still feels his love though her own daughters.

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It's beautiful to have watched my girls read their Santa letter.  To watch them feel what I felt.  To know without a shadow of a doubt that Santa is real and that he loves them. 

I cried when Anna was reading this letter to Abigail.  Because I knew that the magic was happening to them to. 

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Oh how I love Christmas. 

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Here is the letter that arrived from the North Pole last year in 2011


  1. This is so very beautiful, Tara. It brings tears of happiness to my very, very wonderful you are sharing the magic of Christmas and Santa with your two beautiful daughters. And I LOVE that picture of Anna...pure joy!! Your posts always make me happy. Happy to know that somewhere out there, another mother loves her family and her life as much as I do mine.

  2. oh tara this is priceless!!! i love your memories too and the fact that you are recreating them for your girls is so wonderful. it will be magical to see them recreate themselves someday won't it??!!:)
    have a happy day tara


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