Thursday, January 17, 2013

This and That

I started scrapbooking again this week.  It felt good.  Something about seeing the pictures go on pages, matching paper with the colors in the girls outfits, cutting, and stickers.  I am all fired up about it.  Want to come over and scrapbook with me?  :)

Been reading this devotional at night with Scott.  One per night.  It inspires such good talk, praying together, and an overall positive feeling right before turning out the light. 

Drinking herbal tea with no sweetener in it.  I'm finally used to it.  (that is no activia in my tea)  I gave up sugar cold on November 25th 2012.  I know that sounds dramatic.  But it was a big deal for me. I was diagnosed (that sounds a bit dramatic too when it's really no big deal) in high school with hypoglycemia.  I've found my way around it and through it all of these years.  In the past I really made sure that I had a ton of protein, exercised, but never gave up sugar like I was supposed to.  And I kept it 'at bay' pretty well.  When I was pregnant with Abigail I had gestational diabetes and I think (although a doctor has never confirmed) that it made my hypoglycemia worse.  I was always (as in every day) pushing my protein to keep my blood sugar level up but it was always after I was experiencing symptoms.  I felt horrible at different parts every day.  The uncontrollable shaking was the worst.  I couldn't concentrate, was irritable, and really shouldn't have been driving 'shaky'. 

This fall when Abigail went back to school I was writing out some fitness goals for myself when it dawned on me that I needed to get a hold of my hypoglycemia.  So I amazoned a book, skimmed it, and quit sugar once and for all.  It was miserable at first especially since it was Christmas season.  Also miserable since I love love love to bake.  I bake almost every day for Abigail and well, I used to for me too.  Now I just bake for my family. 

It's not about weight loss for me at all.  Believe me when I gave up sugar I started finding my 'cozy treats' in other things.  I'm queen of yummy appetizers now.  It's not the sweet banana bread or homemade cookies anymore but I love my walnut brie toasts.  I feel so much better.  I've heard people say that before that have gone on diets.  This is not a diet at all.  But I don't get the symptoms anymore and that makes me happy.  And yes, I still fill my candy dish in the living room with seasonal candies.  And every time I want one so bad I can't take it, I run to my cookbooks and plan out the next 'ap night' with Scott. 

And since I can't have a post without a picture... Abigail trying out her ladybug wings. 

blog 7 ladybug

Looking forward to Friday and the upcoming weekend. 


  1. Oh how I wish we could scrapbook together! I did mine this week too!! Hope you all enjoy the weekend together, friend!

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  3. Precious picture!
    Glad you have found time for scrapbooking! I just told my husband I want to make time to scrap book this weekend, I have missed it and need to just make the time and start. I am very far behind. Wish we were closer, I'd love to scrap book with you!


  4. that is such a beautiful picture of abigail!!!!!:) perfect!

    oh tara...i want to dump the sugar too...we need to chat.:)

    wish i could see all those scrapbooks someday...i just know they are beautiful.

    have a happy day