Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What we did during the Storm

We were so fortunate to not loose power and even more so to not have water in our finished basement.  We have some pretty big trees so there was a lot of clean up that's still not done yet. 

storm 1

storm 3

The girls really got into cleaning up even though it was so windy! It was nice to be outside after being inside for two days!

storm 2

Here's what we did during the storm evening. Snowstorms and I guess hurricanes bring out the nesting in me.

storm 5

storm 4

To all of those that still don't have power we're praying for you that it returns soon. I can't imagine...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Scott

I've loved Scott for 23 years now.  I know everything about him.  And, after all these years I'm so glad my High School crush landed on him.  There was no way I could have known way back then what I adore now. 

Today (well everyday still) I gush with love for Scott.... so, here you go... here are 38 things I'm so blessed to have in my husband, best friend, and daddy to my girls.

1.  He's oh so patient and even tempered.  He keeps his cool all the time. 

2.  He pushes himself professionally.  I'm amazed at where we started and where he is now.

3.  He can see the big picture which makes it so nice when we're planning or talking about the future.

4.  He listens to my not big picture, crazy details and helps me sort them out.

5.  He has a heart that loves God.  He's filled with faith, and he lets his wisdom and faith guide him.  I believe that Scott felt God's leading us to China before me.  He never doubted.  He followed.  And he still does..

(first seconds holding Anna)

baby abigail
(first seconds holding Abigail Mei only seconds old)

6.  He never (hardly ever) says no to me.  He'll try his best to make any big or little dream of mine come true.  (thanks for the new glass playroom door) (oh and thanks for the amazing portrait of Anna's communion) 

7.  He has great taste.  I knew I could trust him to take a very special portrait and choose a mat and frame.  He has classy taste when it comes to our house.

8.  He'll repaint a room when I'm itching for a different color.

pool 8

9.  He treats me like a princess.  Still.  There are just some jobs around the house he'd never let me do. (and I'm happy not to)


10.  He is totally in love with his daughters.  And it shows.

apple pickin
(I love how Anna is clinging to him, she still does)

11.  He's the kind of daddy I knew he'd be... hands on.  He loves to PLAY WITH the girls.

12.  He spends time talking with the girls, making them feel important and special.

abi grad

13.  This house that I live in is made beautiful from his sweat.  He didn't build it but he's a master at home improvement projects.  He'll never call anyone to do a job.  He figures it out for himself.

14.  He's a perfectionist when it comes to our home.  And although I'd love for him to do that project faster I'm lucky that it's done perfectly.  In the long run that's always better.

15.  He'll go anywhere and do any errand for me, whenever.

16.  He's a great dresser.  He knows how to pick out clothes and he wears them well!

17.  He works out every day.  He gets himself up at 5:15 in the morning. 

18.  He listens to me and makes me feel loved.

19.  He's still got that boyish look that I adore.

20.  He's humble.

21.  He's a super hard worker.

22.  He's an amazing principal.  Clear headed, kind, always looking out for the teachers and always doing what's best for the children.  He is dedicated to public education, and I can't think of a better way to spend your life; making a difference in the lives of children. 

(his first day ever as a principal)

23.  He encourages me to try new things.  He encourages me to take the time I need for my hobbies.

24.  He sends me to Marshalls when I've had a terrible, horrible, I've got to get out of this house day.

25.  He loves our 'at home date nights' as much as I do. (and will go out to get any ingredients to make our treat extra special... chocolate dipped strawberries, bruchetta, crabbies....)

26.  He's good at joining in all of the girls stuff... there is a lot of pink and princess around here!

27. He makes me feel safe, well taken care of, he's always looking out for me. 

28.  Anna adds, "he reads to me at night."

29.  Abigail says, "daddy gives the best hugs and kisses."

30.  Anna says, "daddy plays with me and Abigail."

31.  Abigail says, "daddy gave me chocolate chips today."

32.  He's willing to do anything that needs to get done around the house.  He just jumps right in the moment he's in the door.

33.  He has great taste in music. 

34.  Although it's not often, he is such a great 'slow dancer'.  Oh, how I love dancing with him. 

35.  Anna says, "daddy does the same sport I do, tennis."

36.  Abigail says, "daddy plays fun, silly games with me."

37.  Anna says, "daddy teaches me new games."

38.  Anna says, "you're the best daddy.  I love you.  Happy Birthday!"

I know there is no sweeter life
than being your wife
And sharing forever with you.


Friday, August 26, 2011

How we feel about Summer

Recently I asked Anna (who can put into words better than Abigail) what she likes best about summer and she sighed and said,
the pool
playing with Abigail
playing in the back yard
reading in my room
friday field trips
our nights together

Everything she mentioned was about TIME TOGETHER.    And I couldn't agree more!  Every day, every minute together.  Ahh...

I'll have you know that every minute, every day together wasn't always easy.  There were sister arguments after they had played together for a long time.  There was too much, "can we watch a movie?" before I even turned the car on.  There were dinners I had spent a long time preparing that they didn't like. 

But we were together and I love the memories that it gave them.  And me too.  I'll remember our silly summer field trips, even the "duds" were great fun!  I'll remember hours and hours at the pool.  I'll remember and wish I could bottle up the sound of sisters playing TOGETHER in their imaginative worlds for hours on end.  I'll  remember TIME, simple TIME together.  I am so grateful each day for this 'stay at home' life I have with my girls.  Although it's not every minute easy, it's glorious and TIME I'll never get back. 

Thank you summer, you were awesome.  I plan on loving the last 6 days too! 

pool evening 4

Yeah, that's pretty much how we all felt about summer!

pool evening 6

pool evening 7

And this is Abigail watching her sister jump into the pool (not following the 'jump in the pool when you're 4 rules')

pool evening 3

pool evening 2

pool evening 5

Yeah summer, we loved you

pool evening 1

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

mini photoshoot

The timing was right... just before sunset.  I wanted to try out a new location for taking pictures.  I'm always on the lookout these days.  And my girls didn't mind a bit especially when I took out these skirts!

fence 6

My beautiful Anna... how I've loved summer with you!

fence 5

And Abigail... you loved playing with your big sister all day every day. I loved it too! I took so many pictures in case you don't remember your summer of being 4

fence 1

Best friends forever

fence 3

fence 4

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Stack

summer stack 1

summer stack 2

Summer Stack... that's what we called it!  Each Friday we went to the library this summer to stack up on (mostly Anna's ) summer stack!  It all started with our Friday Field Trips.  We'd have to go to pick up our museum passes and we'd get books.  It was so motivating for Anna because she'd want to read each one before we returned it the next Friday.  And she devoured books this summer.  What a difference from last year!  My favorite was the memory of going into her room late at night and seeing her reading over in the corner of the room using her nightlight to see the pages.  This was long after her light was turned out for the night.  Gotta love that! 

Wish I took a picture of what she's in the middle of reading right now. With Mommy, the entire Little House of the Prairie series and with Daddy, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.

Her favorite author right now is Grace Lin and we couldn't be happier since her books are charming and filled with pride for Chinese culture!

If I took a picture of Abigial's summer reading stack it would consist of all "little golden books". We've got quite a collection and she loves to pretend read them aloud. I love to say to her, "Abigail, read mommy a book while I fold this laundry." And she says, "sure mommy, which one do you want?" I love to listen to her "read"!

Here she is in the library... (sorry, not a great shot)


And right next to the library is a Chinese Tea House. Scott and I stopped in for a cup of tea to go (not coffee drinkers at all) and they gave Anna and Abigail yummy gummy bear tea. She loved it!

tea 2

tea 1

Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer at the Pool

We spent a LOT of time at the pool this summer.  It was fun.  It was relaxing.  It was great!  We loved it best when daddy met us there after work.

The girls had tennis lessons this summer.  It was so cute to watch them.  Abagail was tiny out there but did great.  Most of the time she was out there singing songs. She could barely hold her water bottle and racquet at the same time!

pool 14

tennis abi

Anna really enjoyed tennis this summer. She learning how to serve. Love that toss!

pool 12

Daddy and his girl on the court. I knew these days would come some day...

pool 13

Abigail in the sand, loving that!

pool 11

Covered with sunscreen, sweat, sand, ahh!

pool 10

Anna went right into the pool to cool off1

pool 9

pool 8

pool 5

pool 4

pool 3

pool 1

pool 7

pool 6

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Field Trip

The summer is winding down.  Next week will be our last Friday Field Trip and I'm sad.

Today we went to the Science Center with Grandma and Grandpa, and cousins Ian and Elia, super fun!!!

The water room!!!

science cntr 1

science cntr 2

I have the best pictures of Anna with her cousin Elia. Elia always snuggles into Anna when I take out my camera. Gotta love those big brown eyes too!

science cntr 3

Kids can play with water forever!

science cntr 4

Anna and Abigail's favorite part of the Science Center, dancing!

science cntr 5

Checking out the view of Hartford

science cntr 6