Thursday, January 3, 2013

"It's the Little Things In Life...

... that are the big ones after all"

And with that Abigail has a big announcement!


Her first loose tooth!!!

I was brushing her teeth a few nights ago and said to Scott, "wow... her teeth are really crooked." Silly me!

So I wiggled it just a tad. And told her what I had discovered. She screamed she was so excited and ran out of bed to tell Anna her big news.

And since then she's wiggled it


and wiggled it


and wiggled it!

Fun times!


  1. Congratulations, little one! So exciting! : )

  2. oh that is such a BIG deal!! aubrey keeps wrapping teeny tiny white things from erasers to bits of sticky tack up in tissue and putting it under her pillow and calling it her loose tooth!:)
    too funny
    have a happy day tara and keep wiggling abigail!!:)


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