Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Her Last Time on the Middle School Stage

There is still another concert at the end of the year.  We're not there yet.

And there are still many more days of school this year.

But last night was the last Beaux Strings and Chorus concert.  This is the select group (auditioned) and they were outstanding.

I had no idea this song was coming.  I don't know why she didn't warn me.  So I didn't get the whole thing.  But seconds in I realized that something special was happening.

Anna plays in the orchestra.  The combination of the orchestra and the singers were wonderful.

I taped with my phone which doesn't do justice to the sound, the quality, the voices and orchestra swelling in the room.

But I don't want to forget.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Mother's Day

We had Mother's Day this weekend. Yes, it was a week late. And that's okay. I'm pretty sure the world went right on spinning even though we had the flowers and the food and the love on the 'wrong' day.

Scott blessed me with a picnic, right in our backyard.


And it made me so so happy.


He made the loveliest lunches and we sat on a quilt under the tree and ate. I opened the girls homemade cards and their sweet presents.





Anna picked out a wonderful children's book for me.


with a beautiful print in the back of the book. So she got me a frame so that when I take out the print I can frame it for our chapter book library.


And my husband gave me this beautiful card with me pushing baby Anna on the swings.




He spoiled me with the new Susan Branch mugs, fine bone china, made in England. I love the size of them.  Perfect for a mug of soup or hot chocolate with whipped cream in the winter.  But tea, of course a big mug of tea.





And this to decorate with from a wonderful garden shoppe near our home.


I didn't need a single gift. (although they were so thoughtful and wonderful) The love from being their mommy is the greatest gift of all.



Friday, May 19, 2017

She Turned 10!!!

Yesterday my baby turned 10. 10!!! And we had a wonderful day, start to finish.

I love my daughters birthdays. Such a happy day for me, reminding me of how blessed I am to be their mama.

I surprised Abigail with a new dress to wear to school on her big day.

morning 1

With sweet little birds on it. Perfect Abigail dress.

morning 4

And the very unusual weather called for crazy high temps so up in a bun her hair went.

morning 2

A few before school pictures of my little girl. She's always willing.

morning 3

I am quite convinced that Abigail will be twirling in her wedding dress someday.

morning 6

She's a twirler.

morning 5

I love the spring in our backyard. The grass so green and the tree leaves so welcoming after a long winter.

morning 7

I picked up Abigail early from school. The heat was unbearable yesterday, so we came home and I read books to her. (and got her a Belle balloon... right now her favorite princess)

after school 1

after school 7

We listened to songs like this and this and this  and this  while I cooked... and danced around the kitchen.

after school 5

after school 2

She wrote in her diary (because you just HAVE to write in your diary ON your birthday)

after school 3

Daddy came home and the "party" started.

after school 4

She had her all time favorite dinner, chicken pot pie

after school 6

And then we headed to the patio for cake and opening presents.

Abigail's face. She adores her sister.

party 1

Anna's face.

party 2

These two.

party 3

Isn't there something you just love to capture with each of your children? For me, with Abigail, it's her faces. Of silliness, of delight, of love.

party 4

Be still my heart.

party 5

party 7

party 8

party 9

A minnie mouse pandora charm (and eyes that sparkle when she opens presents)

party 10

party 11

party 12

The face of a ten year old opening an American Girl doll box.

party 13

party 14

I don't care how overpriced they are, some things (like the joy on her face) are worth it.

party 15

I think I should sell this one to American Girl.

party 16

party 17

party 18

party 19

party 20

Minnie Mouse and a Hawaiian theme? What could be better for a trip this summer to the Polynesian? That little girl needed jammies!

party 21

party 22

party 23

Anna picked out a fun girl too.

party 24

party 25

party 26

party 6

party 27

Time to officially turn 10! And eat cake!

party 28

We have a little girl party coming next weekend (and grandparents party too). I am looking forward to more celebrating with this not so little, little girl of mine. Oh I love her so.

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