Friday, February 28, 2020


Anna stayed home sick yesterday. She got up, ate a little breakfast and went back to bed until 12:30 in the afternoon. She didn't even hear me come in and check on her before going to school. When we were all home last night I made her a treat... Raspberry Swirl Brownies. It was so much fun to cook with 'allergic' ingredients. I A L W A Y S back non dairy, non soy, non nut for Abigail but since this recipe had raspberries in it I knew Abigail would not like them -- so in went the cream cheese. It felt so easy because I'm always substituting ingredients. And my oh my did the kitchen smell good. I gave Anna one on a pretty plate in her room and boxed some up in pretty white square boxes for my team at school. It feels so good to bake... so good in fact that I didn't mind staying up until 11:00 writing report cards!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

A Lotta Data

I've had a whole lot of data to get through lately. {for teaching} And sometimes it weighs me down. Don't get me wrong. Data gives information. But sometimes within the process of making charts and tables and writing up my midyear data plan - sometimes I feel weepy. Because it's all too much. I just want to teach. And teach well. And anything extra added on sometimes makes me want to cry a puddle of tears.

But I pick myself up and dust myself off and do what I can to make myself balanced again. I make one little corner of the house cozy. I move a vase here or a teacup there. Sometimes I bake or I read a magazine. Honestly, there's been so much data lately that I just might have to do all of that to pull myself outta this number crunching slump I'm in. Or maybe I'll bake something tonight or read a picture book first thing when the bell rings tomorrow. Books can fix anything.

What do you do when you're overwhelmed with your 'job'?

Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Families don't have to match. You don't have to look like someone else to love them. Period.

blog sized 41

Monday, February 24, 2020

Chocolate Cafe

Sometimes when I'm so involved in an event and juggling it all I don't get any pictures. But I will next year because next year it's the "last year" - yes, we've started to say that around here. So before I'm sad that next year is the last Chocolate Cafe for Anna I want to remember this one {even with only 1 pre concert picture}


She played in the Camartta orchestra at the Town Hall and it was magnificent.

Such a beautiful night with the most extraordinary music. I wish I could bottle up that sound and get it all on this post. But there is just no way.

But I'll remember, I will.


And this beautiful note to Scott and I thanking her for the support.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

I love

I love

tea in the morning & tea in the evening

I love

my kitchen

I love

having 2 daughters

I love

that I was home for 13 years

I love

being a teacher

I love

decorating my home

I love

correcting papers

I love

tidying up each night

I love

when the laundry is on schedule

I love

when I'm home for the evening

I love

my mudroom

I love

my classroom

I love


I love

reading picture books to my 4th graders every day

I love

reading to Abigail in bed each night

I love

falling asleep after doing the 'work' God has for me in that day

I love

our little yellow bird and his beautiful cage

I love

how I've transformed my classroom in a 'natural classroom' that is calming, quiet, and filled with life

I love

our Hitchcock dining table

I love

kids pjs on my girls and tucking them in at night

I tell my girls all the time... "you have 'have it all'... just not all at the same time"

Stay home? Absolutely. There is no wavering in my conviction to raise my babies - me - no one else to do those days - all 13 years of them

Go back to the classroom? Absolutely. There is no wavering in my conviction that I did the right thing to step out in faith and the new (old, but new again) calling God had in my life.

Timing? Well, it's not our timing, but His. I fought Him the whole first year back. I questioned, cried, wondered, stressed. And then I rested. I rested in His timing, not mine. And I can see now, clearly, fully, His hand in mine as I do what I do each day. Knowing that I need to give to those 22 4th graders my love, my teaching, my heart.

Some days I'm so exhausted I can't see straight. But most days I only feel exhilarated walking in His path for my life.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A Few Bits of Valentines Day

After our schools and doing all that love there we were all so happy to come home!

Not too many pictures and it sure was simple but lovely...

The day started bright and early with heart french toast of course!


And in the afternoon there were sweet cards...


And some simple - they are growing up gifts.



Happiest face ever


for this donuts pan


And then we went out for Habachi!


The very best part of Valentine's Day this year after an exhausting week was curling up in bed at 9:00- we all went to sleep early with happiness knowing we'd have the next 4 days home...

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Little Things I Love Around the House

We all had Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday off from school -- so so so nice! Besides the dentist appointments and other things that were scheduled there was lots of time for nesting -- something that fills my heart and anchors me.

Since I took these pictures actually, so much has already changed. We even painted the dining room this weekend! And I love it!

But here are some things around the house (before this weekend) that made me smile.

Lace hearts above the kitchen sink made me smile.



The tea table does too.


I don't think they could have made this tin prettier.



I split up my beautiful books and scattered them here and there.



My kitchen always makes me smile.



Oh and this pie save -- found it for $2 oh my word do I love it!!! Can't wait to bake a pie and bring it on the 4th of July!


Gosh... thinking about collecting them - I think I need a cherry one too!


A little love in the baking center.



These are packed away now but I love having them out every year.



Baptism portrait hanging, china in the cabinet, tea not too far away --


Vintage table cloths -- I can never have too many of them. Although I use them every single day on our kitchen table, yes I do... I am dreaming of sunny summer weather with puffy clouds, and a them outside blowing in the wind.


This is one of my favorites. Wouldn't it be pretty for a wedding or baby shower outside? None of those in my near future (thank goodness - for now) but this mama can dream...



Little 'finds' like these -- I use the little pitcher each morning when Anna has breakfast to hold her oat milk. Mornings are so much more sweet with a little pitcher of milk.


Just a few little things around that I love.

Off to a very short week of school ...

Sunday, February 16, 2020

A Big Announcement

... because I can't find a better title than that...

I need to start back in September 2008.

Anna was in Kindergarten. And I signed her up for Suzuki viola lessons.

We couldn't really afford it - and I wasn't sure of the commitment.

But something in me told me it was the right thing to do.

All those years ago - I'm so glad I did.

Next year is Anna's senior year of high school. And so this was her last chance to try out for one certain orchestra.

It was a chance in a million. Okay, maybe not a million but they were accepting only 2 violists.

Nothing could go wrong. Not one note. It had to be flawless.

When we arrived at the school Anna waited in a practice room while I waited in the hallway.

And then she was escorted into the room with camera recording every note, judges - just Anna and her viola.




I held my breath for what felt like 10 minutes. I stood with my ear to the door and heard that song she'd played and practiced over and over for months.

But would it be different this time? She'd tried out before.

This year Anna took a musician professional course, online for months. It was for professional musicians that were auditioning for orchestras across the country. Taught by two musicians and a auditioning psychologist. She worked so hard in this course - the only 16 year old in a group for adult musicians. She had to constantly record her playing, upload it, listen to them critique it, and work harder.

And so when she walked through that door, I couldn't breath. We wanted this so much for her.

This orchestra that she was trying out for is quite something. They travel to Europe to play. They are in the top orchestras in the country. And Anna has never wanted something more.





She is still singing and dancing around the house. We are all still in shock.

She got in!

Friday, February 14, 2020


I love February - because I love pink - always have - always will.

I recently went through my photos and pulled out anything that had a bit of pink in it and this is what I came up with... a whole lotta love for that favorite color of mine...

pink in a vintage table cloth

home 8

teacups are especially pretty when there are pink flowers - a pink cafe curtain on my kitchen windowsill

home 7

vintage canister above the baking center and bits of pink in vintage tablecloths

home 5

pink on a cookook,

home 4

even a pink bathrobe

bday 1

a really pink viola case


pink in the roses of a halloween costume and pink on her cheeks


pink in a pumpkin patch


a little pink cake stand


I want to live inside this adorable pink cookbook


a pink sunhat in Vancouver, Canada

cruise day two 22

the way the wind caught my pink dress

blog sized 33

pink on my husband

ketchikan 8

a pink raincoat in  Alaska

helicopter 73

a fun pink drink aboard a cruise

one day at sea 17

pink when she turned twelve


pink on a bunting

reading 1

roses edited lg 4 needs skin

roses edited lg 2

Anna's pink Bible - open 💕

pie 7

a pink bowl on the summer porch

porch 4

these pink blooms are only once a year - pink peonies

living room 3

pink in the sky in my backyard

party 43

pink candles

party 27

pink hanging in the birthday tree

party 16

someone is about to have a birthday - pink balloons

party 9

Anna's sixteenth with pink candles


sixteen pink ribbons tickle her face as she wakes up to sixteen


the way the late afternoon sunshine hits the cherry blooms tree


pink blooms on a teapot


pink jellybeans


my heart swooned when we found this vintage table with pink flowers for the screened in porch


a pink ballerina


pink coats


pink on her sheets and pink cheeks

first day 1

another pink drink


pink all dressed up


pink on my girls


a pink sunset on the cruise to Canada


you can't see it but this pink vintage dress at a wedding we went to


can't think of a prettier setting for turning fifteen among all of these pink roses


the pink linen bow


pink in the snow


pink boots


just an average day with a pink cardigan


one of her very favorite pieces of clothing ever in her life - this pink sweatshirt

abigail 1

pink linen on Easter


pink straws and a vintage pink book


pink among silly faces

weekend 35

pink pompoms

anna 3

pink survivor

untitled shoot-9999 edited

blurry - but pink on a last day of school

last day 7

there's that dress - oh this pink vintage

brunch 8

another pink cardigan

blog 15

pink in Rode Island

blog 13

her pink windbreaker, dress, and backpack

blog 8

pink sheets and the happiest face - I love that face


never realized, but her Bible is pink too


pink on a card


years ago - a pink Valentine box


pink in the snow


pink toes


the pink roses, pink blanket we still have and those pink newborn lips

abi sleeping

pink joy because my arms and heart are full - finally full

holding abi

pink slippers

collage slippers, 2

matching pink

together abi arm up

pink tulips in DC

tulips 4

a pink nap

abi sleeping blog

pink on the beach in Maine

sisters 6 color

a different year, but still pink in the pumpkin patch - she loved those boots


pink pearls - real


pink on Mother's Day years ago - and oh those shoes!


for her birthday invitation - so pink

1 for blog

pink swirls in the lollipop


matching pink in Disney World - one of my all time favorite pics I ever took on any Disney trip


pink baby doll things all over my kitchen floor made me happy



twirling pink

8 collage

There are a whole lot more in pink recorded in photos on my computer - but a girls gotta stop somewhere.

Pink -- I've always loved it, always will... happy Valentines Day!