Monday, December 10, 2018

Mid December Weekending

orchestra concerting
tea late with whipped cream making
christmas card envelope addressing
santa letter writing
77 boxes of christmas lights stringing
dating on the couch with the one I love 
new santa chapter book reading
classroom-ing (and an awesome husband who came to my school to help me fix a few things) 
wondering how am I this blessed to have my weekends so full to the brim with Christmas again... how very glad I am that it comes each year! 
and a favorite picture from the weekend: 


Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Celebrate the Wonder

There are some traditions that we are still holding to - some that we all still love - seeing Santa is one of them.

"Let us put our minds together and see what kind of life we can make for our children" 

Not 'any ol' Santa of course, but the R E A L Santa. 

He visits in a pretty little Massachusetts town about an hour from our house, and he's well worth the hour drive.

Of course I pack blankets, and snacks and Christmas movies for the ride.

santa 1

santa 2

santa 3

santa 4

And honestly, some times when we are all in the car together it feels so so good. Because we are finally all sitting.

I've blogged about this tradition each and every year.

Here is 2017

and 2016

and 2015

and 2014

and 2013

and 2012

I know in my heart our years are numbered - not for going to a sweet place and shopping and going out for a special Christmas dinner. But sitting on Santa's lap. It's precious to me and I'm loving every single time she still wants to - and she does!

santa 5

Quite possibly my favorite from the evening.

santa 7

And there he is - in all his glory - Santa Claus!

santa 8

santa 9

santa 10

They had a lovely and long chat. He asked her at one point if she had a pet and Abigail told him that she had a bird that he brought her last year - "oh I remember" he said with a twinkle in his eye. It was magical.

santa 10

Abigail is growing up, of course. But she is still little - a sixth grader wearing a size 8 Santa Claus dress (just stay little - just stay little- just stay little)

santa 10

santa 12

santa 13

santa 14

After a while of that magic we walked out into the cold December night to dinner.

santa 15

We talked and laughed and I counted my blessings.

santa 16

I am so grateful to God for my little family. And for Christmas. And of course Santa Claus. I really love Santa Claus. 

"Backward, turn backward, O Time in your Flight; Make Me a Child Again Just for Tonight." 

Monday, December 3, 2018

First of December Weekending

tree getting {post back here}
country store loving
home Saturday morning
laundry - ing
driving {whole family in the car is one of my favorite things}
Santa seeing {post coming soon}
fancy farmhouse restaurant eating
sheet changing
laundry - ing
4th grade planning
putting together new porch furniture - ing
Christmas music listening
family calendar - ing
Mass - ing
list making {it's that Merry time of year when lists are crazy}
Anna church pancake breakfast volunteering
laughing through a new game just before bedtime - all of us on Abigail's bed
favorite photo sharing:

Abigail reading

Friday, November 30, 2018

The Smell of Christmas

Yesterday, after school we went to our favorite place, Wades Farm, to get our Christmas tree. A live tree in our living room is one of the most wonderful parts of Christmas. There is really no way to capture the warmth it brings to our Christmas home, the smell, the homey feel.


But just as wonderful in our living room - getting our tree is such a wonderful tradition for our family.

Yesterday at recess {at my school} it started snowing. Just a little bit but it was so so pretty. I texted Scott as soon as we got back in the school.  Because picking out our tree is romantic enough - add some snow fluttering down - well, it's magical. Purely magical.


I knew that if we went on Saturday morning, the photos would be filled with bright, pretty light. I knew I'd love the frost all over the ground and the really cold, crisp air. But I also new that a 4:45 am morning person would have a hard time getting a teenager to leave the warm house to be in the freezing cold at 9 am. So we opted for a darker {but snowy} Friday late afternoon.


And we found our tree.


And we loved the farm store with a crackling fire - as we always do.


And we did it again - made a Christmas memory.


One that smells the way I hope Heaven does.




2015 (where I tell the story of why I love Christmas trees more than anything)

2014 (there was so much snow on the ground, squeal)

2013 (oh the red coats, matching, swoon)

Thursday, November 29, 2018

All of October in One Post


We did all of the fun stuff in October; I just didn't blog it then. So here's October all in one long post ~ before my favorite month of the year ~ the magic in December


We went pumpkin picking to your favorite pumpkin farm and it was wind whippin COLD that day!



We took hay filled tractor ride down past the farm house to the pumpkin patch.




It was sunny, but it was down jacket cold!





Oh. And this. I wanted to remember the day that Abigail and I made this bow and got our fall wreath up on the front door after school one day. It was a miracle because I'm so tired after the end of teaching each day - usually I don't have the energy to make bows and find wreaths. But we did!




And at the end of the month it was time to carve a pumpkin!




The trees were spectacular this year.


I love this happy picture.




Chasing her and being such a fun daddy!


And then on Halloween night it was trick or treating time!

But first some photos of my little dear.













Yes, October was fun ~ but November 22- December 25th is the best time of the year. And I'm so excited it is here!

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