Friday, July 12, 2019


So many things can be fixed with pie

pie 1

pie 2

And a new porch swing

pie 3

And homemade chocolate ice pops

pie 4

that her litter sister makes every day!

pie 6

I love summer!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

In the Roses

It happened to be that both of my girls got a hair cut (it's not that often)

And it happened that they both happened to be matching (not planned)

And it happened that we live near an amazing rose garden

And it happened that there was 5.7 minutes before a huge thunder storm...

plenty of time!

Boy did we ever have to run for the car after these! But we had fun!

roses 1

roses 2

roses 3

roses 4

roses 5

roses 6

roses 7

roses 8

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Making a Memory - On Purpose

At the beginning of summer Scott planned a surprise for me. (we didn't do mothers day so this was supposed to be that)

He found a tea shop somewhere between the two colleges up north we were visiting for Anna. (that trip is back here)

It was lovely on the outside... such a sweet sign. And it was in an old house (= perfection)

tea 1

He showed me that morning their website and oh how I could hardly wait!

And then we went inside. Oh my goodness, it was the dirtiest tea shop I'd ever been in! And the food looked like they went to the local grocery store and bought all prepackaged stuff and stuck it all on a dirty plate. We couldn't wait to get outta that place. In all our years married that that never happened!

tea 2

But something happened half way through that awful tea. (I only ordered a scone after sitting down - even the tea cup was dirty) We started to laugh and laughing made us happy. We decided right then and there that we'd always look back at that experience and laugh. So the second half of our tea/lunch we just enjoyed being together and joking about how terrible it was. And do you know what? It ended up being fun! I thought as we were there that I'd do anything to be there, in that dirty little tea shop on March 2nd or February 9th or October 11th on and on and on.... that's right! on any given school day when we all have to get up and go to our schools I'd wish we were all together in that place making a memory. So that's what we did!

Not everything in life is roses or in this case beautiful tea shops... sometimes you have to just make a memory

tea 3

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


We had a brunch for friends back in April (it looks like based on the decorations) and it looks so good - I want to eat the food from these pictures right now! I think it's time for another brunch!












Monday, July 8, 2019

Lots of Little Things

Father's Day


A friend's 50th birthday (this friend) grateful for life

Todd's Bday

Abigail's psychologist for management of pain

dr jerson

A concert back in May when my girls played together

group class 5

group class 4

group class 3

group class 2

group class 1

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Spring Concert

This post was written some time in the end of May - but I never hit Publish on it. I think I will now, even though it's July, because I don't want it gone forever.

Last week was Abigail's 6th grade spring concert.


She had to stand up in front with this shaker and keep the beat the whole song. I know she looks sad but she was just concentrating.


I always try to capture a little bit of happiness...


...and I love that little look between friends I captured!


It was choir and orchestra too.


Saturday, July 6, 2019

A Great Big "She Got In" Audition

Anna auditioned for a college level orchestra. Opus it is called. It is a Suzuki orchestra a University near us. She's heard them play for years, literally. And it's been a dream of hers. And now it's a reality. She's in Opus!

This, taken a moment before Scott drove her to the audition that morning in June.


Friday, July 5, 2019

THIS Is Middle School

Before you watch this you need to know --

I am so proud of my girls for the things the "do". Both of my girls play the viola in auditioned orchestras. Abigail has been in auditioned choirs and musicals, and orchestras.

But this...

This is
*last minute

I'm sure her knees were shaking more than anything she's ever done.

It took guts to get up there in front of all of the 6th graders in the whole middle school - all of her peers

She didn't have time to practice with her friend - they just face timed the night before (wow!) and talked about the idea in school.

But she still got up there. And even though she says "it's terrible" and can't even listen to it, I adore it. Because she did something so "middle school", not auditioned, just for FUN!!!

This little clip makes my mama's heart swoon!

And Abigail, one day when you see this on my blog and think "why is it up there?" It's because I didn't want to 'loose' it on my drive. I wanted to remember it. I want you to see and and know just how proud mommy and daddy are that you rocked your first year of middle school. This little video sums up all of you this year.

YOU were BRAVE - remember how you made your first new friend Amelia when I told you to come home with a new friend "that's enough I said"

YOU were INVOLVED - remember how you auditioned for Sixth Dimension and you had Pam from church help you.

YOU did MORE - remember how you auditioned for Beaux Strings? and you GOT IN!!!

YOU were FOCUSED - your grades blew us away and more so how dedicated, focused and involved in class you were.

Yes, you may not love watching yourself sing in that clip up there but we LOVE it!!!  Just look at your classmates cheering you at the end!

And to that teacher that recorded it so I would see it... thank you!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy 4th of July!

As soon as I posted this video I got all happy about changing some things around. I love doing that. It's rings joybells in my soul.

My girls are quite good at helping me decorate - "try this here, that doesn't work, try it this way" They are really getting to be good at helping me to create little vignettes around the house (as I call it) and that makes me oh so happy because they will be able to make their homes cozy, and warm, and inviting some day too! I love teaching them how to make our home sweet.

I took down the banner and changed around the greenery to make a garland out of it - simple, light, airy, pretty. I love the way it turned out.






And some things I love too much to change. Little House has my heart.

family room 2

family room 3

I love to have something pretty in the kitchen to look at while I'm doing dishes and cooking. Since there is a lot of that it makes me happy to have goodness around me. I love to do the 'work' I need to do while thinking about my senses. I hear my girls talking, laughing. I smell my Mom's sauce simmering on the stove, I see the sunshine, I feel the apron tied around me... being mindful in simple moments like cooking and dishes helps me to feel grounded and be grateful for small moments.







I've been baking up a storm lately. Trying new recipes from this cookbook. It's beyond delightful. I mean, seriously, it's alllllll about pie!



So I didn't take all of the red, white, and blue out as I usually did. Just a few reminders to be patriotic this summer tucked into lots of things I love.

Wishing you a fun, safe, yummy, wonderful day doing what you love to do!

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