Wednesday, November 13, 2019

It's Beginning...

I don't know about you but I'm sooooOooooo in the mood this year! Pine smells and twinkle lights here we come!

I love November -- it's "the holiday's" without the stress of it all. I 'play house' with all of my pretty things, making vingettes here and there as I start on decorating for Christmas.


I officially start decorating on October 31st. Yes I do. And I don't care what other people think. It takes me a loooooong time to get it all set and I like to enjoy the month of December. When I'm in the 'middle' of deorating, my house is parts bare, parts decorated, and all parts messy. I don't want messy in December. I want to come home to twinkle lights and little displays ready to greet me. So I'm in full decorating now.

It's dark and cold, really cold in Connecticut, just the way I like it!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Where I walk ~


An over-full life with demands at every point means we are being depleted with each moment.

We are all limited in time, energy, emotion, and resources.

If we overspend ourselves, symptoms of discouragement, anger, fear, critical attitudes, compromise, conflict will grow.

When we see these dark attitudes read their ugly heads, we must stop. And pay attention.

It means refueling our bodies, getting outside and breathing in cold fresh morning air.

We need to refuel our minds and souls so that we can live life from fullness and overflow from what we have taken time to store up.

It means opening the Word of God. And letting the Creator of the universe touch our souls.

It is only in refueling both spirit, mind, and body that we can change the world.

For me that means one child, {my darling daughters and the 22 sweet faces I teach each day} at a time.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Favorite Weekend Moments

Friday ~ Sometimes on a Friday we love to come home and make "snacks" for dinner, curl up on the couch, and watch a Christmas show. This Friday we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (yes, in that weird order) in our cozy clothes after a long week of school for all of us. It was the best!



Saturday ~ Abigail left me some tea and a note with directions on how to get better. That was a sweet moment.


Saturday night Scott made yummy pumpkin spice tea with whipped cream for a couch date night.


Sunday ~ Anna played in a viola concert.




Simple moments, like the ones I captured are my favorite, the ones I look forward to all week.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Autumn In Vermont {part 4}

So after that amazing experience at Sleepy Hallow Farm (my photography dream) we drove back to our hotel, parked and walked into Woodstock for breakfast. Found a sweet little breakfast place (wishing I took a picture of the outside and the menu). And everything was sooooo good!

vermont afternoon 3

We feasted on Vermont maple syrup (could have just had it to drink it was that good), hot cereals, breakfast sandwiches, french toast, strong hot English breakfast tea -- we ate in the attic of an old home -- so so so very quaint!

vermont afternoon 4

vermont afternoon 5

vermont afternoon 6

We walked back through town, took a few more {I don't want to leave this place} photos, then headed to the 'backyard' of our hotel for one last autumn by the river look and then got in our car.

vermont afternoon 7

Trip totally inspired by one of my favorites, Susan Branch...

vermont afternoon 8

vermont afternoon 9

vermont afternoon 1

vermont afternoon 10

It was okay because the drive back home was even more beautiful than the drive there.

vermont afternoon 11

vermont afternoon 12

vermont afternoon 13

vermont afternoon 14

vermont afternoon 15

We stopped at Williams college for Anna to take a look and then home - sweet - home - where our own magical autumn was just beginning.

But these moments -- one simple getaway I will hold in my heart -- until another wonderful season comes.

Oh these giggly girls...

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Autumn In Vermont {part 3}

The next morning we woke up and headed to a place I've wanted to photograph forever. It's been in magazines, online, and in books for years as an icon to photograph. (here's a bit of the history) Not just in the fall - but year round! It was a photography dream come true for me.

I wasn't exactly sure if this little side trip would fit (since Anna and Abigail were with us) but it was really close to Woodstock - perfect!

Just the drive to Sleepy Hallow Farm was magical enough for my camera to be happy for years!


vermont sleep hallow 1



Yes, happy taking pictures on this road all fall.

I adore the fall in New England

vermont sleep hallow 1

And then we took a right - and there it was! I couldn't believe it - I'd seen it countless times in magazines for years - I was driving right up to it! Amazing!

vermont sleep hallow 4

What I had never seen was the trees that lined the street. Who knew they were just as spectacular as the farm that everyone comes to photograph.

vermont sleep hallow 5

I got out of my car - practically still moving - and set myself up - smiling ear to ear I took photograph after photograph.

vermont sleep hallow 6

I couldn't believe how it was the most perfect morning. The smoke coming from the chimney, the mist on the mountains behind...

vermont sleep hallow 7

... the fall leaves clining to the last of the season in just the right place to frame my photos.

vermont sleep hallow 8

vermont sleep hallow 9

vermont sleep hallow 10

I tried so many different settings and as beautiful as these are - they just don't capture the beauty that I saw with my eyes. But I sure tried!

vermont sleep hallow 11

One of my favorites.

vermont sleep hallow 12

vermont sleep hallow 13

vermont sleep hallow 14

vermont sleep hallow 15

I stayed quite a while as photographers left one by one - they were lined up this street - this breathtaking street -

vermont sleep hallow 16

Everything I always studied in the magazine pictures was right in front of me - that winding road that leads to the farm - the crunch of leaves that had just fallen - all right there!

vermont sleep hallow 17

vermont sleep hallow 18

vermont sleep hallow 19

I clicked as if I'd never be back. I'm only 2 hours away but it just felt so magical to me.

vermont sleep hallow 20

vermont sleep hallow 21

vermont sleep hallow 22

And then we headed back down the road - and to breakfast. Still in awe and wanting to buy a home tucked away in Vermont - I had stars in my eyes.

One last Vermont post coming tomorrow --

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Autumn In Vermont {part 2}

Well after out spectacular drive up and after the craft fair and after checking into our sweet hotel and after checking out the grounds, the river, the 'backyard', we decided to walk into town. I thought you'd like to see what the houses look like in the fall - in Woodstock, Vermont. I love looking at houses, don't you?

vermont town 1

vermont town 2

So just up this sidewalk we went.

vermont town 4

White picket fences, lined with pumpkins.

vermont town 5

vermont town 6

vermont town 7

Sweetest houses lined the streets. Everyone doing their part to celebrate fall.

vermont town 8

I loved how this house didn't face the sidewalk - and oh that fence! Made me want to run home and buy a bunch of little pumpkins for our fence.

vermont town 9

vermont town 10

Loved this backyard how it sloaped down.

vermont town 11

Right at the 'top' of the street is the church. Just look at the mountains behind.

vermont town 12

Love the red door -

vermont town 13

We did some meandering in town - in and out of shoppes.

vermont town 14

vermont afternoon 4

vermont town 15

With scenes like these right next to stores.

vermont town 17

Another house doing their part to welcome us and make the street pretty.

vermont town 18

Of course we went in...

vermont town 19

In New England we call this 'peak leaf season'.

vermont town 20

And then we meandered our way back to the hotel because it was time to change for dinner at the Woodstock Inn. So after changing we walked back through town.

vermont dinner 1

vermont dinner 2

Here I'm standing inside a gift shoppe that had a porch - this was the view.

vermont dinner 3

vermont dinner 4

vermont dinner 5

This is the famous covered bridge right in the heart of Woodstock. It felt almost like the leaves waited just for us - 'here come that family celebrating fall'

vermont dinner 10

vermont dinner 6

vermont dinner 11

vermont dinner 7

vermont dinner 12

vermont dinner 9

vermont dinner 13

vermont dinner 14

This Inn was just across the street from the covered bridge.

vermont dinner 19

vermont dinner 15

vermont dinner 17

It was hard for me to walk inside when the light was just perfect and the trees seemed to glow.

vermont dinner 18

Quite possibly my favorite picture out of all 101...

vermont dinner 20

vermont dinner 21

vermont afternoon 2

We sat in their lobby by a big crackling fire waiting for our table.

vermont dinner 22

vermont dinner 16

And we lingered over a delicious meal.

Not pictured that I'll carry as a memory in my heart was the C O L D walk back through town to our hotel room - and how when we were all in our cozy pjs we were eating dessert I had packed and watching a fun fall Hallmark movie. All together. All in one room. Just the 4 of us. I would work that hard at 'back to school' just for that night.