Friday, January 4, 2013


"Sense of beauty is the gift of God, for which chose who have received it in good measure, can never be thankful enough." 
Gertrude Tekyll

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And that's it... my last post in my thirties. Do you know what I'm thinking about on the eve of turning forty? How grateful, how very grateful I am to be a mother and a wife. To be able to do it with my whole heart and my whole time. Thank you God for this gift. It is a treasure; and they, they are my miracles.


  1. Tara, let me be the first in Blogland to wish you a very, very, happy 40th birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. I would say to be sure to make a wish, but I know your wishes have come true...and their names are Anna and Abigail. Happy Birthday, friend! : )

  2. oh happy birthday!!!!:)
    sorry i'm sending these wishes a wee bit late!
    looks like you guys got a TON of snow!! the girls would be in heaven. just like yours look actually.
    have a happy day tara