Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snow Day

This day needs a song!

blog 1 snowman

I love the way Anna came out of her room this morning. All messy hair, rubbing her eyes, looking so confused like I forgot to wake her up for school.

It was about an hour and a half later than I have to wake her for school. And Abigail proudly announced, "it's a snow day!"

2 games

blog 3 games

There's nothing better than a snow day.  Yes, we have to make it up in June but I still love em! 

blog 4 games

Girls at home with me all day.  Games, crafts, soup simmering for dinner, playing in the snow.  (okay well that was with daddy when he got home while I did the hot chocolate) 

blog 8 girls and snowman

Yes, if it's January, bring on the snow! 

blog 7 house

blog 5 snow

blog 6 snow day


  1. (i'm sooo doing that "this post needs a song" thing...i love it and that song rocks and so fits!:) )
    you guys did get the snow! my girls would love to wake up to that!!:) snow days are wonderful aren't they? little bonuses in the middle of the cold and dreary!
    daddy does the snow here too and i cover the hot chocolate...we're smart mama's right?!:)
    have a happy night tara

    snowman kit?
    we got one for christmas from a friend this year. super cute

  2. Oh the snow days! Looks like you and your girls had the perfect day!