Monday, July 30, 2018

A French Restaurant

Scott and I scooted out of the house for an early dinner at a French Restaurant at the Center.

We had lovely food and lovely conversation. As usual we chatted about the girls the whole time with a bit of teacher/principal chat in there too.

It was perfect for us.

scott anniversay

Friday, July 27, 2018

Weddings (and our 22nd Anniversary is tomorrow)

I was thinking back the other day to July 28, 1996, our Wedding Day. It was the most romantic day I'd ever lived. I dreamed of that day forever. Picture perfect weather. Sunny and 75. No humidity. I remember my Mom asking me if I wanted the air-conditioner turned on in the house. And I said no, didn't need it. The happiest things I remember about my wedding day

*** my Mom woke me up just like she did every day. She put up the shade, came over to the bed just as calm as sweet as she always was all 23 years I woke up in that bedroom. I can still hear her saying, "good morning. Time to get up. You're getting married." It was the most wonderful feeling in the world.

*** I opened my eyes to see my Wedding gown hanging against my closet door. My Mom's wedding gown.

*** The same hairdresser that cuts my hair, Anna's hair, and Abigail's hair came to the house and did my hair.

*** After I slipped into my gown and my Mom buttoned it up I walked down the stairs and my brother Trent looked at me and said, "wow". I think he didn't realize that I was really getting married until that moment.

*** I remember feeling incredibly calm and peaceful. Floating on a cloud. Not concerned anymore about details. Just floating through the day.

*** I remember the ride to the church. The same church I received all of my Sacraments in as a child. I remember the family of 5 together one last time.

*** I remember waiting in the car until it was ***time*** to walk down the aisle.

*** I remember my Daddy walking me up the church steps. I remember the doors closed and him squeezing my hand. I remember the trumpet and the doors opening. I remember telling Dad to walk slow. And we did. Slowly down the aisle. I saw faces. I saw the children in my classroom all seated together. I concentrated on my family, my Mom, my brothers (both best men). I concentrated on my Grandma and Grandpa.
And I saw Scott. He and we were ready. Only 22 and 23 but ready since we were 15.

*** I remember crying through the vows. I was so in that moment that I wasn't even aware of anyone in the church. It was just Scott and I and God in that moment.

*** Our Wedding was tender and emotional. And perfect. Because it was us. And the Sacrament of Marriage.

*** I remember communion to the song We Are One Body (from a World Youth Day trip ... Pope John Paul II) which was a very very special song to us.

*** Our Wedding ceremony was such a blessing; I still feel like it is blessing us to this day.

*** I remember our reception and the dancing. Mostly the dance with my Dad.

*** I remember that we changed and danced one last time in our honeymoon clothes. I Will Be Here (Steven Curtis Chapman) and then it was time to go. Off. I didn't want to. Not because the Wedding day was over but because all of a sudden I felt a little bit scared. If I could have brought my Mom and Dad with me to Hawaii I would have. I remember the hug at the car. I remember crying. And being thrilled and being scared all at once. I had never lived with Scott, woken up with him; I'd never been that far from my parents before. I knew it was the right time, the right moment. But change is hard for me. And this was the biggest change I'd ever had in my life. I watched my Mom and Dad out the car window until they were out of sight.

*** Scott took my hand. And we drove to the airport that night. I felt protected. And intensely loved.

*** I remember staying at the beautiful airport hotel that night for our flight for Hawaii would be leaving at 6:00 in the morning. I remember the bell boy giving us the keys to our room. And pulling the luggage u for us. I remember him opening the door and I thought, "is he really going to just let us in like this? Does he need to see a piece of paper that we are married? Maybe I should show him our rings". It was already really really late. And I was suddenly tired.

*** I remember every single detail of that night. I remember the beautiful penior set my Mom gave me at my Wedding shower. It was long, to the floor and it had the most elegant robe. It was perfect. Sometimes I still take it out and look at it (yes, I still have it after 22 years)

I worry about weddings these day. Or maybe I'm just thankful that I got married before pinterest. Yes, there were bride magazines. I'd rip out ideas and put them in a binder. But it was so simple in 1996. Book the church, book the reception, pick a band or DJ, choose a cake flavor. And then we let God to the rest. Today it's so complicated and overdone. I've been to a few weddings like that. The ceremony is 6 1/2 minutes long and the reception always seems to have a 'theme' these days.

I tell my girls all the time that the 'theme' of their wedding is love. And that what matters is their daddy squeezing their hand before they walk down the aisle. And the look their husband gives them right before he slips a ring on their finger. And the moment they drive off and start God's awesome plan for their lives. What matters are the reading and the music. And the love. Just the love.

I was blessed. My Wedding Day was a classic, traditional, fairytale. Just the way I always dreamed it would be. My wedding was beautiful because it revolved around the union of Scott and I. And the beautiful Sacrament of Marriage.

I wore my Mom's dress, and the pearls my Grandma had given me for my 8th grade graduation. I carried the same type of flowers my other Grandma had carried on her wedding day. Perfection. Most importantly, I remember how Scott and I looked at each other. I can still see it. His look made me feel like I was the most important woman in the whole world. Our love ran deep in our eyes.

I would not change one second of that day. Not one.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Talking Turtle

I'm quite certain that he's looking right at her and I'm quite certain that she has the biggest smile on her face. I think she speaks turtle and I think he's saying, "hey there Abigail, come on in, the water is fine!"


Spent the day at Mystic Aquarium (again) yesterday because it's so fun!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

My View Is Changing

Pictures are throughout the years on this post and throughout the seasons - none are current


I've looked at this view since 2001.





Not all 22 years I've been married. But long enough to be a wee bit nervous that it's going to be different.

kitchen 15

We are having a few changes done to our house starting this week and while it's exciting, it's also nervous. Because THIS is my view today!



When we built this room (down below) (way back when Anna was in Kindergarten) we drew it out, daydreamed about it, planned just how it would be for years!

family room 3

family room 2

(see this door-I'm on the outside looking in-after the project is done if I took this picture I'd be standing on the screened in porch)
family room 1

Same with this project starting now. We've dreamed it out, drawn it on paper and talked it through for YEARS. It just feels so weird that it's actually happening!

(This is the way the mud room-unheated, really just a part of the garage-is now)
kitchen 17

(see this door? It's going to be gone! Right behind Abigail is the current mudroom/part of the garage but painted pretty)
morning 2

When I saw them starting yesterday I thought, "oh my goodness, I hope we planned it right. Maybe we should have a few more feet here, or there. Will I be able to see my cherry tree from the family room still." Then I text Scott at work and he calms me down.

So it's starting and I just can't wait. Here is what I'm ***most*** excited about

  • sitting on the screened in porch next summer with my feet up and book in my hand with my girls after lunch
  • swinging on the swing late in the evening 
  • having dinner out there with no bugs!
  • a mud room with a place for everything and everything in it's place
  • the washer/dryer in the mudroom and outta my kitchen (although I think a washer/dryer in the kitchen is the PERFECT place for real...moving it out makes room for the VERY BEST THING I'm looking forward to.....
  • a baking center!!!!!!!  (now this will be the last phase of the project and may take a year to get to because while we have a contractor for all of the other parts Scott is doing the baking center and with only weekends it'll take a L O N G time. (and that's okay)
(right behind me are two folding doors where the washer/dryer are now, the doors will be gone and that's where the baking center will be)

(all of this... it'll be stored in the baking center)
night before 2

But still my sweet view is changing and I'll miss the house just the way it is now. 

after 15

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

He Buys Me Flowers

here's another thing I don't ever want to forget.

He buys me flowers... like ALL THE TIME!


Any flowers you see in my home on this blog he's bought. Usually weekly but sometimes more. I just want to remember.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Things I Love

I love these three


I love middle school backpack shopping.


I love how little she looked and how big of a decision it was for her.


I love how she 'thought' she was getting that matchy lunchbox if she held on to it long enough.


I love the unfiltered, straight outta the phone picture, color of her hair.


I love reading teacher books at the pool.


I love musical theater friends.


I love impromptu stops at the park to read.


I love watching her pass the swim test.


I love holding hands to play tennis.


I love holding hands on the way in to church.


I love that we all have our own style and how daddy just said yes.


Friday, July 20, 2018


Last night Abigail was in a summer Musical Theater program production (my dad is the producer, director, and started this program 44 years ago!!!)  When I was Abigail's age I was in these summer musical theater productions with my dad.

This was her fourth year.

Annie was in 2015 back here (by the way... we just watched the DVD of her in Annie and it took my breath away... she was just a baby... little baby voice, little cheeks... I'm so glad I have the recording of each show!)

Lion King was in 2016 back here 

Music Man was in 2017 back here

This year was Aladdin!!!  

Right now as I'm typing I can hear her humming "A Whole New World"...

This was before the show that evening... a little something to remember the show.






And then before the show starts I always take a photo of Abigail and Grandpa.


I love these photos!





And then some during makeup!



I've talked about the "Circle" back here. (and here) I can never resist taking these photos. They are powerful moments that my Dad gives these kids!




And then it's stage time!









And just like that, it all ends. She cried the next day during the cast party. She really didn't want it to end! I can rememeber that feeling when I was eleven. It's more about the people you're with then the actual show... it's saying goodbye to friends and the costumes and the dances.

But we move on to the second half of our summer. There are exciting things to look forward to and long days spread before us as summer is not even half way over.