Thursday, October 22, 2020

Building a Family at School

We've been doing a bunch of social/emotional lessons this year. And this just came down (because a new one was about to go up) and I love it so much I had to take a picture of it. 

It is based off of the book, Our Class Is A Family (found here) and it's lovely. 

All of the children used watercolors and created these portraits (some very creative with masks on).

And then they finished these sentences... 

We are a family when... 

They wrote the most wonderful things... made my heart leap for joy! 

We truly are a family and I adore my class this year. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Seeing Autumn

Apple crisp, a favorite childhood book with the most beautiful illustrations, and tea, always tea is how I chose to 'taste and see that the Lord is good'.... 

(one little book that reminds me of Anna at 5 and one little book that reminds me of Abigail at 5)

Tonight I came home - changed - and looked out my bedroom window. I thought, "oh my goodness, I am the luckiest." So I grabbed my camera to capture what I saw on my way downstairs to have dinner with my little family. 

 Pretty amazing through the sheer curtains 

Looking from upstairs out to the backyard... 

Through the dining room window

This sweet 5 minutes of running around and taking a few pictures made me think about how we can choose so many times to see God's goodness in the everyday. It doesn't matter how full our days are - doesn't matter if I'm not 'home' like I was for those 13 precious years - I can still choose to 'see Autumn'

Psalm 34:8 Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the one that takes refuge in Him. 

The Lord is always good. It is our choice to taste and see that goodness. Even in a moment of looking out of my window. Even with laundry to start, a family to meet at the dinner table, 4th graders to plan for, on and on. I will always have more peace, more joy when I taste and see that the Lord is good. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Pumpkin Patch

Such a glorious fall day. Cool, really cool, enough for warm jackets and fuzzy boots. Sunny, and just that little bit of wind. And leaves, prettiest that I can remember. Is that because anything 'good' seems beyond spectacular this year? I'm not sure. But I sure did love our trip this past weekend to the pumpkin patch. 

We've been going to this pumpkin farm for years and years. It has so many good memories for us. The drive there is just as wonderful as the farm itself. We drive past (why didn't I take pictures?) the prettiest New England houses and churches and through lovely towns. Sometimes it doesn't seem real. 

We take the tractor hay ride down to the field; bumping along through the woods. 

We take lots of pictures (especially with Anna since she's a senior - although we try not to think about her not being with us next year) 

The girls and Scott look at so many before choosing. This time Anna wanted 2 and Abigail picked one. 

I love this one so much of Scott and Anna. 

I love the happiness. 

After we decide we've looked long enough we ride the tractor back through the woods to the farm. 

We thank the farmer we've come to associate with fall and pumpkins and head home. 

This year I picked a few of these for my pink and green living room. I love these colors! Scott said something like, "aren't you going to start decorating for Christmas in like 2 weeks?" So true! 

This year we pulled over for a few pictures by the river. (Kelli, remember this? We were standing right there when they went tubing!) 

Just a little playing in the woods down by the river. 

Best fall day so far! 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Little Things

I am quite certain that I'm never 'done' decorating for a season until that season is being packed up. 

I recently found an artist that I love. I ordered a this print - I love it so much - I want to live in there. It reminds me of my trip last autumn to Vermont and taking photos at Sleepy Hallow Farm. There is no annual fall getaway weekend this year so many that is why I just keep changing things up this fall. 

Found these candy apples and they are so realistic that the girls thought I made them to eat. I just love them so much. 

October is such a wonderful month - full of cozy - like tonight and how the clouds came - how there was soup simmering on the stove and biscuits in the oven - how school feels - and how the holidays are right around the corner (without being too close)

How I love fall. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Rainy and Cozy

I really love a rainy day in the autumn. It makes everything so cozy inside. We've had spectacular weather this October and the leaves are almost 'there'. 


I have loved baking and cooking and making my home sweet. 




Monday, October 12, 2020

Jacob's Ladder ~ A Fall Drive

 Autumn in New England... the color is not quite peak yet, but it's almost. 

We took a drive through Massachusetts, Jacob's Ladder 

and it was delightful. 

Windy roads, American flags, white picket fences.

fall 1

fall 2

White churches and country stores

fall 3

fall 5 
Fields filled with pumpkins

fall 4

We made it to views like this

fall 6

fall 7

fall 8

fall 9

fall 10

fall 13

fall 14

And the cutest signs along autumn roads

fall 15

It was such a sweet sweet day

fall 16