Saturday, January 18, 2020

This is Now

snow back of house

'She thought to herself, "This is now." She was glad that the cozy house, and Pa and Ma and the firelight and the music, were now. They could not be forgotten, she thought, because now is now. It can never be a long time ago.'

Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House in the Big Woods 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

How To Cry When Pets Die

The girls had to say goodbye to their little Christmas bird, Mistletoe today. (last week)

It was a sad week for them.

I know it's "just a bird" - ya know, in the category of a hamster or a guinea pig. I know it's not a beloved dog that they had for years and years. But they were sad. And I was sad for them.

I love how God used this small experience of loosing a pet to teach my girls the value of loving someone or something.

We will get another friend for Noel who is very quiet since Mistletoe left.


I'm grateful for that afternoon after school when Anna didn't know and spent some time with him on a blanket, wrapping him up because he seemed tired. Grateful that she opened up her heart.

And so even though it was "only a bird" I taught them how to say goodbye, how to to let yourself cry and how to say goodbye.


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A January 47

Morning in bathrobes

bday 1

Every Sunday morning pancakes - his from scratch recipe

bday 2

bday 3

Someday I'll talk about what I eat {and what I don't} on this blog... but my breakfast was stealcut oats, blueberries, walnuts and tea, always in a tea cup

bday 4

Chop -- let's just mention that this girl had just gotten her hair cut {8 inches!!!!!!!} the day before!

bday 6

We had a lovely bible study around cups of tea and hot cocoa.


There was lots of sweetness and love that afternoon.

bday 8

Homemade cards...

bday 9

bday 10

With cozy January type gifts.

bday 11

bday 12

True content, peace and happiness right there in my eyes.

bday 13

There was dinner out and back home for cake with my mom and dad. And that's 47 in January!

Monday, January 13, 2020

Something Good

The only pictures from the weekend are these two taken on our way {late} to the Suzuki group class concert. Anna didn't make it to the concert because she's having some issues with her left eye - and ya kinda need your eyes to play the viola. So she stayed home to rest her eye {study for midterms} and I took Abigail to the concert.

concert 1

concert 2

Pachelbel Canon in D with a million kids up there are the group class finale... cellos, violas (Abigail), violins...

So much to catch up on - on this blog!

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Taking Care of Your Heart

One Saturday morning...

home 5

This morning I got dressed in my workout clothes and walked and walked listening to a favorite podcast. I saw the sun rise over the hill and loved how it hit the white picket fence near the golf course.

I made a cup of tea and took a banana muffin out of the freezer I had made last weekend. I sat on the porch swing - still too early for anyone to be up and I just sat there breathing in the quiet.

I snuck into my house quietly and sat at my 'Bible table' where I opened the Word of God and my notebook.

Later that afternoon I slipped on my favorite necklace - the one that Scott bought me when I was in the hospital when Abigail was born. Because Anna was three and Abigail just a day old it brings me sweet memories and happiness in my heart.

In the midst of so much flurry of life, my soul needs quiet, perspective, time to remember who I am.

What a lovely gift God gave to me this morning.

Now I will change sheets, start laundry, make breakfast, love on my girls, and walk through this life with Scott, but I will be in a better place then if I hadn't spent this time. Taking care of your heart is always a good move when your life is demanding.

It comes in seasons of course. And for this fourth grade classroom teacher, the school year and school days are one of those times when my life is demanding. For my family: two students, one fourth-grade teacher, and one middle school principal, it is our 'busy season' for us all at the same time. And I'm so glad that God has taught me how to to take care of my heart.

Thursday, January 2, 2020


I left my house exactly 3 times after Christmas before school started today.

1. We went to Mass {feast of the Holy Family} at the Cathedral


2.  We went on a hike because we all needed a bit of fresh air.


3.  We went to Little Women {which we allllll loved, loved, loved}


Only leaving the house 3 times in a week meant that I was rested and ready for my 22 fourth-graders. And I loved being back in my 'home away from home', room 124!  It was the best teaching again!

Oh, and so I'm totally caught up vacation week consisted of total relaxation {and putting away Christmas}. I only have a few pictures from our week off.

There was an after Christmas present for Anna from Abigail. Boy, this was a special present {that involved a L O T of tears in the making, including on Christmas Eve morning}

Abigail got one of Anna's drawings and made an embroidery of it. She figured the whole thing out herself. Found a way to print her sister's drawing, bought a special tracing pen, and did the whole thing! She even added some Christmas mistletoe on her own. That little girl has never worked so hard on something.

vaca 1

vaca 2

And even though Anna knew about it {there was such drama and tears as she was trying to finish it}, Anna made a big fuss when it was finally time to open it!

vaca 3

vaca 4

Oh! And we celebrated New Years with a yummy cake!

vaca 5

vaca 6

vaca 7

In our PJs!

vaca 8

Yes, it was totally a great week and so wonderful to have all of those days home! But school is great too! Plus, only one more day and it's the weekend!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The Wonderful Things About December


In December we had a 'family date' on the couch with snack-ish dinners and a Christmas movie every Friday at 6:00!

calendar 2

In December 2019 we welcomed snow!

snow day 8

And had fun playing in it!

snow day 5

In December we picked out our tree!

Tree 6

And Advent began!

IMG_3430 (1)

In December we continued cherished traditions!


We prepared gifts on more snow days!


In December we had our Christmas Getaway Weekend in the Berkshires!


and went to a few {many} concerts both at school

and privately!

In December we decorated!

and baked cookies!

baking 7

In December we had a most memorable Christmas Eve

eve 16

and celebrated our Saviors birth on Christmas Day!

not sure

What a blessed month is was!