Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What Would Happen If...

(taken in June 2013)
hair drop shaddow

We went out to dinner last night. We never eat out. Every single time we've eaten out it's been such a big deal that there is a picture of it on this blog. Don't feel bad for me. I love eating at home, our food. And with allergies it just complicates things too much for me.

But last night was day 4 of our kitchen torn apart. I managed to "cook" without my kitchen for the first 3 nights but on night 4 there was just no way.

Scott had a gift card for a cute little boutique type restaurant so we went there. Great food.

The food there is amazing. And they could 'kind of' help us with the allergies. The service extraordinary.

But what if...

what if the waitress didn't come up to our table and say, "so are they sisters or just friends??" (meaning because the two girls that sat across from us in the booth look completely different)

"No, they are sisters" I quickly said and I must have looked at her like she had two heads.

She didn't do anything wrong. I guess you couldn't really be sure they are sisters. Makes sense.

But what if she came over to the table and said, "How old are you girls?" instead.

It was a one second question that although Anna is not affected by it at all, seeps into her being. And so her recording can have another track...."I don't look like my family..." "I don't belong" "I'm different"

It is my mission to erase those recordings by filling my daughter with "you are beautiful" "God made you in his image" "You are a child of the most high God" "You are our daughter, chosen by us." "You are just what we need." "You are talented, creative, smart, and yes beautiful"

pre party 4

And then later the manger/owner came to the table to check on us. He said, (honest, he really stopped, looked at us and said)

"There should be more red heads in the world" "Yes, I think there should be more red heads in the world" (talking about Abigail's hair)

For goodness sake!

Yes, I know that I have two unique looking daughters, but why does the tiny, red haired one ALWAYS get a comment or two when we are out and about. Always the hair.

But what if...

what if the manger came over, stopped in his tracks, looked at our family, and said, "I think there should be more Chinese daughters in the world" "Yes, I think there should be more adoptive, beautiful families."

What if that seeped down into Anna instead?

Instead of my little red haired sister is beautiful and everyone notices her...

Once again it is my mission in life to erase those thoughts and fill her with "I am fearfully and wonderfully made" "I was knit together" "I am beautiful"

Sometimes I wish that people would just not say anything.

Nothing at all.

Monday, January 16, 2017

This Place is so Special to Me

This place is so special to me... no matter the season...


This is where I rocked my babies


... where I cook dinner for my little family


I've sat on the floor and played dolls with Anna and Abigail so many hours I can't even count


I read books and books and books and books and books.


I sit in front of a cozy fire with my very best friend in the world.  The one who holds my heart.  We share our hearts and dream our dreams.


We hold hands.  We pray together.  We read and teach the girls Bible stories.


Hugs and kisses never grow old in his place, and we never stop saying "I love you"


I've hosted happy little girl birthday parties.


I've given baths and tie ribbons in pony tails.


I've wiped tears and hugged away pain.

blog house 4




This is my home and I can't thank the Lord enough for the people who share it with me!


Friday, January 13, 2017

A Little Book Project

Abigail has a homework packet due every Wednesday for reading. She LOVES it. She reads approximately 300 pages each week, records her reading, write a summary of the book (a plan before that too), and a captioned and labeled illustration.

If she gets all of that done before Wednesday she has time to create an extra credit project.

Thank goodness for still innocent, joy filled, book projects.

I can tell you that none of this happens in Middle School.

Abigail read Winter According to Humphrey and loved that book. So this is Humphrey's cage. (He's a hamster that lives in a classroom)



A bed and a little hamster wheel to run around.


But best of all was the look of pure pride on her face the morning she brought it to school.


We are so excited about our three day weekend coming up... starting now!
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