Monday, December 9, 2019

Christmas Traditions

One of the things I love about being a mama is taking care of the traditions we hold so dear, and creating new ones as my girls grow.

This one we've been doing forever. Here's 

To be fully honest I didn't click on any of those links I just made. While most of the time I'm okay with God's plan that little girls grow up bit by bit every year. I just couldn't look at their littleness in those past years. Sometimes it helps to enjoy the 'little' that there still is when I'm not comparing it with little from years past. 

"Backward, turn backward, O Time in your Flight; Make Me a Child Again Just for Tonight." 

And this year... 

I loved this tree farm off the side of the road - people pulling sleds out to cut their own trees. 










Friday, December 6, 2019

We Love Our Church

Last Sunday right before Mass Father Tom walked up to Abigail and asked if she would carry done the lantern and light the first advent candle. Of course!

IMG_3429 (1)

IMG_3430 (1)


I love that Father Tom gets all of the children up on the alter for the most Holy part of Mass. He is shaping beautiful souls right there and I can almost see future priests...

Recently we've gotten involved with the Sandwich Ministry at our church. We make L O T S of sandwiches when it is our Saturday turn. And the girls love it! There really is something to be said for helping others lifting your souls.



I am grateful for this parish that we've called home since we got married in 1996. I pray that my girls can say to me "I love my church" when they are my age. What a blessing that will be!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Picking Out Our Tree

One of our very favorite things we do each Christmas season -- this year we picked her just the day after Thanksgiving. And you can tell just how happy a live Christmas tree makes me... yes, that happy!

TG weekend 10

We put on our festive wear and bundle up really good - it was really cold this year!

Tree 1

Tree 3

Tree 4

Tree 5

Almost 'the one' but just a bit too narrow...

Tree 6

This is a picture from waaaaaay back but it looks exactly the same inside this little country store.


Their kitty cat still curled up warm by the fire.

getting tree 5

getting tree 6

Rows of baskets line up near the homemade jams.

And then we put the tree on top of the car and drive home -- tree on top of the car and driving home is such a sweet part of "Christmas is really coming!"



2015 (this post tells the meaning of a Christmas tree to us)




Tuesday, December 3, 2019


snow day 1

"I don't want realism -- I want magic!" Tennessee Williams

snow day 2

snow day 3

I told Scott today, "there are two things that make my girls little again... walking down Main Street of Disney World and playing in the snow."

snow day 5

snow day 6

"The real trouble with the world. Too many people grow up. They forget. They don't remember what it's like to be twelve years old." Walt Disney 

May be never forget. Grateful for my twelve year old.

snow day 7

snow day 8

"It's astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen." Frances Hodgson Burnett

snow day 9

Not pictured - extra sleep, fireplace going all day long, a Christmas puzzle worked on here and there by all of us all day long, reading, hot soup, muffins cooling, and endless cups of tea...

Monday, December 2, 2019


A December snow -- there is nothing quite like it to put you in a Christmasy mood.

All day long it snowed lightly - so so pretty out of my classroom door.

It stopped for a bit after school so I stayed and got a bunch of planning done. The snow may have stopped but it was oh so cold outside -- dark and freezing cold (my happiness)

The evening in our home was the usual. A cozy and yummy dinner with the girls doing their homework and viola.

But the snow really picked up - it was wind whipping and swirling...

I love the way snow looks at night as it shines in the windows.

night snow 1

night snow 2

night snow 3

Christmas lights look so much prettier shining under a blanket of snow...

night snow 4

night snow 5

It started sticking to the outside of all of our windows.

night snow 6

Time to crawl under thick flannel sheets and down comforters with a twinkle of hope for a delay tomorrow morning or even a snow day!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Thanksgiving Weekending

"All the magic I've ever known I've had to make myself" Shel Silverstein 

The morning after Thanksgiving I organized all of the girls clothes in their closets and drawers - it's a monthly thing I do. I don't mind at all - in fact I could list 'children's clothes' as one of my hobbies for sure. (if that were a thing)

I love to buy at the end of a season when everything is on sale - I buy a size ahead and save it all winter, all summer, all fall until that next season. I took everything out of the bags it came in (obviously needs an iron) and got it all organized. I look for areas where we need a few things and order those. Anna needed a few Christmas tops so those are on the way.

TG weekend 1

TG weekend 2

TG weekend 3

TG weekend 4

TG weekend 5

TG weekend 6

TG weekend 7

After I take them all out I label them all for the different events in December. The 'rules' have always been that I pick the Christmas Eve Mass dress, the Christmas Day dress, and the girls get to pick and choose from all of the other things. I punch a hole in an index card in hanging on a hanger it goes!

TG weekend 8

TG weekend 9

On Friday we picked out our tree... and that deserves it's own post coming soon!

TG weekend 10

We started reading Christmas stories - you're never to old for picture books.

TG weekend 11

Saturday night is 'on the couch' date night for Scott and I. He made this yummy drink for us: cranberry juice (tart, no sugar), club soda, fresh lime, and touch of honey for sweetness.

TG weekend 12

On Sunday afternoon Abigail had a sweet friend over - they made frozen hot chocolates.

TG weekend 13

And guess what else?! I've been waiting for this alllllll year long.... S N O W... Christmas snow.

Fos-ted Win-dow Panes I kept singing to myself...

TG weekend 14

I am quite sure that the angels decided it would be the P E R F E C T weekend for the **first** snow. Yes, there is nothing in the world to a New Englander than that first snow - especially a romantic one like me.