Monday, August 3, 2020

Tea Time Brunch Menu

What I believe about tea time is back here and here


This week I served:

Cheddar and Chive quiche (by the way... if you freeze slices of quiche and defrost in the frig it comes out lovely in the oven all crispy and yummy - I like one of the parts of my tiered tray to be something I already have baked and froze) 


Authentic British Scones brushed with an egg glaze 


... served with my own version of homemade Clotted Cream and Raspberry jam



We lingered long and talked about having a Heart for Work from a family Bible Study we are working through this summer. 

I love this picture the most - when everyone had left the table and the mess of dishes were still there. I look at this scene and thank God for the blessing of this time together. 


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Friday, July 31, 2020

Twenty Four


This week Scott and I celebrated our 24th Wedding Anniversary. We love 'our day'... like really love July 28th. It's our day and it feels so special each year. We adore our anniversary. Feel feel so giddy and grateful and happy and in love. I am so glad July 28th is our day.

Our celebrating was a bit different this year. Usually we aren't home. Hawaii, Vermont, Disney, Canada, Alaska, Vancouver... we always schedule our big family summer trip during our anniversary week. But this year we were home.

And it was a wonderful day! Wonderful! Mostly because my hard working, stressed principal husband took the day off! A miracle for someone trying to figure out how to open up school in September. But he did take it off and we spent the whole day together doing little things together and with the girls.

I loved it - it was just what we needed - and I'll hold on to this day until it comes again next July - I wouldn't mind if we were somewhere on a trip next year.

Things I loved about our anniversary this year:

1. We worked out together before the girls were up.

2. We had breakfast and then headed (with Abigail) to a local garden shop to pick out a few new plants.

3. He made the most amazing blueberry pancakes and we had our morning tea and a 'second' breakfast out on the porch.

4. Our afternoon was gardening just doing a regular day with the girls.

5. We had a special 'just the two of us' dinner at night.

6. After Abigail was all tucked in for the night and Anna was reading in her bed we hung out in the family room and brainstormed and explored ideas for a family trip next year - dreaming is so much fun!









Thursday, July 30, 2020

Steady Love

Happy Anniversary, my sweet prince. For twenty four years, my Scott has been my husband, and I, his bride❣️ I love this picture for so many reasons, because it represents what he has always been to me.


Steady love. 💗

He loves me from a completely true and loyal heart. ❤️ He has always believed in ME and my strengths, without reminding me of my weaknesses.
He thinks I'm smart and beautiful, and tells me so. Which is so sweet, when I can't see it.
His soul is filled with goodness, and faith. He prays and reads the Bible every morning. 💗

He believes in the magic of love, imagination, Christmas, and children, and all the joy in the world. 🌎

He is a loving father and his daddy loyalty is unwavering. He fights for his daughters and never gives up on them. He has been to more doctor appointments, counsel appointments, school meetings more than anyone should have to.
He is kind and genuine. His needs are simple, and his family is everything to him. Steady love. 💗

His work ethic at home and at his school is immeasurable. He is inspiring to teachers in his school and respected in the town.
Our dream home is 19 years of his hard work, every weekend- painting, putting in floors, planting trees, tiling bathrooms. All him.
My dream of staying home for 13 years he made happen - He budgeted and re budgeted and made it work. And then he was the one that encouraged me to bring my light and love for children back to the classroom. Without him I would have been too terrified. He is the first to jump over to my school and my classroom to hang something, move furniture - he'll do anything when I have an idea in my head. All for me and the love of education, the children. 💗

And when I'm anxious, he is there. Always. To comfort. To aid. To love. 💞

He does all this behind the scenes. Which is exactly what this picture reflects. No matter what the world is outside. Every night, I get to come home to this.
My own St. Joseph. My protector. My handsome man that loves me. That knows me. That believes in my silly ideas.
I absolutely would not be who I am today, without his steady love. Yes, steady love. ❤️
And as unsteady as the world is, marriage can be, health can be. The most important blessing that God can give us is unconditional love, like His.
If you have that love, like I do. Be grateful. If you don't, then don't settle.
Everyone deserves to be loved. Perfectly. For all that you are, with a wonderful steady love. Always and forever. ❤️ Thanks be to God, for letting me see this lovely boy in our high school cafeteria line way back in 1989.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Sunlight and Poetry

This summer my mind has had a chance for many things. I've loved my changing of each room - little bits here and there.

living room 2


I've loved trying out new literature - and poetry. I've been so loving the whimsical and sometimes deeply person poetry.

This is a book I bought that is oh so beautiful. I've been reading the poem each day to the girls and we love it. The nature of it, the sometimes rhyme of it. And certainly the illustrations of it.


living room 1







Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Own Your Style

I wonder sometimes if I ever knew almost twenty years ago just how special this place would be - just how many talks - just how many tears - just how much laughter - just how many songs and dances - from babies to toddlers to teens - from newly married to now. I love our home and I really love our kitchen.

kitchen 1

It took me a while to find a style that I loved - but really easy, actually. I follow what is in my heart. I love vintage. I love baking. I love lots and lots of white so that all of my vintage can be the color. I love antiques and New England type/classic furniture. I love decorating with old books - classics. I love vintage tablecloths and sweet, homey vingettes. I love milk glass. I love pastels (especially pink). I love the huge trees at our house. I love teacups and built in china cabinets in my old, sweet house.

kitchen 2

"Never, and I mean never, allow anyone else's ideas decide who you can or can't become sully your dreams or pollute your imagination.
This is your territory, and a Keep Out sign is a great thing to erect at all entrances to your imagination."
Wayne Dyer

Monday, July 27, 2020

Tea Time Menu

What I believe about tea time is back here and here

tea 1

This week I served:

Cheddar and Chive quiche 

tea 2

Homemade scones 

tea 3

Homemade Frozen Scoop of Cookie Dough (I found the recipe from Ben & Jerrys's) 

tea 6

... along with a hot pot of darjeeling tea 

tea 4

tea 5

tea 7

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Friday, July 24, 2020

Tiny - but big - motherhood lesson

I was unprepared for motherhood.

Desperately ready.

I knew that if my arms didn't hold a baby my heart would never be filled.

However, unprepared I still was.

Motherhood did not come to me by surprise. We had already been married over 8 years and we were both longing to add that gift into our marriage when God moved in our hearts to adopt from China.

And even as 'blissful'  a picture I paint of my 13 years as a stay at home - out of the classroom mama I was unprepared.

I thought, 'bring her home - put a pretty dress on her - live happily ever after'

Some of at nativity is true. I did live in that dreamy world of being at home all day with my baby girls. I did and still do love dresses.

But I was unprepared for the shocking reality of parenting (and I won't go into detail) a baby, a toddler, a young elementary school aged, a middle school, a high school aged child with PTSD. With severe sensory integration disorder. The kind of issues that no one understands except for Scott and I. Which led to deep family isolation for us. Some understand, can sympathize, care, but no one lives it.

I was unprepared for the shocking reality of parenting (and I won't go into detail) a baby, a toddler, a young elementary school aged, a middle school child with a chronic disease. With daily pain, with anxiety issues.

I kept thinking (for both of them) - find the right doctor, the right medicine, the right program and my blissful days could continue. I had to 'fix' what was wrong for them.

But finally God said, "Live through this season - each season as their mama with more joy and peace knowing that when you live into the season I will meet their needs. The anxiety you feel, the must-fix-it you feel is you. Not me."

Sure we've had days upon days of bliss here. But we've also had moments upon moments of sheer difficult here. Difficult with a feet digging deep in the sand while my husband and I hold on for dear life kind of moments.

There is determination and persistence to do this well. There is nothing more important to us than being Anna and Abigail's mama and daddy.

I need to remind myself often of the words that God has spoken over and over through the years to my heart. Early in the morning. In prayer times. In times when I've dragged myself out of bed when it's still dark because I wouldn't dare do this motherhood without Him. And the same with Scott.

I rest in the peace that I live into this season trusting that He will meet their needs. I am only a vehicle of love.

I've rediscovered God in places I didn't expect to find him. I have found for this mama that has wrestled big with anxiety especially concerning her daughters, that the rhythm and beauty of a day; just a day being with them; connects me to His spirit who sings and whispers over my soul. He tells me not to fix but just to be. Be what I made you to be and I'll be what they need.