Friday, November 17, 2017

Less than a Week

Would you be nervous if your house looked like this less than a week before Thanksgiving?

We've got BIG house projects going on and we didn't choose them to all happen this week but they are!

Had a big flood in the playroom

PRO: Getting all new carpet down there


Bathroom torn down to the studs...


Holes in walls, holes in ceilings...

PRO: new bathroom for this lovely old old house that I love.


PRO: and a husband who can do all of the work (minus all the plumbing replaced) himself


So our house is messy and I never would have chosen the end of November for all of this to happen at once but that means that winter here will be cozy and will have so much more pretty. But for now I'd sure like to snap my fingers and have it go away!

Monday, November 13, 2017

This girl....

anna 1

she wows us sometimes.

anna 2

Like especially when she plays viola. Why oh why won't she let me take photos of her at her concerts.

anna 3

She played in a most amazing concert last night. And her little sister captured just a tad on my phone.

And the video is shaky (because a 10 year old did it) and because I'm always too embarrassed to walk up to the back and record... next time for sure!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Just some thoughts on this Friday

I wonder how it's almost half way through November. I love this time of year and I just want it to slow down.

My life is full these days. Some days are crazy because I've gone back to the classroom after 13 years home. But each day holds a little cozy, a little family time, a little of what I love... home.

I love teaching. I love teaching.

My classroom is lovely and often other teachers say the sweetest things to me like "it's so peaceful and relaxing in here" Just the look I was going for. In some ways all of those 13 years home are now extended by my room 124. I see it as a our mini home. And it' so very important to me to have it 'just so'. (as my Grandmother would say)

We bought a new dining room set. I am in Heaven. It's my dream for a lifetime table, chairs, and buffet. And it's an antique. I'm in love.

Slowly the pumpkins are coming down and soon Christmas will go up. I will start early this year because I'm home less. And the moment dessert time arrives on Thanksgiving in our home it is Christmas. Period. So it all needs to go up before then. (except for our real tree... that's the only thing that has to wait)

I had an observation this week. It was in Literacy. (my sweet spot) And it went smashingly well. I kept thinking during the hour and a half my principal was in my room... well, I did it, thank you Lord, I'm back, this is exactly the way I want to teach every day, this feels so good.

But in that same week so busy in my classroom and in my planning and getting ready for teaching each day we had a few house projects going on at home. A few too many.

The girls bathroom, still working on that. Ugh!

We are having the playroom recarpeted next Saturday after a floor a few weeks ago. I'm so excited about new, clean carpet down there for wrapping Christmas, the girls playing, for winter workouts. So excited.

This week is Parent/Teacher conferences in our schools which means a wacky schedule for me and my girls. I'm a bit nervous about that.

But I'm excited about the Holiday's coming up. It's so nice to add in my 18 fourth graders into that joy.

I hope you weekend finds you cozy, or productive or a bit of both. Wishing you well,

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Halloween 2017

This year we had a cockatoo and a high school -er who didn't trick or treat for the first time.

halloween 14

halloween 13

halloween 12

halloween 11

Her costume was almost as lovely as she is.

halloween 10

Delicate and pretty, just perfect for her.

halloween 9

halloween 8

Anna loved her cupcake costume from last year and wore it to visit my mom and dad... which made me oh so happy! 

halloween 7

halloween 6

halloween 5

halloween 4

Anna stayed home and practiced viola (really) and we took Abigail where we've 'trick or treated' since 2004, our neighborhood. 

halloween 3

Leaves crunching, freezing cold, 3 layers of thermals under her costume... just as Halloween should be.

halloween 2

Another year tucked away...

Monday, November 6, 2017


This song I love (click here) Especially the part at the end...

... light the home fires
... get my slippers
... make a pizza

We went to Boston on Saturday afternoon.  Got there around 4pm, left on Sunday at 9:30am.  Not much time but just enough. 

Scott has a conference in Cambridge and we couldn't pass up staying with him in a fancy hotel.  And this was the whole reason we went I think (to the girls, that is)

boston 1

boston 2

I was so thrilled that we were home in time to see my tree today.  (more about my tree here, yes, I love her)  She's not all turned yet (she's a late leaf changer.. she likes to be last on the street, in the town, in the state I think) but she's sure worth waiting for.  One more week and I think she'll be at her peek color.  She waits all year for this you know. 

tree 3

tree 4

tree 5

tree 6

Scott make this before we left so that we could just slide it in the oven for a yummy, cozy, Sunday dinner.  Wasn't that sweet?  Frees me up for girl time and baking. 

tree 7

In all this fall goodness there is real life of course.  Real life like my second formal observation.  And Report Cards are due.  It's a lot I tell you.  And I'm new to all of this.  But I adore teaching, and my kids (my class) and my school and my classroom.  Soooooon I'll take my camera there and show you around.  Room 124 would love to be photographed!  I'm sure of it. 

Wishing you all a blessed fall week, whatever yours if filled with.  Me?  I'm surely looking forward to Wednesday night when Report Cards have been turned in and my Formal Observation is over.  And then the yummy, glorious classroom teaching on Thursday and Friday can begin. 

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