Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Little Purse Camera Post

Today I was sick.  You know the achy, skin hurts kind.  And Scott had an 'after the girls are in bed' meeting.  And it was 'Pizza Bingo Night' at their school.  I didn't want to go.  It was something like 4 degrees out.  Perfect night to stay in.  But there's only one Kindergarten 'pizza bingo night' and one fourth grade 'pizza bingo night' so we went. 

I had to make Abigail's 'fake pizza' and got so mad at Anna who took the last 'Abigail' "not allergic" cookie off of the dessert tray.  So 45 minutes before we left I was making pizza and whipping up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies.  So much for it being an easy dinner night. 

Someone (okay me) forgot to explain to Abigail that she would probably not be winning bingo.  Anna never had a problem with it even back in Kindergarten.  But Abigail just couldn't understand why she wasn't winning game after game.  When the tears started, we exited. 

But there were the sweet moments there too.  Like when Anna's teacher came up to us to tell us how proud she was of Anna for sharing in front of the whole class today a project she made.  (first time ever sharing in front of the class) And then there were the boys that kept coming up to Abigail to say hi to her.  She blushed and said hi right back. 

So I'll remember the good and forget the bad. 

And these moments are good too...

"I like to be at home." (that's my girl) :)


They've been walking over a mile every single night together. I have to distract Abigail because if she went they wouldn't get very far. Anna brings a flashlight and Scott brings her geometry facts to help her study for an upcoming test.


Scrapbooking in the playroom



I truly NEVER thought it would happen.


Sister crafting


Little tongue through the new hole smile


After bath


Ready for the day




Sweetest little 'at home' Kindergarten birthday party.


This is what my kitchen floor looks like when we walk in from tennis on Friday afternoons.



  1. Loving these posts,Tara...sorry you were sick today...and that your hubby had a late night, And you had a school event...but sweet mommy that you are, you pulled it out and made it special night for your girls.

    Now, put on some jammies and pour a cup of tea...and feel better, friend!

    P.S. I love Abigail's valentine outfit!

  2. Can I come scrapbook with you?!