Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve Mass

We love our church.  We 'found' it 16 years ago when we were first married.  I remember dreaming of having our own little family at Mass each Sunday.  And I never take it for granted being there with two daughters of our own. 

Christmas Mass is just so special.  Usually Anna and Abigail are liturgical dancers but this year they decided to just 'sit with us'.  And we loved it. 

at church 1

It was nice for them to relax and just enjoy Mass this year without the stress of performing.  (although I did miss it when the dancers twirled by)

But I was able to soak in that sparkle in their eyes...

at church 2

and that is the Magic of Christmas. 

Today is filled again with play, a hot cup of herbal tea in my hands and a wee bit (not too much) of organizing new gifts. We are happy and grateful to all be together.

That too is the magic of Christmas.


  1. There are few things in life as beautiful as Christmas Eve Mass...and you captured that beauty perfectly, Tara...

  2. how beautiful.
    those pictures are amazing.
    what a special time with your sweet family.
    have a happy day tara