Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Holiday House Tour

Well Christmas has come and the day is gone.

But it's still Christmas in our little Connecticut Colonial.

Still twinkle lights.

Still candles in the window.

Still mantles and windowsills.

Still ornaments on the trees.

Still presents in pretty little piles here and there.

Still girls playing and discovering new toys.

Still music playing.

Still cookies nibbled on.

Still little scenes and vignettes all around.

It's still Christmas here.

I know that this cocoon that we're living in this week will come to an end.

But not yet.  I hang on to the very last that I can.

Of Christmas joy.

Of Christmas magic.

Of Christmas celebration.

I din't take the amount of photos (back to the classroom) and it seems like I didn't take any at night when it's the most twinkly in here.  But here is a quick Christmas house tour in case you'd like to stop by.

Let's start in the Dining Room(here's the story of her newness to us)

dining room 1

Little paper houses make me happy.

dining room 2

dining room 8

dining room 3

dining room 4

dining room 5

For the cut of wood, the beveled glass, swoon.

dining room 6

A little sparkle up above.

dining room 7

dining room 9

The Family Room is where we gather to relax.

family room 2

family roo 10

It has a storybook theme and is best when there are drifts of snow up past the windows.

family room 1

family room 3

My mantle had new greens that I loved and were sweeping and dramatic. Lots of heaviness and almost too much, which was exactly the look I was going for.

family room 4

family room 7

Little woodland friends up on the mantle celebrating Christmas.

family room 5

Little treasures tucked inside nooks and crannies.  I started collecting Little Golden Book Christmas books and love this new (old) one I found... Jingle Bells!

family room 18

family room 6

family room 41

I'll never forget when Abigail opened this book one Christmas morning years ago.

43 collage

family room 19

Christmas books in the bookcases.  Toot and Puddle... swoon!

The Sweet Smells of Christmas was mine when I was a little girl.  I can still hear my own Mom reading it to me.  I wanted to be that mama bear (baking an apple pie, wearing an apron) when I grew up.  Sweet seeds were planted way back then.

family room 29

family room 31

family room 32

family room 30

Duck and Goose was a favorite of toddler Abigail's.  I can't tell you how many times I read that book.

family room 8

family room 9

family room 11

family room 37

family room 38

family room 39

family room 40

family room 12

family room 13

family room 14

family room 15

Miniature Emma Bridgewater tea cups mark the stockings.

family room 16

family room 17

family room 20

family room 21

I used all felt plaid in the mantle greens and on the tree this year. And found this lovely stained glass plaid star for the top of the tree.

family room 22

family room 23

family room 24

family room 25

family room 26

family room 27

family room 28

I added a few new

family room 33

that looks cozy in the felt playsets.

family room 34

family room 35

family room 36

Our Kitchen hardly looks like these photos I took. Hardly ever. Because we are always preparing a meal, serving a meal, or cleaning up a meal. But I love decorating it for Christmas. I the past I had a lot more out on the counters. I've found over the years that the less I have, the better for all that cooking.

kitchen 1

kitchen 2

Scott bought me that sweet little tree in a beautiful shop on our Christmas Getaway Weekend.

kitchen 3

My Beatrix Potter above my kitchen sink

kitchen 4

kitchen 5

With simple greens and shiny red bells.

kitchen 6

Gingerbread and memories of cooking and sweet smells on my kitchen tree.

kitchen 7

kitchen 8

kitchen 9

This place setting hangs in the kitchen all year.

kitchen 10

I am for sure a winter girl... I can see it in my Emma Bridgewater mugs. I just think a winter scene is the prettiest thing ever.

kitchen 11

kitchen 13

Adore this new one in their Christmas collection.

kitchen 14

kitchen 15

kitchen 16

kitchen 12

kitchen 17

I like little things that make my Christmas heart happy during the season. Found this little holly pitcher at an antique store. I saw her across the room and said, "she's mine!" out loud, alone.

kitchen 18

kitchen 20

kitchen 21

kitchen 22

kitchen 23

kitchen 24

kitchen 25

I like these dishes out and ready to use for each meal.

kitchen 26

kitchen 27

kitchen 28

On to the Living Room

living room 1

While the Family Room is playful and storybook and woodland and childhood magical... I try to have the Living Room elegant and classic Christmas.

living room 2

Lots of brass and shiny glass.

living room 3

Hardcover books with pretty red spines

living room 4

Christmas stories just waiting for vacation week.

living room 5

Like all rooms in December this is dressed its best when there is snow stuck to the windows.

living room 6

living room 7

living room 8

living room 9

living room 10

living room 11

living room 12

The moment I opened their 4 year old handprints from preschool I knew they would be on my Christmas mantle forever.

living room 13

living room 15

living room 16

Raddko ornaments.

living room 17

living room 18

living room 19

living room 20

living room 21

Framed first Christmases.

living room 22

living room 23

living room 24

living room 25

living room 27

living room 28

living room 29

living room 30

Snow Snow Snow is the very best decoration of all for Christmas.  There have been a few Christmases that there hasn't been white on the ground.  So we are especially grateful for a white Christmas.    Everything is more magical with snow.

outside 1

You'll have to trust me on upstairs.  Picture reindeer flannel sheets, winter scene sheets on mama and daddys bed, shelves in the girls rooms with little treasures they love.

Best of all, it's all still up.  And we had more white after all of that snow.  I'm giddy to be home and leaving the house only for a mandatory appointment here and there.  How could I possibly leave all that coziness?

Wishing you all a wonderful week.