Friday, May 20, 2011

Big Girl Bed

So on Abigail's 4th birthday she moved from her crib into her new big girl bed.  I know that 4 years is a long time to be in a crib but she loved it, never ever tried to climb out, and is tiny for her age so we waited.  Part of me didn't feel like going through the work of finding a bed, taking apart the crib, and sort of redoing her room.  But the real reason is that I love that crib.  Gold colored old fashioned, iron crib. 

Here is she in her nursery years ago.

Fast forward 4 years:

She sleeps with her bear stuffed animal in her mouth, yucky!  We have 7 that are rotated through the sanitize cycle of the washer! 

So when I walked in to see that this was her last nap in her crib I was thinking how is she not going to roll out of her bed when she sleeps all crooked like that? 

Here she is on her 4th birthday seeing her big girl bed for the first time!  Anna was just as excited for her!

So excited!  And she didn't fall out of bed! 

I thought for sure that naps would be over too since she could just get out of bed.  But the next afternoon after I tucked her in I heard her get up, and change her clothes (later I found her in her favorite tutu skirt), crawl back into bed and fall alseep. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

She's 4!!!

Abigail Mei (Chinese for little sister) is four!  It's hard to imagine.  Somehow when it's one of my girls birthdays the day goes by way too quickly.  I try to make it special from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep and all the while I feel a mixture of elation and sadness.  How I wish I could do this forever, be home with little girls.  Truly my dream come true. 

I did a quick photo shoot of Abigail in our backyard.  It was on and off raining so we were quick.  I left on her "outfit of choice" for the day.  That tutu skirt and dragonfly tee shirt.  And her favorite part of the day, uncombed, undone hair.  Oh, and rain boots. 

Here's my FOUR year old!

(I'm sure you can't see it but I can... banana in her little cheek that she refused to swallow and I refused to let her get away without that one fruit bite for the day)  She was holding on to a silk worm that Anna found for her.  Holding it tight in her hands made for an adorable picture.

I always take a running one each year since my Dad did the same cute idea with Anna years ago. 

Four years old

3 years old

2 years old

One year old (since she couldn't walk there is no running picture)
Oh it sure is fun to look back

Abigail is pure sweetness.  She was the greatest surprise in my life.  Not just that I did get pregnant but that I learned a new kind of love with her.  I was terrified of a newborn since Anna was 14 months when she was adopted.  But it didn't take long for me to adore nurturing my newborn baby.  I soaked in and loved everything about that first newborn year and I try to soak in and love every day with her.  

Anna's Art Show

This was Anna's fourth year at art school.  She's always loved to draw and paint.  And since her regular schools art class is so varied in ability it just seems to go a bit slow for her (and without a lot of detailed instruction in drawing like this art school does.)  So for 4 years now I've been driving her 30 minutes to art school.  But its not just about the instruction.  Drawing is relaxing.  It's a comforting task for Anna and I want to give her things that she can go to in life that help her relax and enjoy herself.  Art is that for her.  

This year her Grandma and Grandpa came and Grandma B with cousin Emily.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Her Birthday At School

This was Abigail's first birthday celebration at school.  Since she goes to Preschool two mornings a week we had it the morning before her birthday.  She was thrill to take in these cupcakes to her friends. 

Here she is at preschool wearing her birthday crown.  Birthdays are so much fun!

Lately every time I point the camera at her she does this silly pose!  (which she learned from Anna)
Birthday's (and playdoh) at school are special!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Best Thing I Will EVER Do In My Life

The best thing I will EVER do in my life is to be a mother.  What an honor and joy it is to be theirs. We spent the beautiful New England spring day relaxing and just soaking in each other.  With Scott now home from China and Anna's First Communion just the day before we needed a day to relax.  Scott made such a pretty "luncheon" at home.  We had the beautiful white tent still up from Anna's First Communion.  So we dined in there among many of the roses still decorating the table.  It was truly lovely.

He took the other tables away from the event the day before to make it look just right for our little family.

The white tent made us squint but after the tons of pictures the day before I decided that it didn't matter...
Scott gave me beautiful things from his trip to China that I love but my favorite gifts were the homemade cards and schoolmade presents from my girls.  I love that 'all excited, beaming' look they have when they give them to me early in the morning!

In the afternoon Anna had a viola concert.  We loved it!
Now on to photoshop some of Anna's First Communion pictures and then I'll share.  Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Getting Ready

Lesson from a seven year old

"Mommy, don't you know it's all about what happens in that church and what I receive?" 

as I drive her from her hair appointment to pick up her crown of roses for her hair, to rush home to meet up with the photographer, to get to the park while the tulips are still in peak

Oh how I love to fuss over details and events like her First Communion. Good thing she knows what's important.  I'm so thrilled that even though I love all of the gorgeous parts of the day, she loves Jesus. 

We can't wait til tomorrow and her very First Holy Communion.

getting her hair done

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Daddy, we missed you!

Scott was in China for two weeks setting up a partnership with an elementary school.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only visit Anna's homeland but to start a relationship with a partner school.  He was so grateful for the opportunity and had such an amazing time but ached from missing his girls.  We missed him too.  The night that he came home I was praying with Anna in bed before she went to sleep.  And she prayed so lovingly,

"Dear God, Thank you for bringing Daddy home from China.  It feels like home again.  And help my mommy and Abigail feel better."  I have to agree.  It sure feels like home again... ahh!