Friday, May 30, 2014

I Love Tea


and all things Susan Branch... and my cozy kitchen... and made in England, Emma Bridgewater mugs, and this... a surprise Scott gave me on Easter.

My first Emma Bridgewater... now I can say "I collect them!"

As soon as I opened the box I said, "I gotta go... I've got to do a photo shoot of my new mug." (running up the stairs to the room that had the best light at the time... it was Abigail's room)


Isn't it darling? Oh how I love Peter and this mug.

And birds


Oh, and this tea he gave me (us) is carrot cake tea... and it's even better than it sounds. Scrumptious!



Do you think I'm crazy? I am. It's okay. Happiness is drinking my morning cup of tea with my Bible in the wee hours of the morning before the little footsteps come down the stairs.

Here's some more crazy... I adore my new tea banner! It doesn't take much to make me house happy. I don't need granite counter tops or fancy new house kind of mud rooms (okay, I really like one of those) but little bits of paper cut into teacups, strung with string... that's happiness to me.





6 collage

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dating You Eight ~ Christmas in May

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow


This date was oh so much to plan! How I do love Christmas, even in May! I got to Christmas shop, bake, and wrap without any of the stress! A few decorations, my Christmas jammies and Christmas music on and we had a party. Scott was so excited when he opened his date card (swoon) For the first time I didn't give him his date card ahead of time. He had to wait until this night. I was holding the mistletoe up as he opened his envelope!

The date card looked like this...

3 collage

And the table looked like this...






There was present opening...


Christmas cookie eating while Christmas movie watching...

And of course what's a date without a little of this... Me Merry!

7 collage

My favorite date so far! For sure... I adore Christmas!

Just in case you're lost on why we're celebrating Christmas in May... here's the link to the beginning.... 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Simple Things

This weeks simple things bring with them sunny, warm weather.  Oh how good it feels.  My head is brimming with to dos as we all have this year but I'm feeling good in doing what I do best day in and day out.  So much revolves around food, doesn't it?  Planning, listing, shopping, cooking, cleaning...

Anyway, we've been loving being outside more. Like this... sometimes she practices outside as a concert for the birds.

4 collage


Anna had her visit to middle school last week. She was so excited! Her fifth grade class walked from her elementary school and spent the morning. "They have two gyms mommy!!!"

2 collage

Her side kick was super happy for her too.


How Abigail's 'food' arrives each month. I thought I'd grab a picture so I can remember some day.


A before school doctors appointment gave her time for lilac picking.

7 8 collage

And vase filling...


Strawberry, banana, chocolate chip muffins with tea are so good!


And stacks of Scott's pancakes are not bad either!


Up early on a Saturday morning means she the first at daddy's pancakes and her thank you card writing.



Here's to a happy May week!

Monday, May 26, 2014

"Mama Robin"

That's what the girls called her.

(an early morning check out the dining room window) 

We were all excited on Mother's Day that her nest was finally done and she was sitting on her beautiful blue eggs.


The girls watched her build her nest from our kitchen window for a week.


They were overjoyed that mama robin picked our tree. And just outside the window. Perfect.

We peeked (but didn't touch) on Mother's Day.


And there was even one more egg the next day.


And we waited and waited. While she waited and waited.


But then Mama robin stopped coming back and her eggs never hatched. So sad for my girls.

The little miracles in spring... they have their ups and downs in nature just like we do. But we'll take the good that we can from each experience and love all that this spring is... all the ups, all the downs, and every little blue egg in between.

The After Birthday... Birthday

If I don't put them here in my blog journal I'll loose them forever.  This space is my memory keeper.  Dates, thoughts, feeling, photos... it all goes here.  And I can't skip her "real" birthday!

Which took place on a Sunday... so special to me to have Mass on your birthday.  After Mass I sort of wanted to avoid the monster sized mess that was left from her party the day before so we went straight to the Green tea house on the way home from Mass.  We all got some tea and Abigail loved walking around tasting the samples.

Gift opening time at home.  All of the gifts from her mermaid party.




Such a fun game... we love cooperative games where we all win... no tears!  They even added on to the game with their own 'game extension'.


I decided we'd end the her birthday with three little cards hidden under her covers. A little last surprise as she got into bed. (one from each of us)




Daddy had another surprise!




It was a happy night... one I'm sure was filled with mermaid dreams.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Big (but really she's still little) Mermaid Party Post

My baby turned seven last weekend (sigh) but the happy party made up for the fact that she blew out a candle with a seven on it. (Music of course)

cake 7

She looked so pretty and loved her mermaid dress...

portraits 3 collage

portraits 1

We ran out of time so I didn't get to take some photos before the event began as I usually do... as the cars pulled up and the sweet first graders ran up the driveway I just took a deep breath and got as many as I could while the party was going on. (man, it's tough to be the photographer, coordinator, and hostess to all those little girls... all at the same time)

portraits 2

It was such a pretty day. Lots of sunshine and 70 out... that's weather perfection to me!

decorations 5

The rain from the night before put a damper on our "under the sea" set up idea and we had to rearrange our sea to the patio, mulch area, and front yard. It was a little tight but we did fine.

decorations 1

decorations 6

After the girls arrived they made adorable jelly fish as their craft!


craft 1

craft 2

And then they hung under the sea!

craft 3

craft 4

friends 1

I was so grateful for my parents and Anna... Scott and I couldn't have done it without them.

favors 4

favors 3

My dad read a book to the mermaids.

book collage

story 1

story 2

story 3

There was ocean food of course!

decorations 9

food 1

decorations 8

decorations 11

food 3

food 4

food 11

food 6

food 7

food 9

food 10

food 15

decorations 4

food 16

food 12

portraits 8

food 13

food 14

decorations 3 decorations 2 collage

Off to search for shells

game 3

game 4

decorations 7

game 2

game 1

Cupcakes of course

cake 9 collage

cake 8

cake 6

cake 5

It was such a windy day...

cake 4

cake 3

cake 2

This dramatic look is one she has waited all year to make. She can never, ever lick the frosting off a birthday candle. Only her non allergic frosting I make... so this is a big deal to her!

cake 1

The puppets were fun...

puppets 1 puppets 2 collage

puppets 3

But the best of all was the spontaneous dance party to "Under the Sea"

friends 2

Now that's birthday joy!

friends 3 friends 5 collage

friends 4

friends 6

friends 7

friends 8

And the calling on their "shell phones" (just might be my favorite picture of the day! )

friends 9

Abigail handed out little mermaid treasure necklaces as the girls left...

decorations 10

favors 1

favors 2

favors 5

After her classmates and friends left she opened presents from her grandparents and cousins. The party went on...

presents 2

presents 3

She kept saying, "mermaid tales... get it???? Tales and tails!!!"

presents 1

presents 5

portraits 7 presents 4 collage

As afternoon turned to evening I just had to get two more with my birthday girl... no matter how tired we all were

(the cousins made head band/braids from all of the crate paper) 
portraits 6 portraits 4 collage

Oh these two... melt my heart...

portraits 5

It was sad to pack up the shells and such at the end of the day.

end 1

But the memories of this day will last a life time... can we do it again next week?