Friday, January 4, 2013

"Shut the door;

... not that it lets in the cold ~
But that it lets out the cozyness."

blog house 1

blog house 9

It was the perfect New Year's Eve... it snowed.  Lots and lots of it. 

blog house 2

We played outside in the evening

blog house 3

and we went sledding on New Year's Day.  (pictures to come)

blog house 5

blog house 6

blog house 7

blog house 8

blog house 10

There's nothing like a New England Christmas. 

blog house 4


  1. So perfect, Tara...Your home is beautiful...just like I pictured it to be!

  2. oh how simply cozy!
    what a great idea to take pics of your home at night....not that i could ever in a million years get the settings right!:)
    please tara...i need a class!
    have a happy day


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