Friday, June 29, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday ~ Ahh the Rose Garden

Every June the roses bloom at a beautiful park near our home.

10 texture

Usually we go more than once to take in the beauty but this year we were only able to make it there one evening. Actually, I took all of these pictures in about a half hour.

11 texture

I had fun playing around with textures but overall I feel like I over processed these. I love learning though!

9 texture

The girls love to walk around and collect petals that have fallen on the ground.

4 texture

When we get home they fill little teacups and put them on their dressers.

6 texture

5 texture

8 texture

3 texture

1 texture

7 texture

Happy, sweet, girl memories with my daughters.

2 texture

Take a peek at some wonderful photos on my friend Lisa's blog...

the long road

Thursday, June 28, 2012

So I Don't Forget

There was so much going on in May and June... event after event. But some moments... the every day ones are the sweetest for sure.

Anna's last Art School. This was her fifth year in this Saturday morning art program. Tiny school, exceptional teachers and direction given. Anna has been with her friend Leah all this time and we are so happy that she has such a special friendship. They share a love of art, play dates, adoption, and life.



Me with my goddaughter Maddie. Love that teeny tiny girl!


Then there was this cool discovery in our town... a Hot Dog Stand!!! Now I know that's not exciting to the average person but to Abigail who is allergic to dairy, soy, fish, and nuts this was better than Disneyland! Walking near the store I saw that the umbrella said the brand of hot dog that Abigail could eat. I wish I had a picture of her face when I asked her if she wanted a 'hot dog stand' hot dog for lunch (that she wasn't allergic to) Then I explained that the roll (or 'holder' as she calls it) would probably be allergic so she'd just get the hot dog. But after checking the ingredients I was over the moon that she could have that too. What a special treat!!! She couldn't wait to eat it until she got home so that too hot hot dog made her eyes water.

hot dog

Abigail's favorite preschool friends (taken before the year ended). These are the friends that she talked about the most. (I think it was because they were so much fun to be with and loved her)

abi special friends

And last but not least... we were able to get together with some friends in NH this past weekend. This is Anna and Olivia. Now fourth graders but once babies together in China. Oh how God is so good!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Wheels

There's nothing like the feeling of freedom when you're on your bike... even if your mom and dad are right behind you! It just feels good to ride!

This year Anna had outgrown her little pink bike (and it went to Abigail once the training wheels were put back on) and we took Anna to look for a new bike.

I'd say she was super excited for sure!


After getting a bit used to it we were off on a family bike ride. This will be the first summer we've been able to do this since Abigail on her tricycle last year was still just too slow.

With training wheels on Abigail's bike we were finally able to all ride together.

bike riding

Now it's a fun family after dinner activity for all of us!

Here's to many more riding days! Happy new wheels Anna!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Evenings

Summer evenings are for....






Snow Cones




Sweet Sips


and staying up so late...


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last Day!


Today was the last day of school. And although we all feel excited about it... we all really have mixed emotions. With the last day of school comes the fact that my little girl is now a fourth grader! That is just too old sounding to me! And although we can't wait to play, swim, and just be together with not much on the calendar we are sad, very sad to say goodbye to Anna's very special teacher. Not just a wonderful teacher but one who loved on Anna those 184 days of third grade. She made her feel extra special, made her feel oh so proud to be adopted, and reminded her every day how wonderful Anna is. Yesterday when Abigail and I attended an end of the year program at her school I got a chance to say goodbye to her loved Mrs. Anderson. It was the first time I cried. I just couldn't help it as I got those words out, "thank you for everything you did for Anna this year. You changed her life." And in true Mrs. Anderson fashion she just smiled and gave Anna a hug and a kiss. May there be many more special teachers for Anna in her future... but Mrs. Anderson we will always remember you. Thank you for making her believe what you've said over and over... "you're fantastic".  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 


Here are a few pictures I was able to snap of Anna this morning. It is a scorcher her in Connecticut... 95 and humid so we picked the coolest outfit she owned, put her hair up in a bun and swept it all back.


And here she is hoping out of the car along with the two other kids I drive each day to school.


I love this happy smile on her face as she's walking out after that last bell rang! That must be her "it's summer" smile!



(please excuse the blur... my little point and shoot is not as fast as the 'big' camera)

And last but not least, this was yesterday, West Indies Day! Dancing outside with her whole third grade.



When siblings here asked to join in



And always a picture with her teacher.


And Anna's third grade best friends. I get all teary when I see a picture of them together. They are her first real school friends. They are kind, silly, fun to be with, and yes Asian. We know that the hand of God was there when she made friends this year. Love these girls so much!


And we're off... not anywhere really... just home... and I'm as happy as can be!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day and Back to Blogging

It's been so long since I've uploaded my photos, edited them, and gotten my memories here on this blog that I've almost forgotten how!  June should not be like this.  I kept thinking in late May as programs were winding down down that we'd have more free time at home.  Abigail's birthday party ended and I could breathe a sigh of relief but I just went right into planning Anna's birthday party (not yet blogged).  That ended and I thought "okay... two over the top awesome birthday parties for my girls done within two weeks... I can relax now..."  But there were concerts, last this, last that, changes of schedule.  And to add to it June is a very busy time for a husband who is an elementary school principal.  He has all of his school events on top of all of ours. 

But one thing I know for sure is that Anna's last day is TOMORROW!  And we are doing nothing, absolutely NOTHING all day on Thursday.  I want to soak in the best day of summer... the first with my girls. I look forward to the last day of school the moment they walk out the door on the first day of school.  I'm excited!  Excited about my house buzzing with little girls voices all day long.  Excited about hearing the mud room door open and slam closed all day long.  Excited about being a stay at home mom still and being able to shout out a million times a day..."take off your shoes when you come in girls... and WHAT is that dirt all over you?  Please go wash your hands."  Oh I can't wait!

I wasn't sure what to start with on my list of waiting in line photos.  But then I knew... Father's Day. 


It's such a sweet day to remind me of how blessed I am in my life.  My dad for sure.  I adore him.  He lights up the room, makes my daughters beam when he comes over, is always happy, loves his family, adores his grandchildren, and so much more. 

And I'm blessed to have the best daddy for my daughters.  I know that who God places in a family through adoption and though birth is not a coincidence.  It is His part of his master plan. And boy, did He ever get it right with  Scott as Anna and Abigails' dad. 


Two daughters.  Scott is meant to be a daddy to little girls. He adores little girl things with them; his daughters dressed in dresses, ribbons, and bows.  He loves the silly little girl giggles, and all of the little things that a life with daughters brings.  He is meant to be a daddy with daughters. 


Two daughters with special needs. Anna with her issues related to the trauma of living in an orphanage for over a year and Abigail with her health problems.  These girls were hand picked by God to be with Scott.  He knowledge of children, his dedication to children, his patience, his rational way, his deep empathy for their story makes him the perfect daddy for them. 


I am blessed.  Anna Jiang Qian is blessed.  Abigail Mei is blessed.  I may 'stay home' and not have to divide my time with family and a job but I couldn't do it without him.


He is a hands on daddy.  Full of hugs, cuddles, bedtime stories, make up stories, kisses, and compliments.  He laughs with them, has fun with them, teaches them, and adores them.  He holds their hands, talks with them, listens, and when he is home he is home for us.  And we feel it. 


Unfortunately this Father's Day Scott was sick.  I felt bad.. he could barely open his gifts.  But he put on his best smile if just for a few minutes and gave his girls some sweet moments. 


Then we headed to the beach to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  It was a fun family day for sure. 



Boy.. it feels good to be back! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Her First Graduation

On Friday our little Abigail graduated from Nursery School.

outside 1

It was a sweet and special morning.

collage 2 3

I was able to get a few pictures outside before it started.

I adored her Nursery school (Anna went there years ago too) It is small, a few teachers, and a handful of kids. It was the perfect place for both of my girls to take that 'first baby step out of home'. Only a few hours in the morning a few days a week. It was the perfect place for me to get used to what is up and coming too. (kindergarten)

Lovely program with the most adorable songs.

collage 4 5

And a walk across the bridge to signify graduation.

collage 6 8


Our girls are blessed with Grandparents that live close by and are able to attend special events like these.

collage 9 10

collage 11 2

A very proud mommy and daddy.

collage 13 14


After we got home Abigail unrolled her 'diploma' and loved when I read it to her.


Flowers too of course

collage 17 18

Officially summer!