Monday, January 28, 2019

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Christmas morning was magical ~

morning 1

with brown paper packages tied up with string {and ribbons and bows}

morning 2

Our living room waits all year for this morning - I'm convinced of it - all year!

morning 3

morning 4

Christmas is 'our thing' - Christmas morning is our thing. We save all year for this morning, and I love when the packages are all around each corner.

morning 5

morning 6

morning 7

There were lots of surprises were waiting for our two 'little' girls.

morning 8

morning 9

morning 10

morning 11

morning 12

morning 13

morning 14

morning 15

morning 16

We didn't have snow on the ground here in Connecticut - but the light was really pretty that morning. Really really pretty the way it lit up our home.

morning 17

... and cast shadows on the walls. Oh this stocking early in the morning. I love winter and what it looks like in my home.

morning 18

Each little part of this room felt like it was 'holding it's breath' ready for that moment when two girls walked in. Tea pot included.

morning 19

Presents going from one room to another. Be still my heart...

morning 20

And while I was running down, turning on the music, making sure the lights were on the trees, turning on the fireplace, these girls were upstairs ... waiting... with the biggest smiles of the year.

morning 21

morning 22

And then it was time. First steps in...

morning 23

First glance...

morning 24

First shock...

morning 25

morning 27

And then it was magic from this moment on.

morning 28

They ran right to the Playmobil cruise... reminding them of this trip last summer.

morning 29

All of the little details they were so excited about...

morning 30

morning 31

morning 32

morning 33

They noticed something little in the playmobil hands... mini tickets?  Could it be a sign? A surprise? Was there more to this gift than they first thought?

Yes, I think there is something in their hands...

morning 11

morning 34

so Anna carefully peeled in out of their hands to get a closer look

morning 35

They thought and thought about it for a while... just sort of slowly... while Scott and I were frozen... wondering too what Santa had done...

morning 36

morning 37

moments stood still in this morning

morning 38

Inside that little ticket in their hands was information to look at daddy's email. So Scott searched his email...

morning 39

And then the pieces all clicked... and their eyes lit up

morning 40

I think I was laughing and crying at the same time...

morning 41

morning 42

Our family would be going on a cruise to Alaska in the family suite!

morning 43

I suppose we could have stopped right there... the moments of loveliness and all of the summer joy to come hung thick in the air.

morning 44

But stockings were waiting under the greens

morning 45

morning 46

with sweet little bird necklaces inside

morning 47

morning 48

morning 49

morning 50

morning 51

morning 52

I sat right there with my camera in my lap {just like I like} and clicked away at the rest of the magic.

morning 53

morning 54

Even Noel had a big package...

morning 55

morning 56

a heater for those cold January {and February} {and March} days

morning 57

We paused for breakfast... at this pretty table.

morning 58

I set it the night before with little vintage Christmas books.

morning 59

morning 59

Oven baked french toast with strawberries... yum!

morning 60

After we ate, Scott and I carried our Christmas tea into the family room.

morning 61

There was a surprise for the mouse family too.

morning 62

I'm so glad because I love picture books!

morning 63

One gift for each of us ... from each other.

morning 64

morning 65

Anna was so happy with this planner sticker album!

morning 66

And this cup made me so so happy. Mostly because of the story - back here when we went to Kringle Candle to see Santa the girls asked if they could sneak out while we were waiting for our dinner to come. So that cold, dark night Anna walked Abigail back into the store and Abigail picked this out for me.

morning 67

Noel loved his bell.

morning 68

morning 69

morning 70

morning 71

morning 72

morning 73

There were a million more smiles that morning.

morning 74

And two huge other surprises... new violas! {more on that later - much more on that later}

morning 75

morning 76

morning 77

morning 78

Love this book Abigail got.

morning 79

This was something she asked Santa for... to be a penguin parent from Mystic Seaport.

morning 80

morning 81

She was {and still is} delighted with this.

morning 82

Growing into some fun princess makeup when you're eleven is a wonderful thing.

morning 83

But still being small enough for markers and crayons.

morning 84

Loving Anna's new makeup!

morning 85

Even a toy to remind us of our love for this place.

morning 86

Yes, it was a magical morning - one that I will never forget - and I suppose that I can't because there are so many pictures... lots of pictures to look back and and make me happy.

So the Christmas morning with a fifteen year old and eleven year old is packed away in my memories forever. So so grateful for December 25th.