Thursday, June 30, 2011

Anna's First Holy Communion

It was in the beginning of May and here we are at the end of June... wow this has taken me a while! 

I began to dream of this day starting when her Baptism was over.  I remember taking off her Baptism gown and giving her a bath that night.  I actually remember putting her baby footie jammies on her and feeling, really feeling, that she had been blessed that day.  It all just felt different.  It was a wonderful feeling.

I love being Catholic.  I love everything about it especially the Sacraments.  I knew that her First Holy Communion would be so very special.  Our Church exceded my expectations.  In addition to weekly Religious Ed classes she attended two all day Retreats, and many Bible Studies. She was emersed in the Sacraments and I was so very proud of her for giving it her all. 

And then there were the yummy moments I had because there was so much to get ready for.  I bought her dress a year ahead.  Oh how beautiful she looked in it.  It's packed away now waiting for her sister.... I get to do this again in four more years, yeah! 

So this is part one... more to come on the party that followed.  These pictures were taken by an amazing professional, Matthew J. Wagner.  I knew that I knew I couldn't get the shots I wanted that day.  And I was right.  My pictures were not my best.  I was too involved in Anna's moments, I could barely remember how to change the settings.  I'm so glad I had her pictures taken.  These are those.


These pictures were taken at a flower park close to my house.  They make the pictures extra special to me because they make me think of my Grandpa who loved flowers and loved this park.  He would have loved Anna. 










Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spring Jobs They Love

I love the way it looks when it's all done.  They love planting.  Each late spring we plant cheerful marigolds lining the walkway to our front door.  It's kind of storybook'ish' and I'll do it forever. 







Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Great teachers

"Mr. Lee"  as Anna calls him is her viola teacher.  When she started Sazuki viola at the beginning of Kindergarten Anna had a different teacher but the program changed things around a bit and "Mr. Lee" was brought into the Hartt school as a teacher.  So for 2 full school years now Anna has been under the direction of this one very special teacher.  I knew he would be that one very special teacher right from the start.  When Anna hid from him at each lesson from September to December and he just waited, I knew.  When she was desperately afraid of this new situation he was patient.  When she showed all of the signs of PTSD with him, he encouraged.  He has been kind, enthusiastic, and a perfect picture of high expectations and caring.  I am so very grateful.

Here Anna is in June at Flatbread Pizza, playing to raise money for the Japan earthquake victims.  I was so very proud of her.  This was "not the normal" Wednesday routine and she took a deep breath and did it.  I was so happy for her.


This one is blurry and isn't a great picture of her teacher but I adore how Anna is looking up at him.

I love how this shows him checking in on her; giving her the bit of reassurance that she needed that night playing in front of a full restaurant. 



I am so grateful for great teachers in Anna's life.  I could write about so many of them.  Each one helping to shape her life. 


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tiny Field Day, Big Fun

I can't believe how quickly May and June passed.  I know we all say that but for some reason this year was more busy than normal.  It was Scott's first year as an Elementary School principal so combining his 'end of the year' with Anna's second grade 'end of the year' and even now with Abigail in a two morning a week preschool... there were three end of the years for me!  Busy but such a magical time of year.  I'm really behind to say the least but I'm going to try to catch up.  I've sure missed being updated on my pictures. 

Scott and I went to Abigail's preschool field day.  We just adore her preschool (same one Anna went to).  It's tiny and the we love the two teachers.  Abigail is such a different child than Anna.  She really beamed during the 'events' of field day.  And she really got right in there.   It was so much fun to watch! 



I love her face in this one, sweet



I'm sure her teachers taught them to be so excited for their friends.  I loved watching her screaming for her classmates. 




It was the tug of war that had her beyond excited!  Boy do I love watching her so happy! 


She gave it all she had!




At the end her teachers awarded all of the kids with a field day medal.


So proud of herself.  This was the happy, proud of herself face we never saw on Anna.  I'm not comparing them but I can't help comparing the experiences. Looking back it was easy to see how these "not the normal routine" school days threw Anna off, and she struggled.  Abigail beams where Anna was so very fearful.  Anna is healthy where Abigail struggles with each bite she tries to eat.  So Scott and I force ourselves to focus on the positive for each of our girls, and work to improve their struggles. 


They had a family picnic after.  Love this one of of her with her daddy. 


Cold, sweet, yum!  I always take pictures of Abigail eating. Even eating a popscicle thrills us! 


So many more happy spring posts to come!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's so much fun to watch your child open up presents on their birthday!  Abigail sure opened some great ones! 

Grandma and Abigail

Abigail adores her family. 

Out of order... Abigail loved her carousel from Grandma and Grandpa!

Getting ready to light the candles on her cake... love this one!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

more birthday

Since Abigail didn't get to open her presents at her party I tried to get a few so that family could all see her opening their gift.  She was a bit tired from the party but insisted on opening them.

New clothes for her special baby

more to come... just didn't get to all of the presents pictures tonight!