Wednesday, January 9, 2013

brunch 1 drop shadow

brunch 2 drop shaddow

brunch 3 drop shadow

The best part of the brunch was the older couple sitting next to us who said to me on the way out, "Your girls are beautiful.  You are so lucky."  They were beautiful that day; not on the outside but on the inside.. I could tell that is what she meant.  And I surely do know how lucky I am. 

brunch 4 drop shadow

brunch 5 drop shadow

This is all I ever wanted for my birthday.  Oh to be a mother. 

brunch 6 drop shadow


  1. Beautiful, Tara... What a wonderful birthday celebration. Your smile says it all!

  2. Beautiful! I agree there's no greater joy than being a mom!

    Happy birthday to you!! I wish you many many more and a lovely healthy year ahead!


  3. what a great day!
    and i must're looking pretty smokin in that black outfit!!!:))))
    more like 25!!!
    only way wiser!:) haha
    have a happy day tara


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