Wednesday, May 22, 2019

High School Spring Concert

Guess where I was last night? Another orchestra concert. There are so so many smashed together but each one is a gem and I don't want to forget this precious life I lead.

So thanks Anna, for another evening of beautiful music.


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Select Ensemble Middle School Concert

And then the very next night Abigail had her auditioned choir and auditioned orchestra concert.

Beautiful songs...

KP 1

And amazing songs...

KP 2

KP 3

And she had a really cool solo!

KP 4

Here's a little clip from her solo that Scott took:

Look at that smile!

KP 5

And then she ran right on stage and played in the orchestra.

KP 6

KP 7

Such an awesome night!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Camarata Concert

Anna is in a select high school orchestra called Camarata. On Sunday afternoon there was an amazing concert.

I don't have any photos of Anna - she's a violist and the viola section is behind the cellos. Anna is meant to be a violist and I don't go to her orchestra concerts to see her but to hear her. 

But I want to document here and not forget. 


I gave her a huge hug when we saw her after and again later that night. I'm in awe of her - and it still amazes me that she's in such a talent orchestra.

Here is just a poor quality phone clip of a one of the songs:

Oh lucky am I that I get to sit and listen to such beautiful music?

Friday, May 17, 2019

Anna's Confirmation 3

I'm so sorry that I'm going so slow - it would be much better to have this all in one post. But little chunks are what I can manage right now - and honestly I think it's awesome I'm even here, ha! The end of the year for a mama in general is nuts, the end of the school year for a mama who is a teacher is crazy! The end of the school year for a mama who is a teacher, whos husband is also in education is insane. But I won't give up my precious memories and I won't blog them when the feelings are not fresh in my head - so I jump on here for bits of time as I can. Thanks for bearing these short, slow posts.

pre 10

We drove to our church and took a few pictures right in the spot where we had taken a few on Anna's First Communion.

pre 11

Anna had to wait in the Urban Center while Abigail was in charge of handing out programs.

church 1

church 2

This is Anna's Confirmation sponsor. She is such a sweet person and wonderful to Anna. We are blessed to call her family our closest 'church' friends.

church 3

I talked more about it back here in my first post - when feelings were fresh in my heart - but a this was the moment Anna was kneeling in front of the Bishop with her sponsors hand on her shoulder. Music was playing and my heart was so full at this moment.

church 4

church 5

church 6

church 7

My brother and his family braved the dark, very cold, and pouring rain Monday night to join us.

church 8

church 9

and (not a great photo but its the only one I have) the grandparents of course too.

church 10

A perfect pair, these two.

church 11

I love the look on Anna's face here, looking at him.

church 12

Of course (like it seems to go too many times, ugh!) he was captivated by Abigail (there is just something about her that people are drawn to - makes them want to talk to her - and that's wonderful, we love it - most of the time) So there were about 15 pictures of this...

church 13

and then the evening was over. That night Anna said, "that was such a wonderful evening." We are all so blessed.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Anna's Confirmation 2

pre 8

A tiny bit on what is going on on regular days - I soooo want to blog school. I have so many teaching post ideas but I don't want to get behind on our family life so just a bit of what is going on.

So it's a 4 weeks of school to go - and that means is crazy in my fourth grade classroom. Here in Connecticut when it's May we are all so so happy that winter is over - sunshine is abundant - and the children in my classroom sometimes go over to the window and drool. Okay, well not really drool, but it sure is challenging to keep them in the usual routine - and it's a lot of work to spice things up for them -

On to more of Anna's wonderful Confirmation!!! (my feelings and part 1 back here)

Anna doesn't ask for much, at all. I wanted her big day to feel pretty to her. She's been through so much with they way she sees her self lately because of allergies to meds and rashes. (I talked about it back here) So I treated her to her the Blow Dry Bar. They only wash and blow dry so they are really good at it.

Just a few phone pictures from that afternoon -

hair 1

hair 3

hair 4

hair 5

hair 6

After we got home we ate dinner really early and then she started getting ready

pre 2

I took a few of just her before getting dressed.

pre 4

Testing the lighting but I love my husband here - always ready to go for a picture as the girls run into place after him.

pre 5


pre 6

I want to freeze us just like this.

pre 7

Blessed more than I could imagine

pre 9

and then off to church we went - more coming tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Anna's Confirmation

pre 1

I love {and kind of dislike} the feeling that something so wonderful is over.

No matter how much more there is to look forward to - no matter how much good is coming because of it happening -

- I just don't like it to end.

It's that warm, wonderful feeling - I want it to linger forever.

Even though I know they'll be more, I want this one to last forever.

There have been so many thousands of them in my married life - like when you lay your two year old down to sleep in her crib after her birthday is over that day and you know that she'll never be one again.

Like when you pack up those size 4T footie jamies that are worn so much because they were a favorite.

Like all of those times, I had one last night.

pre 2

Just before Anna took her shower late at night I leaned in and kissed her forehead - for the last time it would have that lovely oil from a sacrament. That sweet smell of chrism old still on her. I knew she was about to take a shower and that would be it.

It more than reminded me - it brought me right back to when she was baptized. I could almost feel it.

And in that moment last night I was oh so grateful. For the precious daughter that God entrusted to her daddy and I. And for the sacrament of Confirmation.

pre 4

We still have a family party in June (it was the best we could fit in with our girl very busy stuying for finals and finishing up her sophomore year) and so we still get to celebrate her sacrament but last night was wonderful and I don't want to forget it.

pre 3

I loved how the Bishop spoke about how we need to give of ourselves to really find ourselves. He was, of course speaking to the young adults in the room, but I instantly thought of my teaching and how I've given so much but how God has used it to find out about who I am in this next stage of life. I knew he was using that moment to whisper to my heart.

And I loved how when Anna came back from the alter and into the pew she told me that the Bishop took so much time with her and made it so personal. How they 'chatted' about her saint. He asked if she played an instrument. She told him viola and he said, "play it for Jesus". She was so touched, as was I, it was simply wonderful.

I want to remember how Scott took my hand as she walked down the aisle with her Confirmation sponsor and how proud of her we were. Just oh so proud.

I want to remember how the church looked. It was pouring rain outside and dark - but in the church is it was warm and delightful - filled with the Holy Spirit.

It's hard to describe really, I'll never get the words right. But I just want to remember.

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
Praise him, all creatures here below;
Praise him above, ye heav’nly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Postponing Mothers Day -

Scott and I have decided to celebrate Mothers Day with Fathers Day on the third week of June - after school gets out for the year. I'm really happy about that - we both are.

It's been quite a week - really all a blur - it went so slow and so darn fast at the same time

Last Thursday during her first Music Man performance Abigail hurt her foot pretty bad. It was wrapped and she hobbled along with it really hurting for many days. (oh and I taught 4th grade)

Friday - we all attended her her Music Man performance at night (oh and I taught 4th grade)

Saturday - Scott and I were in charge of the Music Man cast party after the 2pm show (so that was the whole day)

Sunday - Anna noticed a rash on her face

Monday - Anna's face was totally swollen, red, itch, really bad and quite frankly it scared Scott and I so much! (oh and I taught 4th grade)

Tuesday - Abigail was still hobbling along (oh and I taught 4th grade)

Wednesday - Anna continued to get worse - that morning her face so swollen it took my breath away - I told the dermatologist that they needed to fit us in or I was taking her to the ER - I got someone to cover my classroom and I picked her up at school and brought her to the dr. (oh and I taught 4th grade) I got as many people to lift her in prayer as I could. We were really really scared.

Three prescriptions later and home I sat down totally emotionally exhausted and read her little notebook of health history that I've kept since she was a baby. And with God's guidance I put the pieces together and totally figured out the allergic reaction. Yup, me, not 3 dermatologists. Just mama.

{Yes, we're still on the same day} We decided to bring Abigail to the walk in to get an xray on her foot. 3 hours later - not broken but a really bad foot sprain that needs to get wrapped each morning.

Thursday - Anna's face swelling starts going down but I'm monitoring it and there's a tray of meds for both girls on my kitchen counter that I'm in charge of (oh and I taught 4th grade)

Major issue in my classroom that involves students, phone calls to parents, the principal, etc. Exhausting.

Thursday evening- Middle school spring concert

Friday - Early morning meeting with my principal to discuss the issue from the day before. I run the before school math club, teach all day, pick up Abigail at 7 pm from an all day field trip, and here I am. (oh and I taught 4th grade)

Saturday - Concert that both girls are in

Sunday - Special Mass for all of the Confirmation students, a mandatory Confirmation rehearsal after Mass, then spending the rest of the day getting ready for Anna's Confirmation on Monday evening and getting Anna ready for her huge AP Biology exam on Monday

Monday - AP Biology exam, Anna's Confirmation 7 pm

Yup, skipping Mother's Day - and I'm quite fine with that.

For Mother's Day I just want my girls healthy and whole - really, all the rest is just fluff.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Opening Night

Tonight was 'opening night' for Abigail in the Music Man.


She was delightful and adorable.  Just as Amaryllis should be.


It wasn't one of my Dad's musicals for sure (didn't have that magic)


But she sure was gooooood!




and happy!


Until her friend picked her up back stage all excited and then fell - and fell on her foot - and now she can't walk.

Hoping that she wakes up reading for night 2!

Here she was in 2017 (in my Dad's musical) (she got the same part!)

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Wednesday Wisdom

Tonight Anna will be taking her final lesson for her sophomore year in viola.

There are still many concerts and orchestras that are still on going.

But it is her last lesson until some summer ones start.


When I think about Anna and the viola I think about dreams and her heart. I've sat through 11 years {so far} of lessons, orchestras, countless practices at home, and more concerts that are spilling out of my heart.

If I could tell the {younger} mama of Anna when she was 5, I would tell here you did the right thing. You helped her find something beautiful - music - and once music is in your soul, it is there forever in your character.

It doesn't matter what you "thing" is: soccer, dance, reading, cooking, or viola... helping your child enjoy life is important.

Suzuki once said, "children learn to smile from their parents"

and that is true. They learn everything for us and one of the most important things they can learn is how to enjoy their life and make their soul beautiful.

Honestly, in the process, that has made my soul and my life more beautiful.