Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Only The Pure In Heart...

can make a good soup."  Ludwig van Beethoven

I've been making my own chicken stock lately.  And that big pot on my stove makes me happy. 

Today is was in Abigail's Kindergarten classroom and they were finishing the sentence.  "It make me happy when..."  As I walked around helping during Writers Workshop I thought of what I would write.  Certainly everyone home makes me happy. 

6 anna homework

Simple January decorating makes me happy

5 sign

Yes, chicken stock simmering makes me happy.  The hum of the dryer makes me happy... simple things. 

And it pleased me that Abigail wrote, "I feel happy when I go hom becuz I get tou be hom wif mi famule."  (I feel happy when I go home because I get to be with my family). 

Homemade cookies for their after school snack.

2 cookies

Waking her in the morning makes me happy.

1 sleeping

These little winter birds scattered throughout my house make me happy too. 

3 bird entrance

8 bird
(oh and that candle is "Cozy Cabin"... love it!)

4 cardinal

7 birds

I'm loving January. Busy still but good. Just the regualar days... they make me happy


  1. Love it all, Tara...the stock simmering on the stove, the cookies, the winter decorations...your sweet girls... It all makes me happy too! : )

  2. Beautiful post. Love your sleeping beauty.:)