Thursday, September 29, 2016

Just Words

Today I picked up Abigail at school at 9:45. We drove and met Scott for her Gastroenterology appointment. It was such a gorgeous day here. Oh so sunny and cool. At the warmest part of the day I think it got up to 66. I wore a dark jean skirt, pink and white gingham shirt, blue polka dot flats, and pearls. The perfect fall, me, outfit. We pulled into the parking lot just about the same time as Scott and we walked in holding Abigail's hands.

I don't have a picture but it was such a sweet moment for me. And I think for Scott too. He's never missed a GI appointment to check on and determine the next journey with her EoE. There's something about pulling into that parking lot and waiting for 'daddy's car' to pull in right next to us. Maybe it's because it's just the three of us. Maybe it's because it's a bit of time 'stolen' from an otherwise normal school day. I'm not quite sure really, but I love those appointments. (or it could be that my heart skipped a beat when he pulls up and gets out of his car in his suit, that sparkle in his eyes, I'm still in love)

In the elevator, an older woman complimented Abigail on her mary jane shoes and lace ankle socks. She was sweet and said, "thank you".

When we checked in it must have been stuffed animal day. Every single patient was hanged a big, soft stuffed animal. She beamed and hugged it tight.

She was brought in and weighed. The nurse said, "you always wear such pretty outfits" (she was wearing a short cherry dress with cream lace on the Peter Pan color paired with light pink leggings)

But the best news of all was her weight gain. She's on a pretty crazy medicine for gaining weight since March. And it's working.

Dr. Hymns said he was proud of her. She told him about chorus in school and homework.

And we left with an endoscopy appointment on the calendar.

Holding hands back to the car and driving her back to school with a feeling of gratitude for this peanut daughter of mine. And my husband. And our little 'stolen' time together. And for fall, super sunny, and cool days.

Just so grateful.

And that I don't need a picture of. It's a feeling in my heart. These GI doctor visits since she was a baby are sweet to me. Of course we wouldn't wish EoE on her life and would erase it in a heartbeat but we make the most of it. And that means enjoying these lovely times together.

There is an abundance of blessing in struggles.  We just have to trust God and let him show us.

Yes, I don't need a picture of that. It's deep in my heart.

I know that Abigail will one day be grown. Perhaps there will come a time when she goes to GI appointments on her own. To her own grown up, not pediatric GI doctor. A time when she's long outgrow her little mary janes.  But I know her heart will have stored so many "pictures" of these special days.

and many years from now, long after we are gone,
these trees will spread their branches out and bless the dawn
so sit down and write that letter... 
let go of all that's passing
lift up the least of these 
planting trees  
She waters us with love and the children grow
so many years from now 
so many years from now, long after we are gone
these trees will spread their branches and bless someone. 

(song here) 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Abigail's Country Applesauce

This recipe is sooooo good. And I'm sure it is because it's straight out of a children's picture book.


Yes, this is by far my favorite applesauce recipe ever. If you find yourself in an abundance of apples this fall, make this, it will smell, taste, and feel like fall in your kitchen.

You start with the apples of course. We did 6 pounds. And here is the magic behind this recipe. You have to use three different kinds of apples. It doesn't matter what kind, just three different kinds.


Chop them up into quarters or sixth... whatever you're in the mood for. Yes, the stems, the seeds, the core, the skin, it all goes in. Now THAT Is easy!

collage 4 3

You don't really need to weigh the apples, I was just trying to get some math in there.

Next goes 2 cups of apple cider. But if you need to watch your sugar, water works just as well.

collage 5 6

Really! Seeds, core, stem, skin are all in there!


Bring the apples/cider mixture to a soft bowl and then simmer with the top on for 30 minutes or longer, until the apples are soft. The apples will be soft and foamy when they are done.


About the time the apples start to look like this, your kitchen will start to sing because it smells sooooo good. Cook until they are really soft.


You don't need to set your timer. Just keep simmering and checking. (and color while you're waiting)


Uncover, and cool briefly, but while still warm, transfer the apple mixture in batches to a food mill (over a bowl) (my food mill was not expensive.... they can go up to $100. Mine was about $14)

collage 10 11

Easy job for Abigail. I held the bowl with she turned the crank. (the seeds, the stems, the skin, it will all stay in the food mill)


After all of the batches were through the mill we made some cinnamon sugar. (or just cinnamon is fine)


Stir it all together and eat! (It will thicken as it sits)




I like to store it in little mason jars if I have them. Easy out of the frig and easy to eat right outta the jar.


I also like mine at night, warmed with sliced almonds on top.



Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Apple Picking

"apple picking" is written on my calendar long before September is there.  Because I don't want to miss it.  It is just fall to me.

It was such a beautiful day. Blue skies, fall temps, sunshine. (and this is the music I think should be piped out of the clouds as we pick)


Abigail started off like this.  

collage 1

and then we quickly put her in the wagon for the rest of the picking. One little skip up the hill and she was not feeling well.

collage 7 6

Anna stuck to her little cousin like glue.




Abigail mostly picked from the wagon and filled up bags and bags!

collage 8 11


and after there were too many apples to pull we headed to the little hay maze (maze for toddlers... which is why I bring one)

collage 10 12



There are pumpkins and mums and gords all set up so pretty.


I was so grateful for this day which felt like the first of fall.


with my husband and this bunch of kids I love

collage 17

Oh! And something so cool! We bought the kids the perfect fall treat at this apple orchard... fall donuts. And we planned on stopping at a special allergy bakery (we call the "abigail bakery") And guess what they had? donuts!!! So Abigail got her first ever donut. FIRST EVER!


I've tried to make them homemade for her before but they never turned out any good. When we walked into the allergy bakery I almost cried. And she loved it, of course!


Every last bite!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall Weekending

Abigail is feeling much better, thank you for your kindness.  After a lot of this...


But apparently Bitty Baby was not feeling well on this Monday morning and needed to stay home. (today)



It was a lovely very fallish weekend in Connecticut. But first a bit from Friday.

Anna at breakfast (with a doll under her arm)


And me making lunches (3 bean salad, Parmesan crisps, raspberries and mango chunks, celery and cream cheese, power berries)


And this from Friday too. Her last (of this season) lesson. This horse is quite smitten with Anna and I think the feeling is quite mutual.


It was so peaceful and beautiful up there. I could have stayed forever. The rolling hills, the crisp weather, the horses... but on to weekending...


wore a fleece running = really crisp fall morning
early morning reading the bible and praying
setting my mind in the right direction
turning on all of the twinkle light around the house to make it feel cozy
apple picking and pulling abigail the whole time but cousins made it fun


girls playing playmobil farm for hours sitting on an old yellow and blue quilt
rearranging pumpkins
two more rooms of windows cleaned in and out ready to sparkle in the holidays
two more rooms of curtains down, washed, and rehung, it makes me happy
organized bitty baby clothes with abigail for fall, it's our seasonal tradition





scott and anna stopped at trader joes and came home with pumpkin EVERYTHING
date night at home
tea sipping (pumpkin herbal H&S)
early morning crisp fall air
lunches planning
dinner planning
applesauce making (new recipe I LOVE and I'll share this week)
cider sipping
homework for anna
coloring for abigail
doll house playing (there is nothing happier than the sound of doll house playing, and her little voice as she acts the people all out)
anna writing an english essay in her sunny room at her desk
multiplication fact practice
high school algebra math studying

It's one of my favorite weekends of the year.  Fall is here, but it's not over yet.  We are anxiously waiting for nature to do its magic in New England but none of it's over yet.  Everything is decorated and the house feels warm and cozy.  Yes, the best time of the year.  But then of course we'll look forward to Thanksgiving, first snow, Christmas, oh happy day...