Thursday, December 6, 2012


We've been busy (like all of you) and still sick (ugh) and I've been "solo" on a lot of evenings that Scott's had school stuff (missing daddy) but not letting that keep us from the Christmas Spirit.

Scott has proclaimed tomorrow Christmas Family Day. He's coming home early and will be with me when I pick up the girls at school. I can't wait to see Abigail's face when mommy AND daddy are standing there. We're driving straight to pick out our Christmas tree. I can hardly wait!

Last year I was so much more prepared for sure. This flu that hit Scott and I really took some days (or weeks) away from us. And his graduate school stuff too. (who assigns so many papers due in December???)

Anyway, I haven't taken many pictures around the house but I DID get the privlidge of taking pictures for the Kindergarten classes.  These will go in their cards for their gingerbread celebration.  So cute they all were.  Did I mention that I'm (with the help of another room rep) are in charge of all of the activities for the gingerbread party... oh how I wish that our K class got assigned the Valentines day party.  Oh it's busy around here. 

abigial gingerbread

Okay, so the morning gifts keep coming.  There have been one every single day since the last week of November.  When I wake up in the morning I race downstairs to see what Scott left me.  Just a few over this past week. 

And I think I might have figured out why all of the gifts.  It dawned on me yesterday that they started about five days before December.  And since my birthday is on the fifth of January that's about 40 days... and I'm going to be 40!!!  Of course I asked him about it and he just smiled and said nothing.  This is going to be a fun 40 days. 

Every girl needs 'christmas is coming' nail files


Scott has given me Christmas jammies every year since we've been married. They are ALWAYS on my pillow on Christmas eve. So when I opened these I was confused. He said that "Christmas was too far to wait to enjoy Christmas jammies"... and that I'd still see them on my pillow on Christmas Eve.






Ear phones for running



I promise (that if I'm right and there are that many gifts) I'll stop posting them... it's just so exciting right now.

Happy Christmas weekend everyone! Boy, do I have some major shopping to do!

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