Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm Diving In... The Scrapbooking Post

I was a Creative Memories Consultant (as a little side to being a classroom teacher) for over 10 years.  I really just wanted the discount for myself (and access to all of the cute stickers) It was great when it was just Anna.  I was able to stay on top of her albums and crank out the pages.  (Anna has over 40 12x12 huge albums)

(see the four red ones... four whole albums just for two weeks in China... I was album crazy)

And then along came Abigail.  I did okay until elementary school started for Anna.  I found myself not home as much as the days when they were babies.  Funny how that works.  You think they'll be more time when they are occupied more but I find (at least my scrapbooks find) that that is not the case.  Art lessons, viola lessons, tennis lesson, group viola class, church school, Irish step lessons all take up time. Of course I'M not doing those things but I'm getting two little girls to all of those things.  None of those things existed in my life when they were little and mostly at home. 

(the green ones are the years that Scott and I were married without kids)

Well, those scrapbooks are not going to just jump off the shelves and get themselves done.  I've got to make it a priority.  I did a lot of thinking, wondering if scrapbook days were long gone.  Now that there are up to date pictures in blogland maybe scrapbooks are not necessary.  So I decided to do a test.  I took down a few of the girls scrapbooks and asked if they wanted to look through them with me. 

Well of course they did.  They poured over them, read what I wrote, laughed at the pictures, oohed and ahhed.  The asked me questions and I started telling stories.  And then I realized that this blog can not take the place of me writing in my own handwriting to my daughters.  Mother to daughter over the years. 

(Abigail's in blue and Anna's in pink) (But so many of Anna's that they spilled over on to a closet shelf)


So, I'll dust off all of my huge closet of supplies, get out the ones I left off on, order some pictures and start.  I think I'll update now and then ont the blog so that I keep going. 

For now here is my blank counter/built in that Scott and his Dad built me just so that I could scrapbook.  Scott built it at just the right height so that I could stand and work.  I hate sitting down at the table.  My supplies drawers are still organized from the last time I scrapbooked (at least over a year ago) and I'm ready.



Wish me luck... here I go...

(Thanks Jill for posting yourself working on your albums... it got me motivated)


  1. Ok, Tara...we ARE the same! I just started back up with my scrapbooking too! I am seriously behind, but plan on working a little at a time to catch up. We can be inspiration for each other! And I love you scrapbook station...I use the dining room table : ) Have a great week!

  2. oh you are sooo awesome and sorry...this is where you, billie jo and i are NOT the same!!:)i would love to have been a scrapbooker. i can spend hours looking at pretty paper and stickers. but i know myself ( i am behind two years on just basic photo albums for goodness sakes!) and i knew i would never be able to keep up with them. i can't wait to see some of you pages and i am sure the girls love looking at them with you. i know mine would too!!!:)
    have a happy day tara

    glad you liked the pizza post!:)

  3. Yeah! So glad you are starting back up :-) I agree there's nothing like handwriting to your children. My girls also love looking through the actual books. just more personal than the blogs I think. Have a wonderful week!


  4. can you PLEASE do my photos!! i'm so envious of your albums!!! :)

  5. Holy GINORMOUS album collection!!! You have some serious scrapbooking experience under your belt.
    Well, I've been saying that for ummm about 8 years....I hope you are better at getting back into it than I am. Good luck!!