Thursday, September 15, 2016

Open House Visit

Two days before the first day of school we visited.  And it was wonderful.

She was super excited (do you remember when she got her letter?)



because the teacher she had in Kindergarten is the teacher she has again this year in fourth grade! (she's pointing to the special teachers chair with painted names from the kindergarten class she was in)


She found her 'locker' and old friends!


Her new classroom amazed me and is EXACTLY how I want my classroom to look one day when I return.


And before we left that day we visited Abigail's past teachers... because we love them and because they are so much fun!



  1. How fun to have the same teacher twice! Love her dress!

  2. Ok! That is it!!!!
    That is the header I so adore!!!
    Because that is the header that was there when I first read this amazing blog about a lovely lady, her adoring husband, and her two precious girls!
    I was drawn to you immediately, through your love of home and family and children, and mothering, and tea...
    And now!!!
    I know you.
    I call you dear friend.
    I am blessed.
    Lovely photos of a perfect event!

  3. What a fun, creative teacher! Who wouldn't want to be in that classroom? :)


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