Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Last Day of Summer

I know, I know, school started a while ago, but I'm actually catching up here in my blog.

And I was going to skip these pictures but I took another look at them and it's a memory I want to hold on to.

On their last day of summer (school starting the next day) I was getting ready all day for this.  I was cooking, and wrapping, and setting the table.

So I set the girls up with some crafts outside.  And I made the patio table welcoming and pretty for them.


I took our crafts bin and just put it on the table for them to pick and choose.


None of these wonderful crafts did I buy. They've been given some as gifts, and some we won at a dance school raffle.


I keep some of the craft kits in a bin (the ones they can do completely independently)



They settled on 'make your own frames' and got right to work.


They had so much fun working together. When I saw this through the kitchen window where I was cooking the back to school blessings dinner, I had to run out to capture them.



It was a beautiful morning. They actually needed a little sweatshirt that morning.  (not so much today!)



It was relaxing and peaceful for them. Just what they/I needed on that last day.


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