Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Apple Picking

"apple picking" is written on my calendar long before September is there.  Because I don't want to miss it.  It is just fall to me.

It was such a beautiful day. Blue skies, fall temps, sunshine. (and this is the music I think should be piped out of the clouds as we pick)


Abigail started off like this.  

collage 1

and then we quickly put her in the wagon for the rest of the picking. One little skip up the hill and she was not feeling well.

collage 7 6

Anna stuck to her little cousin like glue.




Abigail mostly picked from the wagon and filled up bags and bags!

collage 8 11


and after there were too many apples to pull we headed to the little hay maze (maze for toddlers... which is why I bring one)

collage 10 12



There are pumpkins and mums and gords all set up so pretty.


I was so grateful for this day which felt like the first of fall.


with my husband and this bunch of kids I love

collage 17

Oh! And something so cool! We bought the kids the perfect fall treat at this apple orchard... fall donuts. And we planned on stopping at a special allergy bakery (we call the "abigail bakery") And guess what they had? donuts!!! So Abigail got her first ever donut. FIRST EVER!


I've tried to make them homemade for her before but they never turned out any good. When we walked into the allergy bakery I almost cried. And she loved it, of course!


Every last bite!

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