Monday, September 5, 2016

Night before Eighth Grade

(written on August 30, 2016) 

Dear Anna,

Sigh, am I really writing the night before your last year of middle school?  I am.


You were beaming tonight.  I've never seen anyone so excited about going to school tomorrow.  It was like you were floating above the ground while you were getting your folders, notebooks, binders, and pencils ready.  Your schedule is printed and you are ready.  No nerves, no hesitation.  Just joy for what's ahead.  Carry that excitement with you in all new things through your life.

The joy you feel tonight, bring it to school tomorrow.  I know, sweet girl, that some of the shyness that you've always had is still in you.  And that's okay.  But try to let others see the happy Anna I get to see every single day.  It makes me smile.


This year you're taking High School math and I'm in awe that you know what all of that means.  You'll take your last year of Spanish before starting Chinese next year.  You'll walk the halls of your middle school for the last year (even though Mommy is still getting used to you being there).  You'll have English.  You'll write brilliant stories.  You'll create thoughtful projects in Social Studies.  And you'll leave the team of teachers at the end of this year grateful that they 'had Anna' in their class.


Tonight Daddy picked our family theme for the year:  greatness.  And you knew your focus word instantly.  "Efficiency" you said.  I think that is a wonderful word that will move your toward even more greatness than you already have.  Homework is like a hobby to you.  You could do it until the wee hours of the morning if we'd let you.  You are thoughtful about everything, from the biggest long term projects to the quick math questions.  This word you chose will help you so much this year to prioritize and balance all areas of your life.  I proud of you for knowing what you want to work toward.  Remember that daddy told us, "greatness isn't born, it's made"  Each day you are efficient you will move closer to the great plan God has for your life.

So walk through that arbor tomorrow morning.  Look up at the bright blue sky.  Say a prayer in thanks for all that we have and all that we love.  I am right there beside you;  cheering you on.  Just take another step and another step and another step.


Love, mommy

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  1. Wow! 8th grade already! Best wishes for a fantastic school year!


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