Saturday, September 17, 2016


On this blog I have all of these adorable clips of Abigail.  She likes the phone video on.  She's always been fine with me capturing life.

Here's one that I love!

Here's another!

And even waaaay back when she was wee little she loved the camera.  She says at the end of this one "see Abigail, see Abigail"  Back then it was tapes and if we turned the camera screen around she could see herself being taped.

Here's another!

Anna on the other hand has never liked me recording her.  She's fine with photos.  (actually enjoys me 'focusing' in on her with my camera)  I'm grateful for that.  But sometimes I feel sad that I don't have many every day moments recorded of Anna.

So on Thursday night she was practicing a piece for an audition the next day.  I asked if I could video a little clip. Reluctantly she said I could!  So here it is.  But is kinda funny is that she stopped right there in the middle of playing.  I said, "why did you stop?"  "oh, I thought you just wanted a little clip!"  My idea of a little clip is that she plays the whole piece and I get to video whatever parts I want.  I guess I have to be grateful for the parts she'll do.

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