Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Abigail's Country Applesauce

This recipe is sooooo good. And I'm sure it is because it's straight out of a children's picture book.


Yes, this is by far my favorite applesauce recipe ever. If you find yourself in an abundance of apples this fall, make this, it will smell, taste, and feel like fall in your kitchen.

You start with the apples of course. We did 6 pounds. And here is the magic behind this recipe. You have to use three different kinds of apples. It doesn't matter what kind, just three different kinds.


Chop them up into quarters or sixth... whatever you're in the mood for. Yes, the stems, the seeds, the core, the skin, it all goes in. Now THAT Is easy!

collage 4 3

You don't really need to weigh the apples, I was just trying to get some math in there.

Next goes 2 cups of apple cider. But if you need to watch your sugar, water works just as well.

collage 5 6

Really! Seeds, core, stem, skin are all in there!


Bring the apples/cider mixture to a soft bowl and then simmer with the top on for 30 minutes or longer, until the apples are soft. The apples will be soft and foamy when they are done.


About the time the apples start to look like this, your kitchen will start to sing because it smells sooooo good. Cook until they are really soft.


You don't need to set your timer. Just keep simmering and checking. (and color while you're waiting)


Uncover, and cool briefly, but while still warm, transfer the apple mixture in batches to a food mill (over a bowl) (my food mill was not expensive.... they can go up to $100. Mine was about $14)

collage 10 11

Easy job for Abigail. I held the bowl with she turned the crank. (the seeds, the stems, the skin, it will all stay in the food mill)


After all of the batches were through the mill we made some cinnamon sugar. (or just cinnamon is fine)


Stir it all together and eat! (It will thicken as it sits)




I like to store it in little mason jars if I have them. Easy out of the frig and easy to eat right outta the jar.


I also like mine at night, warmed with sliced almonds on top.




  1. We love homemade applesauce. I like this recipe because you don't have to do anything to,the apples other than cut them up... Easy!!
    I may need to invest in a food mill. What else do you use your food mill for?

  2. It looks DELICIOUS!!

    I was trying to comment about Abigail's first donut, too. How very exciting!!!