Friday, September 16, 2016

Having Fun

Our school week is really full.  Really really full.  I'm up at 4:30am and go til I fall asleep at night.  I run a tight ship around here and love my sweet life.

But Hawaii reminded me that we can have fun as a family.  Sure, simple dinners around our kitchen table on a weeknight can have us in a fit of laughter.  We enjoy our time together all the time but for sure even on weekends we weren't making enough effort to DO something fun together.  I credit Hawaii for that.

So last weekend I left my camera at home and captured us doing something fun for a day.

*** Anna takes Horseback (see post back here) once a week and we drive by a mini golf place on our way.  Well, one day, Abigail looks out the window and says (because it looks cool) "what's that?"  I answered her as if she should know what I was talking about.  "it's mini golf".

And then for the shocker, "what's mini golf"

I know!  I was shocked too!

So that weekend we all went mini golfing.  ****


Daddy had to teach her what mini golf was all about.


But once she got the hang of it she was really really good


We took our time and enjoyed the sunshine {and laughed alone with her when Anna's ball went for a swim in the river}





And we ended up finding a really pretty picnic spot.



Yes, it was a lovely day and here's to Friday and having more FUN! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend doing whatever makes you happy!

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  1. We have not gone mini golfing in years..Isabella may have been in early middle school the last time we went. I think we need to go again. I too am really trying to do "fun" out of the ordinary stuff on the weekends. Love Anna's outfit.