Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pixie Dust Evening

"Every child can remember laying his head in the grass, staring into the infinitesimal forest and seeing it grow populous with fairy armies." ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

The pumpkins are all out. There are orange twinkle lights in windows. I love fall.

 But today, I missed summer.

 Because it was too busy. Too rush rush. Too watching the clock.

I'm crazy about bedtimes. Crazy! I got that wonderful trait from my Mom. I really am happy that I was raised in an organized, dinner at 6, bedtimes, structured kind of way. Because kids need predictability and they need their parents help to set them up for success. And since I have to wake up their sleepy heads in the morning. I want to at least know that they got enough sleep at night. And so I watch the clock, run our afternoon routines like clockwork for Abigail to be hugged, kissed, and under the covers at 7:50. I'm a happy mama if she's dreaming by 8.

But I miss summer nights and carefree. I'm good at 'running the show' as Scott calls it. Really good. But I want an evening like this back.

A sunlit photo shoot.  

I washed hair from the pool that day (although it didn't quite dry in time) and I intentionally did this shoot BEFORE the back to school haircuts because I wanted the long, scraggly, messy, end of summer hair.

And it was a special night.

Well, just look at this summer light.


The girls were walking along and Abigail spotted something around the corner.


So we stopped in our tracks and watched. A mama


and her baby




And down the other path was this



This baby was so interested in my girls. They just stood there looking at each other. And this was one of those shots I was thrilled with...


We spent so much time standing there and watching (pure magic) that we kinda missed the golden light. And that's okay.


Because it was still there enough to light up the path.


And then some more magic (it kinda felt like there was fairy dust all over this park) Check out their body language. That's Abigail's stopped look (with her hand/arm like that) and Anna is frozen. Because do you see what's in the center of them?


Yes, it sure was a pixie dust kind of night. And I'd like one of those again right now. But something tells me the fairies are waiting in those leaves about the change and fall. More magic is just around the corner. We just have to walk into it.



Just this little family of mine.


"The fairies, as was their custom, clapped their hands with delight over their cleverness." ~ JM Barrie



  1. I can almost hear the noises of nature in those pictures :)

    You know what? I'm so crazy about bedtime routines, as well. Partly because I need a some down time.


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