Sunday, September 4, 2016

Back to School Blessing

"Greatness isn't born. Greatness is made." 
 ~ Scott Baker

This is only the second year that we've done this idea but somehow it feels already like a tradition.  And we will do this every year.  (here is 2015)

It's not really about the food.  Not the 'dinner' part at all.  It's about our family theme, the talk that Scott gives to the girls about our upcoming year, the 'start' of school in our house.  It all starts this night.

This year it took place just the night before the first day of school.  And it was lovely.  I set the table inside and planned on our talk being outside.  It was a beautiful evening.

Scott really impressed me this year.  He is so busy this time of year getting his school up and running.  His first day was the next day as well.  But he was thoughtful and made the girls feel like he had nothing else on his mind.  I'm not sure when he figured out our family theme but he chose one perfectly.  (more on that in a minute)

The table looked like this.


With a Merry Miniature on their plates.




The girls and I got dressed up. And they read until Daddy got home.

collage take 2


First we ate.


And then we sat outside for our talk. Scott showed the girls and I this video.

We believe strongly against the idea that one student in the class is amazing in math. And 'I'm just not good at it.' or 'it's just not my thing.'

We believe that we can all be great at what we do, what we need to do, if we decide that we can be great at it and work toward it.

We believe strongly against the idea that that student is a great viola player because they were born that way.

We believe that our girls can be great if they decide they want to be great at something.


"somehow we've come to believe that greatness is reserved for the chosen few... the truth is greatness is for all of us."

"greatness is not in one special place. it is not in one special person. greatness is where ever someone is trying to find it."

And then Scott challenged the girls to FIND THEIR GREATNESS. In ONE WORD.


What one word can you focus on all year that would help you to find your greatness? (he asked them)

Anna was quick. She knew right away what word would be her focus for her to find her greatness this school year. She chose efficient.

Abigail chose practice. Not necessarily like practice your math facts or practice viola. Scott wanted and encouraged them to dig deeper. Practice in all areas. Practice getting up on time, practice, saying to yourself, "I can do this. I can achieve greatness in ____________________."

Scott chose the phrase follow through.

I chose patience.

I love our theme and focus for this school year. It was a wonderful talk and reset at the end of our summer.


I had a very special back to school gift for the girls.



Beautiful stained glass stars.



Which they loved.



Etched in the center is their full name, school year, and grade.


So pretty with the light shining through them.


So glad it was such a pretty and sunny evening.


They are hanging in our upstairs hall window so that the girls can see them each morning as they are getting ready for school. And yes, if your thinking or asking, "so are you going to get one each year?" The answer is yes, can't you see a pretty rainbow of stars in a window of all of their school years from this year on? Ohhhhh I can see it for sure.


So the evening ended. There were showers and baths, jammies, and special extra long tuck ins. Lights were out. They stars hung in the window. And the summer was over. We were sad, Scott and I because it was such a special summer for us. But really, we thought even the summers that we had only stay-cations, they were pretty special too. Its us and that's all that matters. I never felt so connected and set for the year as this one. Back to school here we come!

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  1. What a special night before school. I love the idea of having each girl pick a word for the year. Until a few years ago I would pick a word for our family for,the year but for some reason I stopped this., your post has made me want to pick on for the year 2017.
    I love the stars you gave to each of your girls...would you. I don't messaging me where you found these?


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